How many pages is 500 words essay is a common query among students. That’s why we have come up with an interesting short guide. Here, we will discuss every aspect of a 500 words essay.   

The 500 words essay belongs to the category of short essays. A 500-word essay is essential when applying for scholarships. Besides that, it is a regular academic activity in schools and universities. 

A 500-word essay is an interesting form of writing. The students with different academic levels deal with it. This short essay writing category enhances creative writing and polishing the writing process.

The students can compose such a short essay easily. But, they still have a few questions. The 500 words is how many pages? How many pages is 500 words single spaced? How many pages are 500 words double spaced? And, How many paragraphs is 500 words? 

Here we will answer all these queries so that you compose an engaging short essay. Let’s first dive deep to learn more about 500 words essay. 

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What Is The 500 Words Essay?

What Is The 500 Words Essay?

A 500 words essay is a short-length academic paper. It helps tutors to understand students’ perspectives on a specific topic. Such short essays are also known as a college entrance essay.

Students need to discuss identity and background knowledge and build logical structures. That help admission officer to know several factors about students.

Moreover, 500 words essays are assigned to high school and college students. That helps educators to know how students perform the whole writing process. Besides that, tutors can evaluate their knowledge about a specific topic.

The 500-word essay consists of only three main ideas. Which are – the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. These three sections are enough to provide a clear description of an event or thing. You can now get more facts on 500 Word Essay in this informative blog.

The 500 words essay is the easiest form of paper writing. At the same time, it has a few challenges also. Students need to cover every point discussed within the word counts. Also need to provide logical structures and come to a logical conclusion.

You need to present a detailed story using 500 words. The 500 words essay format is used in all popular academic writings:
icon Persuasive Essay
icon Descriptive Essay
icon Argumentative Essay
icon Expository Essay
icon Narrative Essay
The short essay doesn’t ask students to conduct additional research. Usually, they don’t need to provide references and citations in a 500-word paper. Now let’s understand how to format a 500-word essay?

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How To Format The 500 Words Essay?

How To Format The 500 Words Essay?

The format of a 500-word essay is simple. At the same time, it is similar to other types of essay formats. The only thing that confuses students is how many pages is 500 words? And, how many paragraphs is 500 words?

All these things make 500 word writing a bit challenging. As the word count of this essay is less, that means the paragraph’s length should also be less. Try to keep paragraph length within 75- 125 word count.

Include three-five sentences on 500-word count pages. That means constructing sentences in such a way that demonstrates the main ideas properly with valid arguments.

The standard organization pattern of 500 words essay has the following components:

1. Introduction

Your introductory paragraph should build the readers’ interest. It presents a brief overview of your short essay. Provide a detailed thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraphs.

It provided the background information about your essay’s main topic. The introduction also helps you to explain why you choose a particular topic.

You can also include a hook statement in your essay. It’s usually a famous quote, verse, or phrase. It is often used as an opening statement of the 500 words essay.

2. Body Paragraphs

When you complete the introduction, the body of the essay starts. The paper’s body helps you discuss the essential points. Thinking about how many paragraphs to include in a body? Include four-six body paragraphs in your shorter version.

However, try to make it a habit that your essay consists same five paragraphs. Your paragraphs should discuss key elements and conclude in a logical sense.

You can start your body paragraphs with a topic sentence. This sentence acts as an introduction to several paragraphs.

Moreover, each paragraph should end with a transition statement. That shows the connection between the upcoming part.

Make your body paragraphs meaningful, interesting, and still remain comprehensive.

3. Conclusion

Conclusion aims to preset the brief summary of the entire essay. Your professors judge your writing skills by evaluating how you conclude the paper.

Writing the conclusion is the tricky part of essay writing. A good conclusion logically summarizes all important points. Also, repeat the thesis statement in conclusion.

Your conclusion should offer a sense of closure and completion to the readers. If you are searching for someone to Write My Essay? Contact us!

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Essay?

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Essay?

Now we have come to our main query. 500 words is how many pages? 500 words count takes one page single-spaced and two pages double-spaced.

The 500 count words essay is assigned to school and college students. It is also used for blogs, news articles, and informational papers.

500 words essay is also used for scholarships and personal college essay. Here author’s primary task is to convince the admission officer that you are the best candidate for admission.

It roughly takes two minutes to read such a short text. 500-word count will create one page with single spacing or two pages with double spacing.

