One of the types of academic writing that are most frequently assigned is the narrative essay. Knowing how to tackle this kind of assignment is crucial for their achievement because students in various educational facilities start off facing it frequently.

The telling of an engaging story is the primary goal of the narrative writing style. It doesn’t seem like a huge deal, does it? You are mistaken. We’ll explain how to create a narrative essay outline step by step with a narrative outline example.

You should stick to the same methods, whether you draw your narrative essay outline from scratch or utilize a narrative essay outline template. Typically, narrative essays use a chronological structure to narrate a story and discuss its morals. It is easiest to write a successful outline for a personal narrative in this manner.

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How to Write an Outline for a Narrative Essay?

You must first determine the kind of story you want to write in a literacy narrative essay outline. There are two types of outlines of a narrative essay available to you. 

1. Personal Experience 

Since there is no need to generate original ideas, this is simpler to write about. You simply need to provide an account of an actual event that happened to you or another person. 

2. A Fictional Story 

In contrast, this choice is slightly more challenging. You have to come up with a complete story. The outcomes could, however, be far more pleasing.

Once you’ve chosen the narrative style, you need to consider the kind of outline for personal narrative you want. With just the core components, it can be basic and straightforward.

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Literacy Narrative Essay Outline

Your introduction won’t change all that much from the opening of an outline for a personal narrative. Here, you include these things for narrative essay outline examples:

  • A narrative essay’s hook is crucial since it frequently aims to be intimate, emotional, reflective, or arouse feelings of adoration or awe in the reader. Setting the right tone from the first lines of text is highly recommended.
  • Thesis- statement identifies the claim or point that will be made in the paper, making it a crucial component of any introduction. It should always be a debatable sentence that wholly and succinctly sums up the entire work.
  • Background information -the introduction usually includes additional details that assist readers in picturing, imagining, or recreating the facts described in the introduction. This might be information on this narrative’s applicability to you or everyone else. If you want to know about the essay outline in detail, click here.
  • Characters– While subsidiary characters may be added later, as the story progresses, main characters are frequently presented concurrently with the setting or early enough in a novel. When it comes to character types, there are protagonists—the main characters around whom the story revolves—and antagonists—those who stand in opposition to protagonists but aren’t always bad.
  • The progression of events or actions – is described in this section using a chronological timeline. Typically, the increasing activity of the narrative, which represents the story’s complexity and progression toward conflict, comes first. 
  • Summary of significant points – This section’s conclusion could quickly go over previously discussed events or circumstances, the roles of particular characters, the crux of the struggle, and any moral conclusions or lessons that were drawn or mental shifts that the protagonist or author experienced.

Personal Narrative Essay Outline

What am I attempting to express with this story? It is answered in the thesis statement of a narrative essay. It represents the core idea and is flexible in how it is formulated. It can be a standard thesis with the main idea and supporting details. However, keep in mind that you are writing a story.

This means you can include your thesis into the story, use it as the basis for your account, or use it to highlight the lesson you’re about to learn.

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The following  are outlines for narrative essay examples appropriate for the body paragraphs of your narrative essay outline:

You can continue telling your story and proving your central point after you finish your narrative essay outline. The body paragraphs of your article can be structured with a strategy for a narrative essay example:

  • Describe events in their order of time. Ensure that your story’s events flow together naturally. 
  • The general “introduction-development-conclusion” framework should not be broken. Your story will be passable as long as it contains these 3 components. 
  • It’s wise to begin with a description of the situation. The required immersion is created, and the reader becomes more invested in the narrative.
  • You might also use the first paragraph to introduce the leading players in your novel (if there are any.)
  • The subsequent two sentences discuss developing, climaxing, and concluding your story.
  • Your story’s conclusion provides a synopsis of your essay. It paraphrases your point and restates it. Don’t add new information to your outline. The conclusion summarizes the main ideas and calls attention to them. 

Characteristics of a Narrative Essay

Characteristics of a Narrative Essay

The fundamental traits that characterize this kind of writing are as follows:

  • Non-fiction is literature that is based on actual occurrences;
  • The first-person narrative is written from the viewpoint of the author;
  • It contains narrative elements yet follow a fundamental writing pattern and narrative outline template;
  • Information is presented in chronological sequence;
  • Explains a person, event, or setting in great detail;
  • It aims to educate readers rather than to debate or persuade.

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We hope this outline for narrative essay examples will help you write your outline of a narrative essay.


You should enjoy writing a narrative essay outline. You are not forced to use a linear format without room for customization. One of the most original and liberated essays I’ve ever written. That does not imply that defying every convention and writing something stupid is appropriate.

Consider your story as a coming-of-age tale if you’re still having trouble coming up with a topic. A circumstance that helped shape who you are now. You can also find a narrative outline template and outline for narrative essay examples online.

The readers’ journey is the main objective of writing the outline of a narrative essay. Encourage them to learn from your experience by sharing it with them. The most engaging stories take the audience outside of their comfort zones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a narrative essay example?

Ans: 5 Examples of Narrative Essays

  • “Goodbye to All That” by Joan Didion. …
  • “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. …
  • “Notes of a Native Son” by James Baldwin. …
  • “My Life as an Heiress” by Nora Ephron. …
  • “Joy” by Zadie Smith.
Q2. What are the 5 elements of narrative writing?

Ans: These five components are: 

  • the characters, 
  • the setting,
  • the plot,
  • the conflict,
  • the resolution.
Q3. What are the 3 essential parts of a narrative?

Ans Explanation, or background information, is followed by complexity, the events of the narrative, resolution, or the conclusion of the story, as its three components or “parts.”

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