Social media essays have become popular in school, college, and other academic fields, but it can be challenging to choose a topic that will fit your preferences and writing style.

Social media essays are about social media use, how it affects today’s society, and how it changes communication between friends, users, and different people.

The following paragraphs offer tips on what type of social media essay would best suit your needs!


What is Social Media Essay?

One of the reasons that the use of social media has become so popular is because it’s user-friendly.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with similar social media sites, help friends, families, and users communicate with each other who live in different parts of the world.

And guess what? Millennials use social Media most often!

You wouldn’t think something powerful could be wrong for you, but some negative impacts are associated with this trend.

On the surface, social media looks to be a universally accepted phenomenon.

Beneath that exterior, however, are countless divergent opinions on its pros and cons.

Therefore a Social media essay can be defined as a type of persuasive writing about anything.

Social media essays are often written as an exposition on the topic, a Process Analysis essay, an opinion piece with social aspects, or a commentary on the author’s life.

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How Has Social Media Changed our lives Essay?

There are many ways the effects of social media have changed our lives.

One significant change is how it’s affected the way we live in general and the things with which we occupy ourselves during leisure time.

Social networking has become a vital part of everyday life for many people, including children as young as five years old who can create their profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, etc.

It’s no surprise then to find out that some psychologists estimate they spend an average of two hours per day interacting through these platforms (Huffington Post).

It means about 3640 hours yearly – more than enough time to study one semester worth at college level if studying a full-time load.

It’s understandable to see why people are so drawn to social media and its instant, easy nature; research has shown that using social networks tends to increase self-esteem (Huffington Post).

Social networking sites have contributed to many positive changes for us all. Still, there have also been some negative effects of social media caused by the excessive use of these digital platforms.

For example, research suggests those who spend many hours on social networking may experience health problems like headaches or neck pain due to intense visual strain from constant screen viewing time(The New York Times).

It isn’t always helped because we have an increasing number of people addicted to their devices.

Social media, a term coined by American technologist and author Marc Andresseen in 2006, has been the center of debate for many years now (The Guardian).

It seems that no matter what new social networking site appears on the digital horizon, everyone jumps ship from one platform to another without hesitation.

The process can be linked to running around with your head cut off while trying to find something you don’t even know exists!

Social Media provides us with instant connection worldwide through our smartphones or computers – but how does this impact society as a whole? What are its positive effects? Its benefits? Its negative impacts?

Such Essay topics will provide you with some of the main ideas to consider when writing a social media essay and give you issues that you can explore in greater depth.

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Why is Social Media important Essay?

Social Media is an interactive, usually peer-to-peer communication that enables users to share content and information.

Unlike  how to write a synthesis essay, or social Media Argumentative Essay, Social Media Essay reflects the most valuable ideas in a concise form of communication. It captures readers’ attention quickly by using elements such as hashtags, quoted words, or questions.

The best way to write this Essay might not be evident from the title, so here are some tips:

An excellent social media essay should raise awareness about an issue that you care deeply about;

Your voice needs to come through clearly when writing it because people will read into what message you’re trying to portray;

The last couple sentences should summarize why one topic is more deserving than another but make sure they don’t seem forced or cliché.

The most valuable topics for Social Media Essays are ones that you’re passionate about and have a point of view on;

Topics like gender inequality, poverty, and race relations in the United States can be good choices because it’s likely others feel similarly to how you do but haven’t been able to articulate their thoughts as well;

You should also choose something you care deeply about or know a lot about–these types of essays will come across more sincerely than those who pick an easy topic from the surface level.

The social media platform has become such a big part of our lives today with apps everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

It is so easy to upload a photo, video, or status update on the go. Social media essays are written about what you see happening around you in society today and how it affects your life.

The most valuable topics for social media essays are those close to your heart–choose one of these types of essays.

How to write an essay about Social Media?

Social Media Essay is a popular form of writing in the modern world.

It’s usually used for advertising campaigns, but the impact of social media essay can also be extended to college admission essay or application letters to provide more insight into your personality.

When choosing social media essay topics, you should keep in mind that you have to make sure they’re relevant and not too broad.

While it may sound tempting to discuss how technology has changed society as we know it, this topic will require a lot of research and background knowledge which are better suited for an academic paper rather than a one-page lengthy personal statement;

A Social Media Essay doesn’t necessarily need to be about just one area. Unlike an Argumentative Essay or a Rhetorical Analysis Essay, you could write about fashion blogging on Instagram from the perspective of a fashion blogger or how selfies can affect self-esteem as seen through the eyes of someone with low self-esteem or about effective communication.

Social media essays are also not limited to traditional social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – you could write about YouTube vlogging if that’s your thing; make sure it is relevant for what you want people to know about you! 

