Writing research paper topics can be extremely daunting at times. However, if you have some robust ideas on research paper topics it will be easy for you to write your college research paper.

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In this blog, we will know how to find good research paper topics and learn some research topic ideas that will help you score well.

How do you Choose a Research Paper Topic?

The process of choosing a research paper topic is a complex procedure. Many students find the task exhausting and look for the professional assistance of Write My Essay solutions to get better grades.

Be it business research paper topics or other research papers, finding the best research paper topics for students needs your time and perseverance. For example, if you are assigned some psychology research paper topics you need to have profound ideas on interesting research paper topics for students related to Science and technology.

Here are some ways to help you choose thought-provoking college research paper topics:

1. Select a topic of your interest

To find a good research paper topics for sutdents, they should first ponder their thoughts. The students need to understand their passion and choose some easy research paper topics according to their interests.

When you choose a topic of your interest, you never get confused. For example, if you like argumentative research paper topics, you will find many interesting examples of research topics. This makes your argumentative research paper topics stand away from the crowd and make it unique with the rich content that you supply.

2. Gather information to foster your research

Your work does not end with finding interesting research paper topics, and you need to collect relevant information on them.

When you have enough information about the subject, assignments like history research paper topics become less challenging. For example, you need to gather good materials if you have to write the pros and cons of standardized tests.

Once your research paper ideas are all set to be written on full-length paper, you will not have any difficulty in designing the structure of any argumentative research paper topics.

3. Create a Research Question

3. Create a Research Question

Whenever you have to select research paper topics, ensure that it is arguable. The issue should be strong enough to arouse interest and curiosity among you and your readers.

It should give you enough room to create a research question and help you answer the topic question elaborately. 

For instance, healthcare management research paper topics offer varied concepts from the healthcare field. Therefore, the students learn and discuss a number of crises regarding health paper topics.

The robust research question at the beginning encourages readers to read more.

4. Brainstorm ideas

Most students fail to come up with ideas for their research paper topics. However, there are several easy research paper topics that students can explore in reality. From world war to global warming, you will find many examples of research topics that can help you score well.

It becomes the responsibility of the entire fraternity of the education system to assist students in research and brainstorm good research paper topics for themselves.

They can talk to their professors and get ideas from various sources such as books, current affairs, events, or even past argumentative research paper topics.

The good idea is to write down a minimum of five different subjects and check whether you can find suitable information to support the topic with sources or statistical data.

5. Develop a Thesis Statement

Forming a thesis statement is challenging yet essential. It is also time-consuming as it is the major claim about the topic.

Be it the topic of mental health or climate change, college students need to create a robust and arguable stance on it.

An arguable thesis statement will help the writer of the research papers topic form a series of logical ideas.

The only thing to remember is that research paper topics and the thesis statement are interconnected. The subject should represent the primary idea of the thesis statement.

Also, you must have the evidence to support the thesis as well as the research conducted. For example, if you are writing about third-world countries, you should write the status of children in those regions.

6. The research paper must be created as per the guidelines

Every subject has some particular learning methods. In order to write good research paper topics for students, a detailed analysis of the research topics must be implemented as per the teacher’s guidelines.

Teachers may have certain restrictions or some requirements in the relevant research paper topics.

It becomes the duty of the students to take notes about them and implement them rightly to create the right research paper topic.

For example, say you are writing about stem cell research or about artificial intelligence, you might have to use terminology that is not easy to know otherwise.

You can create your own topic and develop relevance in your research project.

7. Make use of Keywords.

Keywords are the most relevant words that the readers and reviewers look for.

A good and important keyword will help you meet the course specifications. It will even assist you in reaching the best-suited topic according to the subject and preference.

For example, the keyword ‘human behavior’ can offer you a number of choices on the criminal justice research paper topics.

It may include child abuse, violent video games, or any other topics related to human behavior.

Relevant and intelligent use of keywords helps grab the reader’s attention.

8. Understand Your Audience well

8. Understand Your Audience well

It is important to understand and reach the target audience. This is an important aspect of academic writing.

