Schools and college students are often asked to write 500 word essay. A 500 word essay comes into the category of short essay writing. Students need to write 500 word essay to answer specific questions during scholarship applications.

Besides that, 500 word essay is a regular academic activity. Essay writing enhances the learning process. Moreover, it promotes critical thinking where students discuss the issues and offer an impressive conclusion. 

Students assess various arguments in 500 word essay pages. That helps them to come up with stronger arguments. Students learn to observe different perspectives and opinions. English essays in 500 words also improve writing skills. Some students also ask How many pages is 500 words. You can get the full details here.

500 word essay length is the best in both worlds. It is a longer than 250 word essay. So you have the perfect scope to express yourself. It’s a three-part paper where students describe their experience, object, or phenomenon.  

With the correct techniques and writing process, you can compose an engaging 500 word essay lenght. In this write-up, we learn essay writing skills. We will also go through 500-word essay topics, how to start writing, and much more.

Before moving to that, it’s imperative to explore 500 word essay more. So, here we go! 

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What is 500 Word Essay?

What is 500 Word Essay?
500 word essay is an essential piece of writing. As the name suggests, it is precise and short. Students enjoy writing the essay length and find it more appealing. Moreover, 500 word count is easy to complete. You don’t need to spare countless hours to finish your writing.

However, your ability to select the correct essay topic makes your academic paper more interesting. Some of the time topics are allotted to students. If not? It’s a better idea to select the best topic. The topic that is close to your heart.

Five hundred words can be one page single-spaced or two-page double-spaced academic writing. Writing a 500 word paper depends upon many factors. And, you must know there are several types of 500 word essay length. Depending upon the goal of your writing, you may be assigned with:
icon Argumentative 500 Word Essay
icon Analytical Essay
icon Critical Research Paper
icon Persuasive Essay
icon Narrative Essay
icon Scholarship Essay
icon Reflective Essay

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Usually, you have to explain a particular topic or idea in all of them. You need to create a 500 words content, but you can use a few more words.

However, that does not mean you take 1000 words to express all your ideas. It’s entirely a different type of paper. And it’s reserved for other purposes. 

 Understand how to write a 1000 word essay in detail. 

Besides that, 250 word essay type is also available. That doesn’t offer you enough room to cover all the ideas. Here you can only create generic content that may not appeal to more readers.

Your tutors are always excited when they assign you 500 word essay. That helps them judge your writing abilities and other skills. They analyze your critical thinking, opinion, and how well you know the topic. Get the best essay help now!

How To Write A 500 Word Essay? 

How To Write A 500 Word Essay?

Writing a 500 word perfect essay is almost like classical writing. It provides you scope to offer your main ideas with solid arguments. That supports your claims and connects readers with trendy topics.

That makes your entire essay exciting and engaging. Usually, custom essay writing contain three main parts. That includes an introduction, the body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraphs.

This complete guide will help you compose 500 word essay length easily. Your essay format has four significant aspects:

  1. Create Outline For Whole Essay
  2. Write a Strong Introduction Paragraph
  3. Compose Body Paragraphs
  4. Write An Impressive Conclusion Paragraph

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Let’s learn the detailed steps to create 500-word research papers, essays, descriptions, and more.

1. Create An Outline

Essay writers must create a rough outline. Then they can create a detailed outline to provide shape for a good essay. This will serve as the backbone of your 500 word essay.

The main idea behind creating an outline is to break down your thoughts in a structured and logical way. It helps you to present the essay aloud, clearer and interestingly. 

Once you are finished with the college paper outline! Write your 500 word essay in your own words. It will be based on your thorough research. Composing such an essay help, you avoid plagiarism.

2. Write a Strong Introduction With Thesis Statement

The opening sentence or strong introduction helps high school students to catch readers’ attention. It offers you an excellent opportunity to convince your readers to move beyond half-long content.

Your essay prompts readers to go through a detailed description in your 500 word essay. Start with a hook statement to introduce your main topic to make your introduction strong. That will instantly catch the reader’s attention about the entire content.

It is essential while writing college or scholarship essay. Always end your introductory paragraph with a catching thesis statement. 

A thesis statement is vital to explain your idea behind 500 word essay.

3. Compose The Body Paragraphs

Students wonder how many paragraphs to include in a 500 word essay length. Usually, three body paragraphs are enough to express an interesting topic. It is a point where you can explain the writer’s perspective.

Your body paragraph must contain the arguments from reliable sources. Below are the key points for 500 word essay writing with a perfect body paragraph:
icon Examine the main and critical arguments. Then express them with solid facts that support your opinion.
icon Express your unique idea with detailed information. Provide some good examples from reliable sources.
icon Ensure your every idea in the body paragraph is relevant and logical. Besides that, compose your 500 word essay writing with zero plagiarism.
icon It’s important to use transitions between body paragraphs and sentences. That helps readers to explore relations between your ideas.

4. Write An Impressive Conclusion

This is the last part of the 500 word essay. Here, you can summarize the main argument of your essay. Start by restating the thesis statement. Explain it with some strong arguments that you used in your essay.

Writing a conclusion is a challenging task. It must remind readers about the thesis, at the same time, should not wholly iterate the introduction. Here you can also provide critical insight into the main topic of the discussion.

Now you know how to compose a 500 word essay length. It’s time to learn some more aspects of the same. 

 In the meantime go through amazing read on How Many Pages is 500 Words!

How Long Will it Take To Write a 500 Word Essay?

How Long Will it Take To Write a 500 Word Essay?

Writing a 500 word essay takes about 12-13 minutes for the average writer typing on the keyboard. While if you write using pen and paper, it will take about twenty-five minutes.