The promotion of creative essay can be done in social media sites and videos. But, before that you need to have some ideas on this topic.

Structure of an Essay On Social Media.

Structure of an Essay On Social Media.

As social media has gained momentum, educators have found an effective means of reaching young school students by assigning a social media essay on the topic.

Much like on how to write an informative essay,choosing a relevant social media essay topic that best reflects their style and preferences can be difficult for some students.

But for an essay on social media, the structure of essay writing is standard:


1. Social Media Essay Introduction starts with the main topic, mentions its relevance, and adds a strong thesis statement.

2. Provide background information about it or mention related topics.

3. A good introduction comes with some examples of how the new idea is relevant to your life and others’ lives (personal anecdotes).

Thesis statement.

Avoid using common knowledge or basic facts. It should be relevant to your Essay about social media, clear, and debatable.

Body of the paper.

Put your best argument here. This is the essential part of this Essay because it makes sure that you have a clear and logical flow to the Essay.


In conclusion, sum up the Essay’s focus in an exciting conclusion paragraph that pushes for change without being too preachy or overly generalizing.

Social Media Essay Topics.

The following are some possible topics to write a social media essay:

* the essential hashtags on Instagram.

* How I am using Facebook as my diary.

* Social Media and the Effects of Negative Emotions (e.g., jealousy, anger).  

* You will never be alone with Social Media.

* The Good and Bad Effects of Social Media on Children’s Mental Health (e.g., social isolation, bullying).

* How to respond when people post ugly pictures or insults online.

* Do you care about what other people think? Let me show you how I cope with the pressure from society in my way…

* “He is not worth your time.” – Why do we need social media for this purpose? Is it because everyone has a right to express their opinion freely without being judged by others? etc.)

Example of Social Media Essay.

This is an example of a social media essay by one of our bloggers:

– Purposeful self-presentation on Social Media has become the norm. How do you create yourself not just for individualism but also to be more attractive? Here are some clues as to how you can improve your online reputation!

– To make people want to interact with us in different contexts (e.g., dating), we might need them first to see that we exist and have something valuable to offer; this is why it’s essential for everyone who wants success through digital channels like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat, etc., should take care about their appearance accordingly

– Appearance includes everything from how we dress up for work/school to the way we dress up for a date/party. Your physical appearance is what people will first see, and this is why you must get it right from day one

– What are some of your tips on how to improve your online reputation? Please share them with us!


What is Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages?

What is Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are pros and cons to using technological tools. It stretches the same for social media, which heavily depends on an individual’s use.

For teens or children, one must find the right balance to prioritize their school life, friends, hobbies, and social media where needed.

Too much of anything is not healthy for anyone, so be conscious of your relationship with everything in your lives!

Advantages of Social Media


Social Media helps us to connect with others who share similar values and interests. Regardless of where in the world they are or what their religion is. The beauty of communication on Social Media is that we can explore new ideas, compare opinions, and share our thoughts when desired, all from the comfort of our computer screen.


Social Media provides a lot of benefits in the field of education. It is easy to learn from others who are experts and professionals through social media. Students can follow anyone to learn and enhance their knowledge about any field. Despite the location and educational background, one can educate yourself without paying for it.


You can share your concerns with the community to receive assistance and happiness. Whether in terms of money or advice, you can get it from the community you are connected with.

Information and Updates

Posting anything about what you are thinking, feeling, or doing is one of the positive aspects of social media. Television and other forms of traditional media often show only one perspective, so it can be hard to get a complete understanding. One of the various benefits of using Social Media is that it contains various perspectives while still being entertaining.


Is your business offline or online? Either way, you can promote it to the world. Once you’ve connected with the right audience, it becomes less expensive and will make for more profitable marketing in the digital age.

Noble Cause
People also use social media to promote a noble cause. For example, an NGO can use it for marketing social welfare and donation programs. Those who donate money or goods receive quick feedback, increasing contributions.


Social media has helped people live more innovatively. From farmers, teachers, students to lawyers, every individual in society can benefit from social media communication and the way it helps spread awareness.

Helps Govt and Agencies Fight Crime 

Furthermore, social media has also proven to be a valuable technology in catching and arresting criminals. The ability to track people through their online accounts – such as Facebook profiles or Twitter handles – is an invaluable asset used by various government agencies.

Improves Business Reputation

Positive exposure and feedback on social media can help any business with sales and marketing. Positive words shared even for a single occasion are enough to drive customers into investing in the company.

Helps in Building Communities

With different religions and beliefs worldwide, one can use social media to build a community of similar believers and members freely to discuss their religion and share topics related to it.