When the writer strictly follows the instructor’s preference and requirements, he makes out trending and interesting ideas, too. However, you need to ensure your topic gets approved before you begin writing a research paper.

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What are the 3 Types of Research Topics Questions?

Before structuring your research questions ideas, note that there are 3 essential types of research questions:

  • Causal – these find out whether changing some variables leads to changes in other variables. It further suggests a causal relationship.
  • Descriptive – these implement careful and clear observation of a phenomenon/ event, subject, trait, etc., in order to feature it in detail and to reveal important/ interesting/ undescribed aspects or patterns potentially.
  • comparative – these focus on the similarities and differences between two or more entities

How to Write the Title for a Research Paper?

  • Point out/hint at the subject accurately and state the scope of the study.
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations.
  • Use positive statements and words and generate interest among the readers.
  • Use recent nomenclature from the specific field of study.
  • Mention how you are planning to organize the argumentative research paper topics.
  • Relate the points between variables that support the major hypothesis.
  • Ensure that you can limit the title to 10 to 15 substantive words.
  • Avoid using phrases like “study of,” “analysis of,” or something similar.
  • Make sure that the Titles are written in the form of a phrase or in the form of a question.
  • Check the grammar and capitalization, putting it in the title case, including the first word of a subtitle. Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that you wrote between the first and last words of the title.
  • Use title/subtitle in the form of a question. The title can also be followed by a question mark.

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What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

characteristics that tend to characterize good research questions are as follows:

  • Course-specific and strong – search goals and results should be focused and comprehensible.
  • Original content – the entities and aspects must not have been used before.
  • Impactful– importance for community, in the professional field, or society as a whole
  • Relevant -the readers and reviewers should find the topic relevant to their needs.
  • Interesting- the topic should be more explicit and could generate interest.

How to begin Research Papers?

It takes time and patience to begin good research paper topics. The research paper topics can be tedious, to begin with. The topic should generate and sustain interest till the end.

When you begin writing a research paper topic, it is good if you can relate it to your life. There are a number of related research proposals or argumentative research paper topics available in various sources.

Select the topics to write research paper on something wisely. Write the title based on your personal interest and relevance to the course specification. Also, make sure that it could sustain the interest till the end.

What are Good Topics for a Research Paper?

What are Good Topics for a Research Paper?

Good topics for research papers help you proceed with critical analysis and help you reach your readers.

Here is a list of compiled topics from various subject that helps write good research papers. These organized topics will help you research your work further for your project.

We have presented the categories and subcategories of subjects and further narrowed the topics. It will help you focus more on the concerned topic.

When the topics are well researched and are presented before you you can save a lot of time to craft the best research paper topics and score excellent grades.

This article cover topics related to communication and languages, current events, education, environmental sciences, politics, business, criminal justice, psychology, art, economics, and nursing research paper topics, to name just a few.

With the given research paper topics for students and with a little more research, you can begin with the desired category that is suitable for you.

Also, ensure to check out sample essay templates and outlines for your desired research paper topics.

You can also take the help of native English professional writers of the research paper writing services to help you in the writing process.

Continue reading to go through our example of good research paper topics.

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List of Research Paper Topics for Students

Here are some interesting examples of research topics with the desired research question for you

Marketing and Business research paper topics

  • Discuss workforce rules and regulations in Asia.
  • Checklist to stop corporate abuse?
  • Essential tips to safeguard the interest of women in business.
  • Small scale business ideas.
  • Quick and standard ideas to grow your business setup.
  • Tips to reduce taxes in small businesses.
  • Role of marketing etiquette changed in your business.
  • Impact of stock market popularity.
  • Role and impact of relationship marketing in the present time.
  • Is brand marketing essential for your business?
  • The important role played by men and women in business marketing.

