Want to learn how to write a movie review? Let’s go! Movies are an amazing world of emotions, dreams, and ambitions. The cinematic world brings you to the land of fantasy. Movies greatly impact people’s lives, culture, and society. However, for most filmmakers, it’s a reflection of society.

Movie-making craft is one of the most challenging art forms. It’s a combination of various art forms to offer the unimaginable experience. People watch movies, love movies, hate movies, but can’t ignore movies. The movie buffs eagerly wait for the new releases. In the same way, movie reviews play a significant role.

Movie reviews impact the thought process of the audience. The in-depth analysis of the cinema influences others to make their decisions. The movie reviewer analyzes the various aspects of the film. That includes characters, plot development, direction, cinematography, editing, story, screenplay, and whatnot.    

High-school and university students are often asked to write a movie review. One of the most interesting academic activities that students enjoy. However, many students find it challenging to compose a high-quality review. That can affect their academic grades.

Here, we will present the step-by-step guide on how to write a movie review. Before that, it’s imperative to understand what is a movie review?

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What is A Movie Review?

Movie reviews are articles composed by movie experts, journalists, or movie lovers. Short movie review presents detailed analyses of the film. Moreover, it’s a well-balanced synthesis of personal opinion about the cinema. A good movie review discusses every aspect of the film to offer a critical analysis. The thematic content is an essential aspect to consider while writing movie reviews.

An interesting review of a movie must be done within a thousand words. The professional movie reviewers provide their reviews on the same day after watching the film. Professional critics offer a complex overview to write movie reviews. Movie reviews and  film criticism help the target audience to decide whether to watch a movie or not? Except for genuine movie buffs!

Professional reviewers are sharper, more detailed, and structured. They provide the overall awareness of the cinematic aspects and theme. At the same time, don’t reveal the story. Writing a good movie review requires experience, movie-making knowledge, and writing skills. Besides that, you can click here to get the compelling persuasive essay topics ideas.

What is a Good Movie Review

Your pursuit of how to write a movie review includes various essential cinematic components. Writing process requires skills to compose a movie review essay. You must go through some film review examples for more insight. Good movie reviews must be informative, engaging, and appealing. At the same time, it should not reveal the story.

Writing film reviews essay is an enjoyable academic task. However, it consumes a lot of time. At the same time, it requires specific skills and cinematic knowledge. Follow some tips given below to compose a good movie review:

  • Watch the film thoroughly, and if anything is not clear, watch again.
  • If you are going to write a review for a film you have already watched. Watch it again for the assignment.
  • Watch a movie with an analytical mindset. Not just like a movie lover. This will help to pay attention to every detail.  
  • Start making rough notes as soon you finish your movie. At that time, you have fresh thoughts about the film.
  • Write your every thought in detail. Take your own sweet time. However, consider deadlines!
  • Follow every guideline provided by the tutors. Don’t try to take it out of context.
  • Make a detailed outline to organize your entire review work. This will help you create professional movie review.
  • Beginners can start writing the body of the movie evaluation essay. Followed by an introduction. Also take help of movie review template.
  • Compose an engaging introduction with catchy phrases.
  • Check and edit your work a couple of times before submitting it.     

What are some resources for learning how to write movie reviews?

An exciting task is reviewing movies. It does, however, assess your writing abilities and film expertise. Once you are aware of the main goal of the movie reviews, you may further develop your talents. So, here are resources you can follow to write a good movie review—

  • Watch the movie or documentary—-Take notes on both significant and small people and events as you watch the film or documentary twice. Relying only on your memory is a mistake since we often miss or forget things.
  • Conduct in-depth research — It is not sufficient to simply watch the movie; the study is also essential. Look for information on the director’s identity, his or her inspiration for creating the movie or documentary, as well as information on the setting, narrative, and characters.
  • Evaluate the film when you’ve seen it — If you are unsure if you comprehend the movie, wait to begin writing the review. From the opening until the closing, evaluate the film. If any of it is unclear to you, you should rewatch it.
  • Read other critics review— You must consider about what other critics give their review on a movie. What they consider to review a film. Follow and learn their way to see the minor things in the film. It will help you review a movie.

In the meantime, go through a Complete Research Paper Guide!

Writing a movie review is an exciting task. However, it checks your cinematic knowledge and particular writing skills. You can explore your skills more once you know the prime objective of the movie reviews. In the meantime go through a Complete Research Paper Guide!

What factors to consider to write a good movie review?

What is The Prime Objective of Film Review?

The key to composing an interesting movie review essay is to understand its purpose. Your goals must be clear in mind while writing a movie review.