However, if you need to create content that requires in-depth research, citations, links, and graphics. It may take about 1.7 hours to complete the essay. Usually, blog articles or high-school essay requires such things.

Recommended word count of the document is 500 words. However, you can write a few more words if necessary.

How many pages will it take to cover 500 word essay? Using single space with times new roman font two-word doc pages are enough. While using double spaces with the same structure, the 500 word essay writing will take three doc pages. 

Your writing speed also affects the time duration to complete an essay. Usually, adults type at 40 words per minute when casually typing. Similarly, writing in-depth essays or papers takes five words per minute. 

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500 Word Essay Vs. 250 Word Essay

500 Word Essay Vs. 250 Word Essay

While applying to major universities for professional degrees, students need to write 500 word essay. Five hundred words for scholarships offer more flexibility to the writer. At the same time, 250 words are too short of expressing everything.

Usually, writers summarize long-winded thoughts into bullet points with a shorter word count. Five hundred words offer more room to express your thoughts and opinion. However, 500 words are still short enough, as it usually does not require footnotes and citations.

500 Word Essay Vs. 1000+ Word Count Essay

500 Word Essay Vs. 1000+ Word Count Essay

One thousand words essay is another scholarship essay format. The longer word count requires you to provide citations and detailed references to support your claim. 1000+ words of the essay are also assigned to students in competitions. Where students need to create a fictional story.

The extra length offers extra room for creatively writing essays. However, it requires more time to put everything in the proper order. The best idea is to approach every essay with the same mentality. The essay length should not bother you.

Your goal must be to create content that clearly guides readers through your thoughts and opinions. You can adjust those thoughts based on the length of your essay. All-length essays have a beginning, middle, and end. Get the best College Essay Help!

Interesting 500 Word Essay Topics

Interesting 500 Word Essay Topics

Below are the best 500 essay topics you can select while writing for the common format assignment.
icon Describe your favorite trip in the recent past?
icon Is it possible to earn online?
icon Challenges for people with disabilities
icon How do we avoid problems on university campuses?
icon Is honesty a boon or bane?
icon What is abstract art, and how does it affects people?
icon What are the causes of racism?
icon Describe the best day of your life?
icon Why is your objective important in your life?
icon Describe your biggest failure and how you overcome it?

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Tips To Write 500 Word Essay To Improve Writing Skills

Tips To Write 500 Word Essay To Improve Writing Skills

Below, we provide some tips for to write 500 word essay to impress your readers.
1. Give yourself enough time to create 500 words. Two full days are enough to make an impressive essay. On the first day, you can create a draft and do some minor editing. On the next day, you can do the final edits.
2. If you have a chance to show your essay to your English tutors? Do that; their feedback will help you improve your writing.
3. Don’t focus on word count while writing. Get all your thoughts on the paper. Then you can extend or shorten it during editing.
4. In your first draft, if your thoughts are not in order. You can re-arrange them later. But make initial writing as smooth as possible.
5. Re-read the prompt several times before composing. No one wants to write an entirely off-topic essay. Always revise and proofread before submission.
6. Always think about your audience while creating a 500 word essay for scholarship. Understand the underlying information they want in your essay. Write in a way to present yourself as the best candidate for the scholarship.

Get the Best Help For Your 500 Word Essay Writing

Get the Best Help For Your 500 Word Essay Writing

Writing a 500 word essay is not an as simple task as it appears. Especially if you are composing an essay for scholarships. You need to follow the proper format and express all your thoughts within the 500-word limit.

It’s possible, that you may have gathered great ideas. You have done in-depth research. But, you won’t be able to get good grades if you cannot fit everything into the 500-word format.

Some students find it challenging to re-write initial drafts. And later face issues in the writing process and editing of the final draft.

If you don’t have time create a 500 word essay length. You can get our professional writing help. We staff native English professional writers. They have years of experience in writing every form of essay.

Our experts can create customized essays for you. We provide top-notch quality at affordable rates. Our writers are always ready to do multiple free revisions if required. We also provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality.

Our team of writers works with dedication to provide you with a plagiarism 500 word essay. We are available 24/7. Connect us for the free quotes. It’s time to submit an exciting essay to impress your readers.

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Creating a 500 word essay is a regular academic activity for school and college students. The short essay format is also used while applying for scholarships. We hope the tips provided here will improve your confidence in composing a 500-word paper. Writing your essay will take around twelve minutes if you are an average typist.

If you are busy with essential life activities? Visit the leading essay writing platform EduEssay. Here, we offer customized essay writing help. You need to mention your requirements. Our experts will write a quality essay for you. We are just a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take to write a 500 word essay?

As the name suggests, it’s a 500 word essay. Your paper should contain a minimum of 500 words. However, you can use a few more words if required. However, don’t make it too lengthy. 50-60 more words are enough for this format of essay writing. 

Q2. Do you provide help for writing a 1000+ word essay?

Yes! We staff experienced essay writers. They have a year of experience in creating customized essays of any length. We deliver more than thousands of 1000+ essays to U.S. students. Now submit your every essay within the due date.

Q3. How many pages is a 500-word essay?

Usually, a 500-word essay takes one page if it’s single-spaced. However, if you are writing with double-space, it will take around a page and a half. Always use the widely accepted font styles like Arial or Times New Roman.

Q4. Do you provide 500 word essay examples?

Yes! You can connect with our customer reps for more details. We have written many short essays in the past. Our representatives will send some of the examples to understand our quality better. Our customer reps are available 24/7. Contact them anytime. 

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