Healthcare research paper topics

Healthcare research paper topics
  • Can health issues be the cause of emotional stress?
  • Deterioration of health due to global warming
  • Can social media addiction cause physical and mental health issues?
  • Tips to cure mental depression
  • Positive and negative impacts of the Keto diet
  • Variations in healthcare plans in different countries
  • Role of natural herbs to lower blood pressure
  • Negative impact on the child’s health due to skipping vaccination
  • Why is changing lifestyle important to reduce obesity?
  • Are genetically modified foods bad for health?
  • How much workout/ exercise should the average adult be getting each week?
  • Discuss the history of HIV
  • The challenges faced by the students with special needs
  • Explain the concepts of global health security.
  • Role of climatic changes on health.
  • Impact of promotion of fitness ads and campaigns.
  • Social media affect encouraging health.
  • Health hazards caused by tobacco.
  • Controversial topics on healthy food standards
  • Do allergies depend on psychological perception?
  • Cause and effect of household air pollution.
  • Is selling sleeping pills against the law?
  • Reasons and treatment of the sleeping disorder
  • Benefits of aerobics.
  • Symptoms and causes of eye disease

Research Paper Topics on Abortion

  • Lesser known facts on Partial-birth Abortion
  • Is Abortion equal to murder?
  • Studies of Unborn Victims of Violence Act
  • Decisions on Abortion and its psychological effects on families
  • Is Abortion unethical?
  • Does Abortion affect the birth rate?
  • Consequences of prohibiting Abortion.
  • Rights related to abortion clinics.

Technology research paper topics

  • Importance of the invention of drones during the war
  • Explain the importance of Artificial Intelligence
  • Technological enhancement in the classroom.
  • The evolution of self-driving vehicles
  • Reduction of workplace productivity due to the invention of smartphones
  • Harmful effects of social media and how it causes depression
  • History and role of the internet
  • Advantages of turning appliances into the solar-powered mode

Interpersonal Communication research paper topics

  • Impact of technology on communication.
  • Pros and cons of texting and cell phones
  • The difference in communication between different individuals
  • Behavioral differences between men and women in different places
  • Impact of social networking in the real world.

Marketing and Advertising research paper topics

  • Restrictions imposed on media by the Government authorities
  • Education through marketing
  • Sexual innuendos in marketing
  • Latest international marketing trends
  • Why advertisements pertaining to health hazards should be banned completely.
  • Children’s educational programming and advertising
  • Political advertisements are necessary or not. Discuss.
  • Responsiveness of media towards political advertisements

Social Research Paper Topics

  • Pros and cons of interracial marriages
  • Status of women during the Roman Empire
  • Gender discrimination in workplaces
  • Justification of ideas on Feminism
  • Impact of the Women’s suffrage movement
  • Critical analysis of the No Child Left Bhind act
  • Causes of World war ii
  • The negative impact of the separation of parents on a child’s mental health
  • Ways to control sexual harassment in big corporate companies
  • Impact of homosexuality among the new generation.
  • Relation between social media and mental depression
  • Changing roles of men in society.
  • Critical analysis of all the present social issues
  • Ways to prevent child labor

Sports Research Paper Topics

Sports Research Paper Topics
  • An active mind influence more than an active body. Discuss.
  • How to display the spirit of Sportsmanship
  • Importance of Physical education since childhood
  • How the mind influence the performance of an athlete?
  • Role of steroids in the history of bodybuilding
  • How do sports influence mental health?
  • Should the government fund the sports organization?
  • Why should students actively participate in sports?
  • What are the prime factors to popularise a particular sport?
  • Should elite sports be more accessible to ethnic minorities?
  • How can sports bring prosperity in the country?
  • Racial discrimination in sports is a common problem. Explain
  • Role of fame in Sports.
  • Reasons to feel depressed during sports.
  • Climatic conditions control the sports tournaments. Discuss

Research Paper Topics on Animals

  • Impact of domestic violence on pets.
  • Facts about animal bullying.
  • Should you kill animals for food?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Variations in service and offering emotional support to animals
  • Rules pertaining to Animal rights protection
  • Deforestation and its impact on endangered animals
  • Human activities that cause animal extinction
  • How far can you keep exotic animals as pets?
  • Activities that lead to water pollution eventually affect aquatic life.
  • Veterinary care should be offered free of charge.
  • Why should sacrificing animals in the name of religion be a wrong practice?
  • Role of animals in the protection of ecosystem

