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Analysis of help of college essay editing & proofreading service

Editing and proofreading is a collection of fixes and changes made in the process of checking author’s original publications (books, articles, etc.). Every student knows that paper editing is an integral part of preparing successful assignment.

Essay editing involves improving composition, style, spelling and punctuation, etc. It includes:

How to edit a paper according to your needs

Professional paper editor would tell you that there are different types of editing depending on the purpose and the original text. They are: literary, semantic, stylistic, scientific and / or special, artistic, technical.

Type of essay editing



This type implies correction of lexical, morphological, syntactic, stylistic errors. It includes alteration of whole fragments of text, restructuring proposals, removing unnecessary repetitions, elimination of ambiguity, etc. An important part of editing is the creation of the book (if applicable) reference system, including forewords, afterwords, book summaries, comments, notes, and various indexes – subject, alphabetical, names, acronyms, table of contents.


Students turn to essay editing service for this type of help when they need to improve the structure of the text, build or rebuild the presentation logic. This is a strong, profound editing. In operation, the editor first determines the future structure of the text and then performs semantic editing by following the chosen structure.


This type of essay editing services work involves bringing the author to a single text style or change an existing style. In stylistic editing, work is carried out exactly on the style of the text, as opposed to the literary editing, in which the author’s style remains unchanged.

Scientific or special

Use professional essay editing service for this type of help when a more thorough editing in terms of professional or scientific subtleties is needed. Important elements of scientific editing is editing tables, formulas, technical illustrations, diagrams, graphs, right, in accordance with international and domestic standards, identification of physical quantities, symbols and so on. Scientific or special editing is done while the literary editing, or after it, and sometimes in the middle of this process.


Artistic editing includes decoration of the text, its publication form, appearance, attractiveness, convenience and comfort perception of parts and components, primarily to promote interest in the paper, the content of which is still unknown to the reader.


Technical editing, as a rule, is the final stage in the preparation of the paper. Its content is the preparation of publications in the layout of the choice of publication format and size of fonts, the use of lines and other elements of the text selection, structure and placement of the text and illustrations on each band. Select the format depends on the type of publication, the functional purpose of the text. Best essay editing service would use technical editing simultaneously or in parallel with artistic editing.

Another option of best essay editing service

Rewriting another option of how to edit a paper. It is a serious change in the source text. In the process of rewriting, the editor rewrites the original text, while retaining its meaning. Most often, rewriting is used in the preparation of regularly repeated documents such as annual reports and information about the company. This type of editing is also used in writing essays on common topics.

The main objective of rewriter is to create a unique text on the basis of available materials. First of all, we are talking about lexical change in the source text. However, rewriting is not limited to a simple restatement of the text, replacing certain words or synonyms interchange paragraphs. Most often, there is simplification of the original article by excluding elements (words, phrases, sentences), not bearing semantic meaning. The resultant document is usually smaller in size than the original document. The correspondence of the original content is certainly maintained.

If you are looking for someone to “edit my essay”, when you really mean to rewrite someone’s essays, this type of editing is for you. In the course of rewriting, the editor stays on the main ideas and supports the words of the original text. Presentation of information becomes more clear, logical and concise. From this point of view, rewriting is something close to the abstracting.

How to proofread an essay without help

Proofreading is the stage of the production process in publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials, which eliminates various errors and shortcomings while editing and set. Best essay proofreading service realizes that proofreading is an important process in order to eliminate errors, clerical, typographical errors and other flaws that reduce the perception of the text.

The work on the proofs of the same product is made in several stages: first, on the manuscript, and then, after typing on the proof sheet, and finally, after printing – in order to identify and eliminate possible errors before the release of the book is published. As for the essay proofreader, he has a little less work to do. But it doesn’t mean that it is less important.

Proofreading by the nature and methods of its implementation is divided into:

How essay proofreading service can help

There are different types of proof-signs – replacement of characters (letters, words, lines), insert, abort, permutations, permutations signs of the elements set, increasing signs reduction, introduction, alignment and elimination of gaps, signs bolding and changes, cancellations of made corrections signs.

Most often people turn to services to proofread essay online for three main types of help. Let us talk about them in more details.

  1. The service “proofreading in MS Word”. This is probably the most suitable choice for those who are surfing the internet for “proofread my essay”. If you want to make sure that the original text does not contain errors – use this service. Proofreading in MS Word is held in Review mode – you have the opportunity to see all the fixes that corrector introduced into the original text.
  2. The service “proofreading in PDF”. If you want to make sure that the typeset text does not contain errors – use the service “proofreading in PDF”! This type of proofread essay is performed in the form of comments to the text. After receiving the file from the proof reader, you need to make own changes to the layout. To be 100% sure that all changes are included, we recommend you to use the “final proof-reading.”
  3. Service “Final proofreading, checking”. This is the final stage of work on the text. As a general rule, the final reconciliation is required for documents that will be given to the press. It will allow avoiding errors that can occur during typing.

If you want to be an excellent student, if you want to perform an excellent job when writing essays and other types of assignments, you need to use the help of professional college essay editing service at some point.

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