Are you wondering how to start an illustration essay? Writing an illustration essay can be one of the most challenging and engaging tasks you have ever done in your college or university. It is pretty unique and discrete from other high school, school college, and academic writing projects that you have ever worked on. To define an Illustration Essay: An illustration essay is about discussing a particular topic and point of view in detail and justifying its existence by supporting it with sufficient examples and a thesis. Therefore, you need a good and indepth understanding of the subject you want to cover in your illustration essay.

Besides a deep understanding that you need for the topic you want to cover to write an illustration essay, you would also require a particular set of essay writing skills to make the readers understand the existence of a specific thing. 

In this blog, we will discuss what is an Illustration essay and how you can write an illustration essay efficiently. Also, we will talk about that how you can pay for essay to make someone else write for you. So let’s begin! 

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What Is An Illustration Essay?

As the name suggests, an illustration essay is an essay where the author has to describe how a particular thing exists and acts in a certain way. An illustration essay is also popular as an exemplification paper where the author has to summarize empirical data for a specific thing to prove that the particular thing exists. But before you can write your first illustration essay, you need to understand how it is different from other written tasks that you have ever completed in your college or university.

Illustration essays are many times confused with compare and contrast essays and cause and effect essays. But the major difference in illustration essays is that instead of arguing a point, you have to reveal and demonstrate in detail the existence of a specific thing by using examples and your understanding of the subject. In an illustration essay, the author has to talk and demonstrate the subject (described person, situation, process, or event) throughout the writing process without failing to provide sufficient and relevant examples. A thesis is also required to support your point and argument in the illustrative essays.

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Illustration Essay Outline 

Illustration Essay Outline

Here, we will provide an illustration essay outline and detailed information regarding how you need to touch each section of your illustration essay. Below is the illustration essay template that you can use to write your first illustration essay. 


The very first paragraph of your illustration essay will be the introduction. The introduction opens your illustration essay. It is essential that the introduction of your illustration essay should contain around 5 to 15 sentences. To make your opening catchy, you should begin the essay with words and sentences that attract and engage the reader’s attention. These sentences, also called “attention getters,” can be anything, including Relevant Questions, Interesting Facts, Quotations, Personal Anecdotes, Relevant Statistics, etc.

After you are done inserting the attention getters in your opening sentence, you need to introduce several background sentences. These phrases provide essential information to the reader/audience to quickly understand the subject you are illustrating in the essay. Such information can include defining the essential vocabulary of the subject mentioned in the essay, establishing the historical or social context, or the relevant and personal background of the subject that you have covered in your essay. 

Coming to the end of your introduction, the last sentence of the paragraph should be a thesis statement. It is always wise to include an illustration essay thesis statement before you can start your personal research. A well-written thesis will guide your research and make it more effective to make your reader connect with your illustrative essay efficiently. 

Body Paragraphs

The next section of your illustrative essay is the body paragraph. Body paragraphs are required to support the thesis, and each body paragraph should contain specific evidence to prove that the thesis provided by the author is valid.

Each body paragraph of your illustrative essay should include the following five basic sentences:

Body Paragraphs

Topic Sentence

This sentence is required in the body paragraph as it describes the paragraph’s topic and how it relates to the illustration essay thesis statement. This sentence helps the readers understand the evidence that the author is providing in support of the thesis.

Background Sentence 

This sentence provides essential information to the audience to quickly understand the subject you are illustrating in the essay. You may need to include several background sentences depending upon the complexity of the subject that you have used in the topic sentence.

Research Sentence 

This sentence can be a combination of direct quotations or paraphrases of the author’s essential ideas while conducting the personal research process for the thesis paper. Any research phrases that support the subject should be cited as per your teacher or educator’s wish. The body paragraphs must include related research sentences to support the author’s research process and make the readers understand the research concept to prepare the thesis statement.

Analysis Sentence 

This sentence explains to the readers how the research sentences are relevant to the topic and the thesis statement. Analysis sentences in the body paragraphs should contain analysis words including shows, portrays, illustrates, proves, and communicates.

Conclusion & Transition Sentence

This sentence concludes the entire paragraph that the author is talking about and transitions the reader to the next idea that the author will be discussing in the consecutive paragraph. The sentence is required to make the readers understand what the author referred to and explained in the entire paragraph and what he/she will talk about in the next paragraph.