Controversial and Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Preservation of national cultures has to be a mandate.
  • Homeopathy vs. allopathy – which is the most suitable way to treat an infant?
  • Is human cloning ethical?
  • Your view on China’s one-child policy.
  • Is practicing different religions helpful in preventing discrimination?
  • How far is black magic considered a psychological assault?
  • Should Government give equal rights to illegal immigrants?
  • Role of freedom of expression in preserving national security
  • Taboos of the society and its impacts
  • Why do people are biased regarding beauty standards?
  • Workplace harassment is caused to men.
  • Should Government allow homosexual couples to adopt a child?
  • Your views on the abolition of death penalties
  • Dressing ethics in the corporate world.
  • Representation of personality while giving an important interview?
  • Various causes of teenage depression.
  • Negative impacts of socialism
  • Cyberbullying is a punishable offense.
  • Impact of computers on human lives
  • Artificial intelligence and its usage
  • Does technology make humans lazier than expected?
  • Human creativity and technology?
  • Are security cameras alarming to those in need of privacy?
  • Should you offer money to beggars?
  • Should sex education be added in middle schools- a yes or no?
  • College students and the pressure of homework

Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology Research Paper Topics
  • Facts and causes of mental depression in youth
  • Types of Memory and their roles
  • Part of the brain that causes dreams?
  • Psychology factors that cause dreams and memories
  • Criminal psychology vs. Forensic psychology.
  • Child abuse is a parasite in society. Discuss
  • The difference in gender psychology.
  • Obesity and watching TV- are they related?
  • Mental stress and the psychology behind it
  • How far is child obesity-related to mental health?
  • What causes childhood trauma?


  • Role of Government in education
  • Age vs. academic ability in education
  • How important are special classrooms for children with special needs
  • National standardized tests vs. contemporary education systems
  • Discrimination in the field of education
  • Multicultural/bilingual education vs. traditional basics
  • Teacher competency tests vs. degree requirements
  • Teacher’s needs and demands and their impact on a child
  • Schools and their mandatory policies
  • Role of school and parents in controlling school violence
  • Major studies that help to control drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, etc.
  • The school management adopted Zero-tolerance policies.
  • Exams are not only a measure of a person’s ability to take exams. No examination policies should be put in control.
  • Views on “gap year” practiced by various schools
  • Do American students get better grades than students of other countries on average?
  • Role of Government funding in the education system
  • Grade inflation- is it abnormal in the present scenario?
  • Is Homeschooling doing any good?
  • All about Standardized tests conducted by major universities


  • Why caused us to stop believing in multiple gods?
  • Are religion and spirituality interrelated?
  • Beliefs on Karma
  • Who is more religious in nature- old or teens?
  • Why does terrorist use the weapon in the name of religion?
  • What are the new and popular ideologies on religion?
  • Are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism connected? Explain
  • Teachings of any religion
  • Role of religions to build the perception of right and wrong?
  • Impact of religion on society and culture.

Social Media

  • Social media make us more lonely and isolated?
  • Good ideas to protect the children who use online services
  • Social media plays a huge role in stock markets. Discuss.
  • Easy tips for identifying pedophiles on social media
  • Why does everything have to be posted online?
  • Proven ways to prevent cyber-bullying?
  • How reliable are the social media platforms for finding jobs or learning further?
  • Ways to control the use of social media
  • What makes adolescent generations obsessed with the number of followers and likes?
  • Is social media helpful during natural disasters?
  • Who are social media influencers, and what is their role in society?


  • There is a sharp rise in the popularity of classical music. Explain the reasons.
  • Fame and addiction to drugs- are they prevalent in the music industry?
  • Impact of hip hop culture in music.
  • How influential are the sad songs?