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Disadvantages of Social Media


According to a report by, many children have become victims of cyberbullying over the past few years. Since anyone can create a false account and harass people anonymously, it has become relatively easy for bullies to contact and threaten others on the internet. Anyone can send Threats, intimidation, words, and false news through mass networks like email or text messaging to generate discomfort in society, which in turn causes about 1 out of 20 people who commit suicide due to bullying.


Some of the negative risks associated with social media networks are that personal data can be hacked and shared on the internet. Similarly, identity theft is another negative issue that can result in financial losses for anyone’s accounts.

Several times people have had their Twitter or Facebook account hacked, having specific individuals’ post has caused great harm to those involved. To avoid such accidents, it would be wise to keep your data and information safe by not sharing too much over social media networks.


The addictive part of social media is alarming and can affect personal life. Teenagers are the most affected by such addiction. They get involved very extensively and eventually cut back from society. Such kind of addiction wastes individual time that you could otherwise use for productive tasks and activities.

Fraud and Scams

The lack of a regulatory framework to monitor and stop these fraudulent activities has led many people with their social media accounts being hacked. These attacks are prevalent, as anyone can do them without the victim knowing that this is happening until it’s too late.

A whole lot of people have been scammed on Facebook in recent times. The scammer will send an email or news requesting payment for goods never received. It leaves the recipient feeling vulnerable and confused about what just happened to them.

Security Issues

Privacy is an integral part of social networks. With many people using the internet to access their accounts and post what they would like, there are risks involved that may not have been accounted for at first glance.

Security agencies now have access to social media accounts which can pose a problem for privacy. There are always risks when posting things online with these agencies looking in.


Social media can easily ruin someone’s reputation by creating false news and spreading it across social networks. Similarly, businesses can also suffer due to a bad reputation being conveyed over social media pages.

Cheating and Relationship Issues

Many couples have also used social networks as a means to propose and marry each other. However, after some time, they’ve realized that their decision has been incorrect, and they must part ways. Similarly, some couples have also cheated on one another by showing fake feelings or news (both of which could be false).

Health Issues

The excessive use of social networks can affect your mental and physical health in the following ways. First, individuals who would typically exercise routinely may give it up given that they are no longer as motivated with so much available distraction on their devices.

Second, people spend an increasing amount of time indoors and away from fresh air, which has shown to leave a negative effect on mental health.

Social Media causes death. 

Not just by using social media, but by watching the stunts and other pointless stuff shared online. For example, bikers performing dangerous actions, people jumping over trains, and other life-threatening things. Many teenagers do these types of things because they’ve seen these successful videos from social media.

Glamorizes Drugs and Alcohol

One of the popular negative effects of social media sites is that people start following others who are wealthy or addicted to drugs and alcohol and share their views on the web. Therefore, with the use of social media, people today are heavily influenced to take drugs and drink for the sake of being “cool.”

Why Social Media is bad Essay?

In the social media essay, students explore a topic in-depth by addressing it from various viewpoints.

They may use personal experience as one perspective, and other research on the same subject can balance their ideas with another point of view.

Social Media essays can be written about any topic that has been researched or explored from different perspectives.

The only difficulty comes when trying to choose which angle you want your work to represent. There are many potential topics for this type of Essay (from selfies to cyberbullying).

It’s not always easy choosing an assignment; however, if you’re struggling with deciding what kind of Social Media Assignment will suit your needs best, then take some time thinking about who you are, how you feel about specific topics, and what you do for a living.

Social Media essays have to be written in a third-person point of view, which means that the writer observes instead of participating in an event or situation.

There’s not always easy choosing assignments; however, if you’re struggling with deciding what kind of Social Media Assignment will suit your needs best, then take some time thinking about who you are, how you feel about specific topics, and what you do for a living.


What is Social Media Short Paragraph?

A social media essay is a short paragraph that encourages people to share it with their friends.

These essays are usually written in Yahoo Answers, Twitter, or Facebook.

Social Media Short Paragraphs answer questions such as “What’s your favorite food” and encourage discussion by asking followers what they like the best.

The following are some of the most popular subjects to choose from when writing a social media essay:

What is Social Media Short Paragraph?

– What’s your favorite book?

– Describe yourself with one word.

– If you could have three wishes, what would they be and why?

– You find $100 on the street. How do you spend it all in one day?

– The last time I laughed out loud was… Why did I laugh so hard?”

In conclusion, every person is affected by social media whether they use it regularly or not, so be sure to choose an essay topic with meaning for you and share it with others through the pros and cons of social media essay writing.

This way, we can all grow as human beings who want change now more than ever before.

That is why, if you need help in writing a Social Media Essay, be sure to click our Write my Essay Service, for we are waiting to assist you in any way we can!

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