After you cover all the five basic sentences in your body paragraph, the next part that you need to move on to is the “ essay illustrations.” Here you need to provide examples to support each body paragraph that you have included in your illustration essay. The examples provided by you will prove your point or support the research work you have claimed in all the body paragraphs. 

Usually, two examples are enough to support each of your research work/thesis. You do not have to deep dive into the articles or provide detailed information with respect to the examples you have provided. Just mention them clearly as you outline your body paragraphs.


The start of the conclusion paragraph means that you’re almost done with your work and are at the finish line. Conclusion subsections in an illustration essay are typically the shortest paragraphs. It seeks to reaffirm the main points within each paragraph of the body and provides information to the reader that you have supported your points with proof in the illustrative essay that you have created and discussed in this paper. The conclusion part is short but essential and is the reader’s last impression. Therefore, you must make it a good one!

Conclusion paragraphs should be strongly formulated and confident and should contain the main points. However, no new information should be introduced, and the author should concentrate only on what is already being said or mentioned in the illustrative paper. Also see and understand research paper introduction.

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How To Choose Topics For An Illustration Essay?

How To Choose Topics For An Illustration Essay

You’ve probably chosen the wrong topic if you are struggling hard to write an illustration essay. If you don’t choose a topic that you are comfortable with or have in-depth knowledge about, it will transform the writing process into torture as you don’t know how to write on that particular topic. 

You will move in the right direction from the start if you select the right subject. So, the question arises: How can you choose the correct topic that will let you write an excellent illustration paper with ease?

Below are a few sets of instructions that you can follow to choose the correct topic for your illustration essay:

  • The first instruction you need to follow in choosing a correct illustration essay topic is to note down your personal interests before actually picking or starting with anything. You should select the topics for an illustration essay that matches your interests. You become more enthusiastic about the entire writing or researching process when you write about something you are interested in. Therefore, you should think of topics you are passionate about rather than randomly picking a topic and start writing on it. 
  • The next instruction in the list is to make sure that you are picking a simple topic. The simplicity of the topic is very crucial to create an illustration essay quickly and efficiently. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the topic you have chosen to write an illustrative essay. Choosing a complex topic to impress your teacher or instructor is not wise, and you should avoid doing such things. Doing such things will only prove that you cannot create worthy content rather than demonstrating your writing skills.
  • You should focus on less common and less generic options when selecting a topic and pay attention to the originality of the subject. A topic that is not popular over the internet is more likely to attract the attention of the readers and can help you earn a high score. In addition, a unique topic has more room for debate, which is always interesting to read.
  • Ensure to consider the availability of information on the topic that you have chosen. You must dig deeper into the examples and descriptions relating to the subject when you write an illustration essay. Also, you need to collect enough information about the topic that you are covering before starting writing the essay. Try to choose the topics that are popular or talked about in academic and scientific sources as these are much easier to cover.
  • Sticking to the essay writing guidelines is equally important. Whenever you are choosing a topic, always remember the initial instructions that your professor or instructor has provided you. Suppose your professor has asked you to create an illustrative essay about a psychological disorder, then ensure that you should stick to the detail of the subject. Try to keep the topic manageable without making it too narrow or too wide.

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Illustration Essay Titles

In this section, we will discuss different illustration essay examples and illustration essay topics that you can choose to write the illustrative essay. Following are the few illustration example essay topics from different categories that you can choose from:


Topics on Sports 

Illustration Essay Titles
  • How can you do a baton handoff in a track race?
  • How can you correctly throw a curveball.
  • How to dive or turn or swim a particular stroke in competitive swimming?
  • How tumbling and competitive cheerleading are different from cheering?
  • Describe in detail that how equestrian competitions work?
  •  Explain what it takes for foot ball players to get ready for a game? 


Topics On College Life

Topics On College Life
  • Why a school mascot is important to the students?
  • What things can help the college students to develop good study habits during their semisters?
  • Explain how a college band can prepare for a half-time show?
  • Explain how you can exit the “friendship zone” with a member of the opposite sex.
  • Illustrate the steps of choosing a college to attend.

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In this blog post, we have discussed all the aspects of writing an illustration essay, along with the illustration essay format and illustration essay outline that you can use to create illustration essays. Also, we discussed various topics for illustration essay that you can choose to write an excellent essay. If you follow all the points discussed in the blog, you can write your first illustration essay easily and efficiently.

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