Easy Research Paper Topics

  • Importance of emotions of women in the family?
  • Why do people look for graduate students during the marriage?
  • When do women feel morally oppressed?
  • How to protect the ozone layer in the upcoming centuries
  • Is packaged milk safe?
  • How can you control the pollution due to the rampant use of plastic?
  • Benefits of cultural diversity in a team
  • How important is promoting the classical music of a country?
  • America and their age-old beliefs
  • Importance of enjoying leisure.
  • The story of the evolution of human
  • Children and their hobbies since the 90s
  • Character analysis of Harry Potter
  • Self Determination Theory and robots
  • Pros and cons of cosmetic surgeries

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics:

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics:
  • Civil rights
  • The drinking age, legal
  • Hate crimes
  • Acquaintance rape
  • Animal rights
  • Assisted suicide
  • Campus violence
  • Capital punishment
  • Insanity defense
  • Patriot Act
  • Police brutality
  • Prisons and prisoners
  • Roe vs. Wade
  • Serial killers
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug legalization
  • Gun control
  • Sexual harassment
  • Three Strikes Law

Research Paper Topics on Adoption

  • Discuss complete processes and laws regarding adult adoption
  • Protocols and issues related to foster care.
  • Positive and side effects of DNA profiling
  • Discuss the problems post child adoption
  • Open adoption is a myth. Discuss.
  • Should adopted children meet their real parents at least once during their lifetime?
  • A brief overview of children with special needs.
  • How is cross-cultural adoption giving rise to sensitive issues?
  • Psychological problems an adopted child faces while growing up with a child in the family.
  • Standard procedures for same-sex couples planning to adopt

Research Topics Ideas on Culture

  • A new comprehension of past events
  • The birth of racial discrimination
  • The origin of antisemitism
  • The real face of advertisements and the impact of commercials on modern art
  • Influential cultural achievements of the 20th century and how they influenced our society
  • Cultural revolutions throughout history
  • How do pop culture trends influence youth?
  • The Greek cultural influence and its relation with the ancient Mediterranean world?
  • How was the Victorian period?
  • Was the Victorian era a period of cultural change?

Research Paper Topics on Math

  • The importance of algorithms in your syllabus
  • Why is ‘x’ celebrated as the unknown?
  • How does math bring a revolution to the world?
  • How to solve the McDonald’s math problem?
  • What concepts do the geniuses imply to solve the hardest math problems?
  • Should high school math contests be prohibited?
  • Are music and math-related?
  • Do we ever implement the formulas of math problems in real life?
  • Which are the most confusing math concepts ever?

Research Paper Topics on Information Technology

Research Paper Topics on Information Technology
  • Impact of technology in recent times.
  • Violent video games and their role in juvenile delinquency.
  • Best and most influential apps you should try.
  • How far the technological world has made an impact in your life.
  • How has social media solved the most complicated issues in the world?
  • Information technologies and the internet – it is our world now. Discuss.
  • Importance of digital learning in the educational world.
  • How has technology influenced the global economy?
  • Why do people use information technology to change the world?
  • Does the internet require control and censorship?
  • Negative impact on the music industry due to the internet and tremendous speed of digital downloading.
  • The major functionality of a search engine.

Drugs and Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics:

  • Doping in sports
  • Drug testing
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Drunk driving
  • Nicotine
  • Heroin

Environmental Research Paper Topics:

  • Acid rain
  • Radioactive waste disposal
  • Recycling
  • Smog
  • Soil pollution
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles
  • Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Deforestation
  • Endangered species
  • Energy
  • Geoengineering
  • Global warming
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Pollution
  • Population control
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum
  • Hurricanes
  • Landfills
  • Marine pollution
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil spills

Current Affairs

  • How have the goals of feminists changed over the centuries?
  • What are the effects of China’s one-child policy?
  • What factors are responsible for the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  • Difference between US immigration laws and immigration laws of other countries
  • Explain the history of the relationship between the United States and North Korea.
  • Explain Brexit
  • What factors have led China to become a superpower?
  • How influential was the “Black Lives Matter” movement
  • State your views about racism in the present world?
  • Will India become a superpower in 2050?
  • The emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency 

Which of the Following Topics would be Suitable for a Short Research Paper?

