A thesis is a part of many sectors – a lawyer’s closing argument, a debate speech, or even advertisements. However, the word “thesis” is mainly associated with academic writing. Research papers writing, reports analysis writing, and essays are common forms of academic writing. Among these research papers & essays are the usual activity for school and university students. In this article, we will analyze various types of thesis examples.

A thesis paragraph is an essential aspect of research papers and essay writing. The thesis is placed within the first two paragraphs, usually after the end of the introduction or first paragraph. So, the readers can understand the prime idea of your paper at an early stage. It is the first statement that tutors often read. If you need a guide read the blog on how to make a thesis statement.

The good thesis words helps the reader to explain your research topic and makes them understand the entire essay. It enables reader to know your stance about the main topic. In short, the thesis is the summary of your written content. That is why writing a thesis statement is given much importance in academic writing. 

Types Of Thesis Statements Writing

The three key aspects of thesis statements used in academic writings are – argumentative, expository, and analytical. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Argumentative Thesis Writing: The writer takes a firm position on the topic or specific issue in an argumentative statement. The main objective is to persuade readers about a particular issue in argumentative essays. It is often a one sentence thesis.  
  • Expository Thesis Writing: In an expository thesis statement, the writer puts up the facts in support of the main topic of the research topic.  
  • Analytical Thesis Writing: The writer points out what they are analyzing in their entire essay in an analytical statement.

Students can write a sentence or a number of sentences to write a thesis statement. The length of the entire essay decides the appropriate thesis length. The precise and to the point thesis statement makes your entire essay interesting and builds excitement in readers about your written words. 

How To Start A Thesis Statement Examples

Writing a thesis statement starts with the rough thesis paragraph, also known as the working thesis. It is the single sentence that comes to your mind during essay writing process. You can construct the final thesis after the completion of your essay writing and paper check.

A working thesis ideas guides writer towards the entire paper body paragraphs. In the process, the working thesis can be revised many times as you collect more facts.

When you derive the topic, ask the relevant questions about the topic, it will help you write the first draft of the working thesis. A working thesis enables you to focus on the way your entire essay is going. In the process, you can revise the working thesis as many times as you get the new supporting evidence to fulfill the paper requirements.

So you can change the thesis according to the new topics are added in the writing process. Let’s know the working thesis and final broad thesis statement with a couple of examples given below:

Example 1

  • Working Thesis: “Extensive use of social media results in disrupted and delayed sleep, drastically affecting health.”
  • Final Thesis: “According to U.S. medical reports, people who habitually spend more time on social media are prone to experience mental health disorders such as depression, stress, and anxiety as compared to those who do not.”   

Example 2

  • Working Thesis: “Parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.” 
  • Final Thesis: “Many studies have shown that extended hours of watching television is not intellectually stimulating; moreover, it prevents social interaction and results in obesity.”  

Moving from a working thesis to the final thesis takes rigorous efforts and focus. It requires lots of research then only you can claim your point with facts or valid arguments. Below we will see how you can structure a final thesis with the help of a working thesis. Get the complete material on What is a Thesis Paper? Planning, Writing, and Formatting Here! 

How To Write A Solid Thesis Statement Examples

How To Write A Solid Thesis Statement Examples

Let us formulate an argumentative thesis statement using the simple steps given here. This will help you to build a clear and precise thesis statement for the reader. So, here we go:

Step 1: Analyze the Topic Sentence

The process of writing a thesis sentence starts with analyzing the topic; let’s say, the assigned topic is “The effect of social media on health.”

You need to do some preliminary research to learn more about the main topic. This will help you understand the topic or subject more precisely, and you can have a rough draft of how you are going to write the essay. It will also provide you with the thesis statement outline.

Step 2: State Your Main Idea And Try to Answer the Topic

Once you have analyzed the topic, you can answer the main topic. This will require some more research on the main topic. At this stage, also try to state exactly what you are trying to persuade the readers. This will help you write your first draft of the thesis, also known as the working thesis.

The topic given here is – “The impact of social media on health.” After doing research and trying to answer the topic, our working thesis can be:

“Extensive use of social media results in disrupted and delayed sleep affecting the health drastically.”

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Step 3. Give Specific Evidence and Facts in Support of Your Idea

You can add some evidence that supports your main idea at this stage. It will require further research, and it will help you understand your main idea’s authenticity. It will also help you know where your entire writing is moving on.

Collecting facts and evidence supporting your arguments refine your rough thesis statement. The final thesis statement may have the main points of your arguments, along with a conclusion if required. Here you can have several facts and evidence supporting your main argument.

The more refined thesis statement according to the example given here can be:

“According to U.S. medical reports, people who habitually spend more time on social media are prone to mental issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety as compared to those who do not.”

Step 4. Include Opposite Viewpoints or Arguments if Applicable.

