Essay writing and paper submission is the usual academic activity for school and college students. Most students focus on the composition of the essay and ignore the importance of the thesis statement. But you must know, many readers directly search the “thesis statement” to understand interpretation of the whole document in beginning. In simple words! If “essay is the body,” then “a thesis statement is its soul.”

That means the thesis statement provides you an opportunity to make your assignment more interesting for the tutors. With a good thesis statement, you can state the main idea of your writing assignment and present the main purpose of your paper. This will help you to keep the interest of tutors in your essays.

In another few minutes, you will understand every important aspect of the thesis. This will not only boost your entire assignment but make you shine in the class with improved grades. Let’s start with, the introduction of “What is a thesis sentence.”   

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What is a Thesis Statement

Composition class put much stress to support the thesis statement analysis, and the reason is apparent! It’s the summary of your written documents. The thesis statement offers insight into your essay topic to the readers and makes them notice what the essay is all about. It also reflects your opinion or judgment about the main topic.  

The proper thesis statement provides purposeful arguments, focus, and clarity to your entire paper. The thesis statement is placed after the introductory paragraph. The main reason to write the statement at the beginning of an essay, is to help readers understand the entire essay’s main idea.

The two main types of thesis words are – explanatory and argumentative. The explanatory thesis explains the subject to the readers. It doesn’t require your stance on the topic; the explanatory thesis is used in the expository and research essays.

The argumentative thesis statements are used in the essays, which require your opinion or stance on the subject. It may not be the factual statement but your claim to support the topic. It is the idea that may provoke opposition, and tutors might refute your claim.

The thesis statement is not always one sentence; the length depends upon the depth of the paper. Some essays may require more than one sentence in a clear and concise way. The shorter and to-the-point thesis statement makes the writer argue confidently and assertively. And you need to sound confident, especially in argumentative essays. Get more information on What is a Thesis Paper? Planning, Writing, and Formatting.  

What is the Purpose of a Thesis Statements

What is the Purpose of a Thesis Statements

The thesis statement in the essay body definitely holds an essential purpose. It makes your writing interesting, and offers road map to your writing. But, it’s not a statement of fact or analysis. It is used to persuade tutors to see things in your way, and sometimes it is just your opinion about the topic.

The prime purpose of the thesis statement is to generate interest in your topic and encourage readers to continue reading. Moreover, writing a thesis statement also helps you as a writer. You will understand this through the tips given below:

  • It narrows down the topic to the specific focus, so answer your search.
  • The thesis statement outline the content & establishes the direction of the entire writing.
  • Provides insight into the conclusion discussed in the paper.
  • Stated after the introduction or first paragraph to make the paper interesting.
  • It is used to take the stand & argue the discussion.

What is a Good Thesis Statement

Now you know the thesis statement definition, so it is imperative to discuss about developing a good thesis sentences. Here, we will understand how to create good thesis statements. While creating a thesis statement, you must have the following points in mind:

Tips to Create a Good Thesis Statement

Know the Topic: You must have a clear insight into the topic; if not, you can learn about it. It is always difficult to structure the thesis statement on a topic you don’t have clarity. Writing a personal experience and or conducting research will help you to understand the topic.

Limit Your Topic: Depending upon your knowledge of the topic and your paper’s length, limit the topic. A broader scope will be required for the long essays or dissertation, while you can narrow the scope for the shorter paper.

Brainstorm: If you find it challenging to write the thesis, note down all that comes to your mind on the piece of paper. This will help you to discover new ideas and make connections. You will also start to understand what is in a good thesis statement, and this way, you can create the statement.

Once you have created the thesis statement, you can further refine it. The best thesis statement has three main qualities – concise, contentious, and coherent. Everything you write in the thesis statement must be explained and supported in your essay. The thesis statement examples given below will give you further insight.

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Good Thesis Statement Examples

Here we are giving examples to discuss; both good and bad thesis statements to have a better understanding.

Example 1

Bad: It’s okay if everyone exercises, but why should I? When I am not forcing anyone to challenge exercising.

Good: It’s imperative to add exercise to your daily routine. It keeps you fit and also reduces the risk of high blood pressure. 

Example 2

Bad: High level of alcohol consumption bad for health and proper education must be provided on this.

Good: High-level of alcohol consumption always have detrimental effects on your health. It can increase heart and liver complications and result in weight gain.

Example 3

Bad: Reading can improve the child’s knowledge and analytical skills.

Good: Reading enhances brain skills, improving comprehension skills and vocabulary and letting them explore new words.

What is a Working Thesis Statement

What is a Working Thesis Statement

Many amateur writers put too much pressure on the thesis statement while writing an essay. No doubt thesis statement is an essential aspect of an essay. But avoid any kind of hindrance during the writing process and restrict your writing to the thesis statement. This is where the “working thesis” comes into play.

A working thesis simply means the “thesis statement” in progress during the writing process. Usually, the thesis statement is fully constructed only after writing the whole essay. A working thesis allows the writer to approach the topic with the thesis statement in mind. Many times the thesis is revised during the writing process to offer additional evidence.

The construction of a working thesis should start after deriving the topic and brainstorming on it. The working thesis should help and guide you in the writing process. The best aspect of a working thesis is that you can revise and disagree with it at any time to fulfill the essay requirements. So writer knows the thesis can be changed according to the additional topics if required.    

Tips to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

When you start writing the paper, you may not be having any specific idea. But once you are involved in the process, your ideas become more precise. Your working thesis may change to reflect new ideas, that you can revise. Below are qualities of the strong thesis statement that readers examine.

Takes Stand:

Your thesis must answer your conclusions about the subject. If you are writing on the fitness product, you may be asked to evaluate the better products between the two. That must reflect in your statement.  

Justify Discussion:

A strong thesis statement must indicate the point of your discussion in the paper. It helps the reader to understand in which direction you are going to put the discussion.

Expresses One Core Idea:

A strong thesis statement easily explains the one core idea of your paper. In case your thesis statement expresses more than one idea, readers may get confused.


A strong thesis statement precisely specifies what paper is all about and helps you keep the paper at a manageable topic.

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What is a Thesis Statement in an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays express an extended argument or a particular thesis statement. As a writer, you can take a clear position on the topic and build up an evidence-based case. These are one of the most common types of essays asked to write to university students.

That is why an argumentative thesis statement must present the topic of your assignment, your ideas or claim on the topic, and the logic behind taking the position.


Essay writing is common for school and university students. A good thesis statement clears the topic, support your stance, and readers can notice the coming discussions in your essay. It provides an interesting aspect to your paper like a poetry. At the same time, it also offers much help to you as a writer to take the stand and justify your claim with specific evidence that becomes challenging to disagree.