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Did your organization pass registration in the US?

Our organization, specialized in provision of essay writing services, passed registration in the US. We follow the adopted legal requirements to guarantee the delivery of legalized services to everyone who needs it.

What unique characteristics does your organization have matching with others in this field?

We have a variety of unique characteristics that are consistent with the needs of students. We utilize the rules of writing and strictly pursue the adopted academic standards. We do not violate the common rules, providing plagiarism free papers. Our personnel consists of high quality specialists.

Do you pay attention to the level of professionalism of your personnel?

We pay due attention to the level of professionalism of each of our specialists. That is why our personnel possesses only Master and Ph.D. degrees. All our specialists are mature in academic writing delivery.

If I send an amount of references for my essay, will you seek for these resources?

Our specialists have access to a large number of sources of reliable information to meet the needs of students who order essays. Although, there are some problems with online resources search, we try to use every chance to obtain valuable information and accomplish essays on due time. You are welcomed to give us the appropriate sources via e-mail. The number and types of sources are unlimited.

It is permitted to perform modifications of rules and requirements of academic writing before task accomplishment?

Our specialists are targeted toward excellence of writing. They do everything they can to satisfy your instructors, placing emphasis on grammar, punctuation, and content. Hence, modifications can be performed any time. You need to give us this information by e-mail.

It is permitted to provide supervision of work ordered?

Everyone who ordered essays has a chance to provide supervision through our Support Team members who are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you permit me to interact with the person who is selected to perform my order?

Everyone who ordered essays has a right to interact with specialists online. Solutions to any problems can be found with the help of our Support Team members.

Do your specialists give a plan of writing?

Plans of writing or drafts are available any time. It is needed to include this request in your order form. If you forget to do it, do not worry, as our Support Team members will help you to find solution to this problem.

Through what period of time can I receive my essay?

You can receive your essay through a previously determined period of time. Our specialists are never late with their work. They recognize the role of time limits in their profession. Do not forget to put the accurate date of task accomplishment in the order form.

What way do you use to turn essays back?

We utilize e-mail service.

Do you utilize anti-plagiarism policy?

We are focused on excellence of writing; therefore, we do everything we can to prevent coping of texts and articles. We know that your grades depend on our skills to avoid plagiarized content. Your instructors will be satisfied with the quality of essays performed by our specialists.

Do you promise perfect results?

Our specialists are aimed at achieving beneficial comments from our students in order to continue professional improvement of services. We are happy when our students share their ideas about the results of academic tasks with us. Do not forget that we promise rewriting of essays, if there are some inconsistencies with the content or other problems.

If a student remains unsatisfied with essays, can he receive his payment back?

Our specialists are aware of the methods of work to accomplish tasks in a professional manner. Anyway, they are ready to rewrite essays within 14 days period, if the level of satisfaction is extremely low.