The perfect thesis statement always acknowledges that there can be another side to the argument. Analysis of the opposite viewpoint will further help you refine the thesis. It also allows you to explain your main arguments strongly.

Analyzing counterarguments also provides validity to your thesis statement. If your paper is based on facts, you won’t find many counterarguments. This way, you can easily create a good thesis statement. Click here! For the Perfect Guide on How to Write a Thesis For a Research Paper.

What Is A Thesis Statement In An Essay Examples

Now you know what is a thesis sentence and thesis statement definition. Here we will go through some of the thesis examples written for an essay:

  • Butter and jam sandwiches are the best types of sandwiches because they are healthy, easy to make, and taste good.
  • Having a diverse society people in an office setting leads to more decadent ideas, more help, and more understanding between people with different skin colors or races.
  • Assisted suicide should be legalized, and doctors should have the right to make sure their patients have the end-of-life decision that they want to receive.
  • A vegetarian diet indicates a position of privilege a healthy and ethical way to consume food. But, it also restricts you to other cultural food experiences if you travel worldwide.
  • Studying in foreign universities is one of the most culturally valuable experiences in college. It is the best way to completely know the new language and learn various cultures and traditions different from yours.

What’s An Example Of A Good Thesis Statement

The thesis statement in the essay holds much importance. A good thesis statement summarizes the topic’s main idea and limits the topic in just a few sentences clearly and precisely. If you still want to know what is in a good thesis statement? Here we will understand the good statements Vs. weak thesis statement. 

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Example 1

  • Bad: Junk food is not suitable for your health and food packages are responsible for climate change.
  • Good: As junk food is bad for your health, the federal government should regulate the size of sodas offered at fast-food restaurants.

Example 2

  • Bad: Federal immigration law is a tricky issue many people disagree about in society.
  • Good: U.S. immigration enforcement law needs to be overhauled because it puts undue constraints on state and local police.

Example 3

  • Bad: City council members are not honest and should be thrown in jails.
  • Good: City council members should have limited tenure to prevent one group or party from maintaining control indefinitely.

Example 4

  • Bad:  People convicted of murder will go to hell for their act.
  • Good: Rehabilitation programs for people serving life terms should be funded because these programs reduce violence within prisons.

Example 5

  • Bad: The U.S. government should overhaul the tax code.
  • Good: The U.S. House of Representatives should vote to repeal the U.S. estate tax as the revenue generated by that tax is negligible.

Which Is An Example Of A Persuasive Thesis Statement

Which Is An Example Of A Persuasive Thesis Statement

The persuasive thesis statement often consists of your position and views on the main topic. It is based on emotions and personal opinions. It also contains the reason why your opinion is true. Here will go through some of the persuasive thesis statement samples and the main topics:

  • Is a college education essential?

“A college education is not the apt choice for everyone because many graduates pass with a huge amount of student debt and not get so lucrative job opportunities.”

  • Do social media platforms create isolation?

College students who overuse social platforms may have interactive online lives, but in reality, they are more isolated than ever because they miss out on actual interaction with their friends.

  • Should guns be permitted on university campuses?

Guns should not be permitted on university campuses because of the likelihood of increased violence and criminal activity.

  • Do children benefit if everyone on the team receives a medal?

Handing out medals to everyone on a team has created a generation of children who feel entitled.

  • Does the school day start too early?

Starting the schools later will increase students’ attentiveness because they will get more sleep and be more alert and focused.

Which Is An Example Of A Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

The argumentative paper statement is based on reasons supported by logic. Here the writers put their opinions based upon facts and evidence. Let us go through some of the argumentative thesis samples:  

  • Should the minimum wage be increased?

The cost of living increases continuously; the minimum wage must be raised to help workers get out of poverty.

  • Should elementary schools teach cursive writing courses?

However, many elementary schools no longer teach cursive writing; it is still an essential form of communication that should be taught in schools.

  • Should vaccinations for children be made mandatory?

Vaccinations for children should be mandatory, as they are safe, reduce the risk of illness, and protect other people from contagious diseases.

  • Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?

Security cameras are a necessary aspect of society; strict regulations need to be mandated to maintain citizens’ rights to privacy.

  • Should citizens be allowed to keep exotic pets?

People should not be allowed to keep exotic pets, as it is unhealthy for the animal, dangerous for the owner, and dangerous for the community.

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The Final Words

We hope the thesis examples discussed here make you understand them more clearly. The thesis statement acts as a guiding point for both writer and reader. A good two sentences thesis provides a soul to the entire essay. Do you still struggle to understand what a thesis statement means or want to get professional help to write an entire paper for you? Eduessay.com is the leading writing center digital platform. It is equipped with Ph.D. writers having years of experience in writing customized essays and research papers. Contact them; they are just a few clicks away.