In your entire academic career of being a college student, you need to present at least one research paper for high school as a part of your syllabus. The research articles are an essential part of your academic curriculum; hence it needs to be a work of quality and excellence. If you are a college student struggling with the research paperor want to know “what is a thesis paper?”, you will be glad to know that you are on the right platform.

Comprehension is a significant step in writing a research paper. A successful understanding of the topic will give you a clear picture of what you need to register. If you cannot comprehend, you cannot connect to the relevant subject. Talk to your professor and clarify your doubts about your assignments. You can even avail the services of write my essay for a unique and quality piece of writing.

Go through the instructions over and over again. All such instructions will thereby guide you to prepare an efficient research paper. Even if you have the slightest confusion, clear it out before you even start the topic. Rectification of an entire thesis will be more complicated than correcting yourself in the beginning.

Tips or steps to writing a research paper can be too many. Follow the research paper writing service to receive the proper guidelines that will help you fruitfully structure your thesis.

The three main segments of a thesis

An overall structure of a thesis is quite simple. Before we analyze it in detail, here are three major segments of a research paper.


The introduction is the first and foremost part of your thesis or an essay. Also, the answer will be the same if you are thinking how to write a personal statement introduction. The primary purpose of the introduction is to hook up the readers’ interest and attention. The introductory part should depict the topic you will be narrating in the next segment.In this part, you can show your creativity and writing skills. Also see how to write a research paper introduction.


The largest part of an essay is the body. It is nothing but information regarding a particular topic in the most innovative way. You can elaborate on all the points and arguments in the body and share your knowledge to enlighten others.


The conclusion is the last part of a thesis or an essay where you plan to end up with a strong note relevant to the topic. Here you do not have to add anything to your argument. Here you are supposed to wrap up your entire essay in a captivating way so that there is an impression of your words on the readers. 

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May it be high school essays or research articles, you need to follow some guidelines uniformly. Now let us talk about how to write a thesis

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What are the steps in writing a research paper?

Before discussing the steps elaborately, let us take a quick look at the major points.

Step 1- Analyze the work and Plan your steps.

Step 2- Pick out a topic.

Step 3- Map the research paper outline out of your thoughts and schedule your time.

Step 4- Start your research to start your thesis.

Step 5- Evaluate your research. 

Step 6- Prepare your draft paper.

Step 7- Review, proofread, and edit your draft.

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How to do a research paper?


Step 1 : Analyze the work and Plan your steps

Analyze the work and Plan your steps

Writing an article needs effective planning from start to top. Analyzing an assignment is crucial. Hence starting from the selection till proofreading the entire essay, there must be a proper research paper outline. In case of any issue, it is a great idea to approach the professors and other students. It is even better to get professional help.

Key specifications that you need to keep in your mind

Frame an idea about the duration of the paper by consulting with the associate professor

Chalk out the key preference source of your professor (if any)

Make a note of the sources that are available and allowed to use in your research paper format.

Keep track of the specific due dates.

Follow and chalk out every minute detail related to styles, formatting, heading, etc.

Distribute your work and schedule it to properly manage the job and finish it in time with no point missing. 

If you are keen to know how to write a reflection paper, you can start by following the mentioned steps and gradually elaborate your idea as you go along. Keep on reading if you want to know more on what you need to do. 

Step 2: Pick out a topic

The selection of a topic is the most trivial part of writing a research paper. Get these tips to ensure that your research articles turn out the most interesting as well as engaging.

Look for a much relevant question that you will be able to answer in your thesis. Think from the reader’s side and then select a topic. The instructor also provides some guidelines to choose your topic. A perfect one would be anything that merges with your passion. A topic that has several points to talk about will be more exciting and engaging. Again, choose a fresh and new topic. one cannot grab the reader’s attention if the content has been already worked upon too many times. Hence the matter should be off-beat and diversified.

Get these questions verified before finalizing on a specific one

  • Will your professor officially agree with your topic or approve it?
  • Will you be able to specify all the relevant details as demanded by the subject?

Speaking of reading sources, if you want to view this copy offline, download the PDF here.  

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Step 3: Map an outline of your thoughts and schedule your time

Map an outline of your thoughts and schedule your time

Outlining your thesis paper is one such step you cannot afford to miss. It includes organizing and reviewing the materials available to you. This step will help you choose the points and arguments relevant to the questions you need to answer. When you are confident that your research matches your topics, you will feel the flow. Recognize the area which lacks information because here you need to improve your search.

If you go through a research paper template, you can find a pattern to explain your thoughts in the research articles. Discuss with your professor about the assignments and express the topics under different segments. It reduces confusion, and your thesis becomes more acceptable among the readers. Sometimes an outline is just not needed in a specific article, but it is still useful to complete your work. Use the idea generator from an outstanding source for more inputs.

Let us have a look at the general outline formatting for a clear understanding

  1. Introduction/Statement
  2. Heading no.1(title for the first paragraph)
  3. Details of the topic of the first paragraph (should include more paragraphs to cover the point)
  4. Heading no.2(title second paragraph)
  5. Details of the topic of the second paragraph( should include more paragraphs to cover the point)
  6. Heading no.3(title for the third paragraph)
  7. Details of the topic of the second paragraph( should include more paragraphs to cover the point)
  8. Conclusion

Distribute your gathered information among the entire thesis uniformly. If your data is equally shared under the different headings, the content will look more organized and well planned. Moreover, if you have a properly formed outline, you can place your information quickly and hence finish your job in less time.