All the research paper topics for college students mentioned above are based on research. Hence you can select any of them for writing your research paper topics. You can also refer to our next blog to get the complete research paper guide.

By learning good research paper ideas, you can highlight more important concerns. Good examples of research topics are criminal justice, physical well-being, gun-related deaths, or even stories from the past decades.

How to Find easy College Research Paper Topics?

Steps to help you get the easy college research paper ideas

  • Select a title that is either from the recent topics, or that looks interesting to you! Make well-planned research topics for high school students and begin your work.
  • Channelise the views to something effective
    • When the length of your topic is more, you will find the availability of too much information. It leads us to lose focus.
    • Choose the right plot and take the necessary steps for a background check.
  • Follow the guidelines and take suggestions on the topic selection mentioned in your assignment. Talk to you your professors for more details.
  • Take a look at the materials and natural resources available to you and refer to the class lecture. Use the notes and texts to formulate better ideas for courses and assignments.
  • Speak/discuss with a friend about different topics and different cultures. Surprisingly during the discussion, you get a lot of information that further helps your lesson planning.
  • Think of the different questions mentioned below:
    • WHY did you feel about choosing the topic? Is it among the interesting topics to research? Do you have an idea of the issue that it can cover?
    • WHO will arrange to provide relevant information on this? Is anyone going to publish information about it? Who are the people involved in the topic? Search for the authorized or unauthorized institutions related to the topic.
    • WHAT is the most important question related to this topic? Is the topic debatable? Can you find a lot of claims on this? Can you get major information on the title?
    • WHERE is your topic influential: at the local, national or international level? Can you bring the topic to notice?
    • WHEN is/was your topic formulated? Is it from the current event or a historical concern? Will you be able to sort your topic based on time periods?

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The Final Verdict

Overall there are two major points to be looked after during the structuring of a good research topic. The first one is to ensure well-planned research that yields the most suitable topic.

The second point is to find relevance in what you have stated in the title and what you have presented in your research paper.

Whenever you start writing your research paper without gathering enough information, you make a massive mistake in displaying an issue.

It may so happen that the claims you are trying to explain become contradictory. In such cases, do not hesitate to education consultants for better grades on your college research paper topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best title for a research paper?

The best and most common research paper topics include serious issues like birth control, child labor, child abuse, history and politics, AI, climate change, social media, health, science, global warming, and technology. These are some common among the hundreds of good research paper topics chosen from a wide range of subject fields.

2. What questions should I ask on research paper topics?

Here are some important questions to ask on research paper topics

  • What was the most important factor you realized while gathering information?
  • What has been the most influential aspect of the material you’ve gathered so far?
  • What is the latest problem that is associated with the topic you have selected?

3. What, according to you, are the important facts of the subject matter?

  • What do you feel are the independent and dependent variables?
  • How can you address the cause after the proper research?
  • What are the results of your study on the topic?
  • Can you generalize the results? How?

4. What are 5 good research questions?

  • What is the problem that has to be solved in this research topic?
  • Who are the ones that care about this problem, and why?
  • What role do others play?
  • What is your solution to the figured problem in the topic? 
  • Can you prove that your answer is the best? How?

5. Is writing a research paper topic very difficult?

Writing a research paper can become difficult. When you fail to comprehend the subject or cannot find a good research paper topic even after several attempts, you can find the process overwhelming. For example, when you sit to write history research paper topics, it takes time and effort to find and organize your information. Writing the entire on say Roman empire can become a complex work for you.

6. How do I get the best research paper topic for myself?

There are two wise actions that you may take to get the best research paper topics. You can talk to your instructor and get updates about the latest research topic ideas. You can even consult academic writing experts who help students learn more about research paper ideas from their homework solutions.

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