  • Discuss Major Plot Points Briefly: Discuss the movie plot, characterization, events, and relations briefly. Never reveal the entire story. You are writing a review, not summarizing the whole movie. However, you can mention essential events, turning points, and other aspects that make the film watchable.  
  • Analyze Various Aspects of Movie: Review every important department of the film. That includes storyline, direction, acting, cinematography, music, costumes, and more. This will provide more depth in your review. You can go through a professional sample movie review for more details.
  • Offer Your Opinion: It’s time to share your opinion on the movie. You can express your feelings at the time of watching the movie and after completion. Describe what you liked in the film. Which department was the best, and where is the room for improvement? Provoke readers to make their own decisions.
  • Provide Recommendation: Don’t reveal the main plot. However, provide your recommendations on what makes the movie watchable. Discuss the interesting aspects of the film. Analyze whether the movie successfully justifies its genre. Point out the movie’s strong aspects and weaknesses.
  • Keep The Article Engaging: Your review article must be exciting and engaging. Many people read movie reviews before watching. You, as a reviewer, must be neutral. At the same time, your writing skills must entertain the reader.

Need An Expert Help In Writing A Movie Review ?

How does one write a movie review that’s interesting to other people?

Every movie review has one thing in common. The type of film elements they should contain. It’s regardless of the movie genre. These crucial elements provide structure to the movie review essay. The movie review should be between 600 to 1200 words. Moreover, the movie review format must include these standard components:

The Title

The movie title must be included in your catchy headline. Besides that, it must also appear in your review. You can even mention it in your introductory paragraph. The movie title may also appear in your ending paragraph. Restrict overuse of movie titles in the review.

The Plot

The cinema review briefly explains the movie plot. However, never reveal the complete story. Discuss the movie storyline briefly for the viewers who want to make their mind on the film. While writing the movie review for your class, have a mindset that you are writing a fresh review. Your tutors and other readers have not watched the movie. This will help you to include all the important aspects of the film. Discuss the faults and some of the excellent cinematic points.

Filmmaker’s Details 

A movie review is never complete without discussing the filmmakers. Dedicate one section for filmmakers. Reveal some of the past creations of the filmmaker. Compare them with the current movie. You can even discuss the types of the movie the particular filmmaker makes. Never forget to express the style of the filmmaker and their personality.

Significance For Your Course

As a good reviewer, you can relate the film’s content with your course topics. Check the historical accuracy of the cinema. In case the film is for history class. Express if anything is over-dramatized in the movie. In case the movie review is based on some book topics. Relate it with the particular book on which the film is based. 

Creative Elements

Creative elements provide an amazing cinematic look to the entire film. Best directors know how to use them to make the story more interesting. You must mention all these creative elements. Analyze whether these elements go with the overall storyline or not? Here you can discuss the sound effects, costumes, camera angles, makeup, frame composition, and more.   


The perfect casting and acting skills are the backbone of any movie. Actors play characters and carry the entire movie on their shoulders under the guidance of an efficient director. In your review, discuss the performance of the main movie characters. Discuss whether they have justified their role or not with their acting skills. You can also mention whether the casting was done properly or not. Compare the acting skills with their previous performances.   

Complete Steps On How to Write a Movie Review

Now you understand what a movie review is? What are its main elements? And the prime objective of the film review. It’s time to go through the complete steps on how to write a movie review? Let’s understand them one by one:

Start With Interesting Introduction

Your introductory paragraph must include movie title, genre, director’s name, star cast details, and release date. You can also mention here the movie budget and other relevant details. Your thesis statement should also appear in this section.

The compelling thesis offers a critical review, and it goes beyond plot and technical aspects. Compose your introduction paragraph excitingly and engagingly. You can use catchy phrases and sentences.

Determine Where to Offer Your Evaluation

Your movie review should be between 600 to 1200 words. Don’t make it too short or too long. You are not providing the whole story in your review. Keep it interesting and decide where you want to offer your evaluation.

Some readers may don’t have time to read the full review. You can put your evaluation after the introductory paragraph. Many reviewers like to present their personal opinion at the end. You are not writing a mystery script to reveal your evaluation in concluding sections.

Write a Brief Plot Summary

It’s a good idea to provide a brief plot summary of the movie. This will create interest among readers. They will get to know what the movie is all about. Write the plot summary in four to five lines. Always remember never to reveal the complete story here.

If it’s a suspense film, restrain yourself from revealing the mystery. The audience will never like it. Avoid all kinds of “spoilers.” The readers will hate you for this. You can go through some movie review examples to understand how to write a movie review of suspense films.

Discuss The Overall Cinematic Experience

The prime objective of the plot summary is to reveal what the movie is all about. Your review must express your feelings while you watched the film. Describe the emotions, thoughts, impressive scenes, and mesmerizing moments in a movie.

You must also discuss the overall cinematic experience. That includes the background sound, framing, colors, music, and camera angles. The good reviewer knows how to share the personal cinematic experience.

Discuss The Purpose of The Film

Try putting yourself in the filmmaker’s shoes for a while. This will help you to understand why the movie is created? What’s its overall purpose? You will get more information on this when you go through the past interviews of the cast and crews of the movie.

Describing the purpose of the movie provides more considerable insight to the audience. It helps them to make their mind whether the movie is watchable or not. Don’t try to dig deeper. Most movies are just made for entertainment, and that’s their purpose.  

Discuss Technical Aspects of the Film

Discuss the technical aspects of film in a couple of paragraphs. This further helps the audience to know the overall quality of the film. While describing the technical aspects, you must use the proper terms. That makes your review more professional.