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Step 4: Start your research to start your thesis.

Next comes the next crucial part of your thesis writing, which is research. After you have generated the entire idea on outlining your thesis, get started with the work of research paper conventions. On exposing yourself to several sources, many a time, you may get your focus altered. In that case, you might change the question but see that your write up relates to your topic. The work must not mislead the readers.

Check the following list while you research

  • Keep sufficient time for the research work.
  • Do not depend on any single source. Make optimum use of many relevant authorities. It may include journals, newsletters, books, the internet, videos, interviews, and even some genuine social networking sites for current updates.
  • Make notes and maintain records to keep track of all the gathered information.
  • Derive the bibliographical information for two essential purposes
  1.   To keep the recorded information of sources
  2.   To prepare a page for source acknowledgment.

Save all the sources so that you can retrieve any information in case of emergencies. these include

  • the name of the book or title of the article
  • date of publication of the book or the article
  • name of the author
  • number of pages used
  • Derive the background information in the beginning
  • Be research specific
  • Acknowledge the importance of print sources and material which are more useful and easily accessible.
  • Talk to your professor to keep him updated about your progress.
  • Clarify the doubts immediately. If you keep it pending, you may miss out on important rectifications.

You have a lot of information followed by a complete outline to produce a powerful piece of writing. Read the topic again and again before you start brainstorming over the internet. The most useful tip at this point is to create your words rather than copying the thoughts of someone else. Although copying is easy, the filtering part is tedious, and the entire idea of plagiarism is illegal. A self-created work makes you more confident and nurtures the writing skills, which is very helpful in the long . 

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Step 5: Evaluate your research sources

Evaluate your research sources

After your research work is complete, it is essential to organize it well. Be selective about choosing the right links from all the sources that you have followed. When you evaluate your research work, it is vital to check whether it is relevant to your topic. Evaluating the right sources and focusing on the correct materials will help you produce an influential research paper. Keep on looking for additional research materials to enhance the quality of your writing. There are several websites to evaluate the authority and check the quality of your sources of information. When you organize your work, you need to mention the in-text citations along with the title.

Hence at the end of your hard work, you will meet your mentor’s expectation to produce an authentic and credible piece of work.

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Step 6 : Prepare your draft paper.

Finally, with all your shreds of evidence and materials, you are all set to draft your work. Follow the standard research paper conventions for an exact idea while narrating your work. Discuss every point with your professors and seniors to carve out the proper steps to write a research paper. While you write the research paper parts, use a number of quotations, paraphrases, and statistics. You can even use some real-life examples of some successful personalities too. Use many sources and supply credit to all the references. Keep the below-mentioned points while preparing the draft.

Avoid writing the researched information without comprehending it on your own.

Always present a neatly written, organized draft.

Keep your words simple and to the point. Do not confuse the readers with any ambiguous words or complicated sentences.

Keep on proofreading as and when you write.

Avoid plagiarism and incorporate your own words and express each point thoughtfully. Using plagiarized content without acknowledging the source is an act of demeanor and does not add value to your work. Remember that your writing style will be something absolutely new and thereby more appealing to the readers.

Step 7: Review, proofread and edit your draft

The next best step is to filter your draft, which includes reviewing, proofreading, and editing. Whatever you have written must be presented must be well structured and polished. The next big underlying step is to check the following

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation
  4. Format
  5. Mechanics

On completing the step mentioned above, you will be able to see the fruits of your toil. You have now finally created an organized research paper out of a scattered and an unpolished collection of thoughts. 

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Step 8 : Finalize your work and submit

Once you complete your primary draft revision, it is now time to make your final draft. Here you must focus on the accuracy and organization rather than the relevance of points you have already done before. This draft is expected to have a minimum or no error structured in a suitable format. Take a short break before submitting your paper. Just keep your calm and give yourself some time to re-think if you could do it even better, or any editing has been unknowingly skipped anywhere. Give a thorough recheck to the final content before producing it. Follow the checkpoints before submission.

The thesis has a cover page.

The cover page includes specific details such as your name, course title, or title of the thesis and the information it will state.

The final draft includes the necessary format specifications such as footnotes and page numbers.

you have prepared a source card for presenting bibliographical information

Make sure that the final paper is persuasive.

Thanks to the era you are born in, you are more exposed to technology. More technology would mean more information, and hence you would find no dearth of information. Also, we are empowered with several tools to edit our materials easily because of this technological advancement. Some exciting and useful sources like Grammarly can fix your errors in no time. You can also buy essays from reputed essay writing service providers. Several other devices are also present, which checks and improves your writing style in a more acceptable and correct language.

You may not be an expert writer, but take it as an opportunity to learn and do something that you have never done before. Who knows, the next bestseller would be one from your desk!

This article is thoroughly research-based and written to guide the students in need to clarify all the doubts and meet the reader’s expectations. 

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