In these sections, you can discuss cinematography, editing, sound quality, dubbing quality, and more. You must also include the mise-en-scene, the most global movie aspect. It reflects everything that you see on the movie screen.

Try to Find Out The Deep Message

A good movie always has a deep message. As a reviewer, you must try to find that message and present it to your readers. These messages are delivered by key phrases, particular actions, symbolic things, and repeating elements. 

You must be attentive to unlock these meanings to write in your review. This will help you to find out the secret of filmmaking. Every movie is not just for entertainment purposes or superficial.

Offer Some Examples

The review with good examples makes it interesting for the readers. Phrases like “an amazing cinematic experience” or “the powerful, action-packed film” help the audience to understand the core concept immediately.

Followed by three-four lines describing those phrases to make them more relevant. Talk about something unusual you have experienced in the film. Like acting, dialogue delivery, the portrayal of a particular character, etc.

End With Strong Conclusion

Remind your readers about the strong movie elements once more in your concluding sections. Here you can add some personal recommendations. You can even specify for whom the movie will be more enjoyable. Provide reasons in support of your arguments.

The conclusion section is the last chance to convince readers to watch a movie. Make it more powerful and convincing. Motivate readers to watch the film; otherwise, they will lose something in life. Explore the amazing tips on how to write my essay!

Edit & Proofread The Movie Review

Every good movie review must be free from grammatical and other errors. Read your review two-three times and check for mistakes. Edit your word choice, grammar, spelling, typos, style, tone, etc. The errors can spoil even the most professional review.

Need An Expert Help In Writing A Movie Review ?

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing a Movie Reviews

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing a Movie Reviews

Hoping now you understand how to write a movie review? However, it will be shocking you will receive a query about your hard work. There can be many reasons for this. Some of them are given below:

Focusing on Irrelevant Things:

Never give unnecessary analysis or details unrelated to the movie. Always keep the focus on the movie concept and plot. So, it’s irrelevant to discuss the history of cinema unless the film relates to it.

Alienating Yourself From A Review:

Many students mistake inserting the possessive pronoun “I” in the entire review. You sign your review essay, and your name is mentioned on your essay. You must express your opinion about the film without inserting yourself in it.

Not Doing Proper Research:

Watching the movie is just the first stage of reviewing. Besides that, you should check the other relevant details. You must research the film to understand the nitty-gritty details.

Lack of Evidence:

While writing about the motion picture, you must provide evidence for your expressions. Always substantiate your stance or claim with logical reasons. Moreover, avoid irrelevant discussion. 

Unstructured Review:

Your movie review must follow the proper structure. Otherwise, your professor will recognize you as an unorganized student. That’s why always follow the appropriate structure that we provided above. 

Lacking Substance and Analysis:

Your motion picture review is of no use if it lacks substance and analysis. Consider review as a piece of educational literature. Always try to add an intelligent analysis to it.

What Are Different Movie Ratings

Motion pictures are voluntarily rated and classified by the Motion Picture Association of America – MPAA. Movies are rated based on content, and ratings address the age-appropriateness of a particular movie. Standard movie or film ratings are listed as below:

G: General Audience:

It means the movie is appropriate for all ages. This rating indicates a film contains nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.

PG: Parental Guidance Suggested:

Parents need to give parental guidance here. The movie may contain some content parents might not like for their young children.

PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned:

Some content may not be suitable for children under thirteen. The film may contain violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities, or other elements beyond a PG rating. However, it doesn’t reach the restricted R category.


This rating is for movies specifically designed to be viewed by adults. That makes the film unsuitable for children under seventeen.

NC-17: Clearly Adult:

This rating is given to movies that MPAA believes most parents will consider inappropriate for children seventeen and under. It indicates only that adult content is more intense than in an R-rated movie.

Where Can I Find Movie Reviews?

There was a time when one could get the movies reviews online on television or in newspapers. Followed by many cinema-based magazines. The people read those reviews to understand the plot and other aspects of the motion picture. Various online platforms have emerged with the boom of digital technology to offer national and international movie reviews. That includes websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, and more.


We hope the tips provided above on how to write a movie review will surely help you. Writing a great movie review is one of the most interesting academic activities. Most of the students enjoy writing movie review essays. However, some students cannot spare time to write reviews because of other life engagements. If you are looking for someone to help you with a professional and excellent movie review essay? Visit EduEsaay.com! The leading platform has been helping students for decades with all types of customized writing help.   

Need An Expert Help In Writing A Movie Review ?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take you to write a 2-page movie review?

A 2-page essay might be written in a few hours or it can take the entire day. It relies on the subject and the body of research on it, your academic writing abilities, and your personality.

2. In what languages a professional offers movie reviews?

English will be used to write your review. Additionally, the experts may only evaluate films that are in English, have an English audio stream, or have English subtitles.

3. What is the purpose of writing a movie review?

Many students who consider writing a movie review believe that all they need to do is summarise the plot of the film and offer their own interpretation of what transpired. Even though these are important components of movie reviews and the advance planning required, movie reviews should provide neutral information. When deciding whether to watch a film or not, a person should consider your movie review.