Where you are using standard 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Arial font and standard A4 paper size. However, the number of pages may vary depending upon margins, font type, font size, paragraph spacing, spacing elements, etc.

Utilizing Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman font, means the page count will create 0.9 pages. So, now you know roughly how many pages is 500 words. 

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How Many Pages Is 500 Words Single Spaced?

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Single Spaced?

A regular essay of 500 words single-spaced will take 1 page. The standard single-spaced page contains 500 words. 

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Double-Spaced?

500 words double-spaced essay is 2 pages. Your tutors may assign you to compose an essay of 500-word counts using double spacing. The specific word count with double spacing is easier to read and provides feedback. The standard double-spaced page contains 250 words.

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Handwritten?

500 words handwritten essay with single-spaced make 2 pages. Usually, handwriting is twice as large as words typed in 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman.

That’s why single-spaced handwritten essay pages are equal to double-spaced pages.

How Many Paragraphs Is 500 Words?

How Many Paragraphs Is 500 Words?

You can create 2.5-5 paragraphs for a 500 words essay. However, 5-10 paragraphs will be easier to read. The length of the paragraph is usually 100-200 words. That means 5-6 sentences in every paragraph.

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How Many Sentences Is 500 Words? 

About 24-25 sentences cover a 500 words essay. Usually, every sentence contains 10-15 words. You can fit 500 words on one page when single-spaced. Similarly, 250 words when double spaced and a half pages when single-spaced.

If you are thinking, how many pages are 500 words written? A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words. And a half-page includes 250 words.

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Which Font Produces More Pages?

Which Font Produces More Pages?

If you consider all the standard fonts, Verdana will create most pages. With Verdana, you can make 1.1 pages on average. Similarly, Arial will create 1 page. Times New Roman and Calibri will create 0.9 pages in M.S. Word or Google Docs.

However, these are just rough estimates. If you want to write fewer words in about an hour, use Verdana or Arial.

It’s best to use Arial to follow all the rules. Unless your tutor has provided different guidelines for spacing and fonts.

How Long Does a 500 Word Essay Usually Take?

It takes about 12.5 minutes for the average writer to write a 500 words essay. When the writer is typing on the keyboard with 40 words per minute. The writer must focus on typing and not be affected by external factors.

How Does 500 Words On a Page Look Like?

You write the 500 words on a page using single or double spacing. The font size and type won’t create a new word count.

If you use word processors or Google Docs, the 500 words will cover the same number of pages.

Pages By Word Count
Pages By Word Count
Here we have given the handy table to know how many pages a specific word count will create. It also shows the spacing and font size.

Word Count Page Single Spaced Page Double Spaced Font Size
250 Words 1/2 Page 1 Page 12 Point
300 Words 2/3 Page 1 1/3 Page 12 Point
400 Words 4/5 Page 1 3/5 Page 12 Point
500 Words 1 Page 2 Pages 12 Point
600 Words 1 1/3 Page 2 2/3 Pages 12 Point
750 Words 1 1/2 Page 3 Pages 12 Point
800 Words 1 3/5 Page 3 1/5 Pages 12 Point
1000 Words 2 Pages 4 Pages 12 Point
1200 Words 2 2/5 Pages 4 4/5 Pages 12 Point
1500 Words 3 Pages 6 Pages 12 Point
2000 Words 4 Pages 8 Pages 12 Point
2500 Words 5 Pages 10 Pages 12 Point
3000 Words 6 Pages 12 Pages 12 Point
3500 Words 7 Pages 14 Pages 12 Point
4000 Words 8 Pages 16 Pages 12 Point
5000 Words 10 Pages 20 Pages 12 Point
6000 Words 12 Pages 24 Pages 12 Point
7500 Words 15 Pages 30 Pages 12 Point
8000 Words 16 Pages 32 Pages 12 Point
1000 Words 20 Pages 40 Pages 12 Point

That means it takes about one page to write 500 words and ten pages to write 2500 words. When you are using a single space. It also answers, approximately how many pages is 500 words?

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How To Write An Impressive 500 Word Essay

How To Write An Impressive 500 Word Essay

Now, you know how many pages is 500 words essay. Writing a 500-word research paper is a common assignment task for students. The students need to present personal relations, cultural beliefs, and much more in these essays.

However, some students find it a bit confusing to compose short essays. These writing tips will help improve your every other essay.  

1. Read The Instructions Carefully

Don’t be in a hurry just after reading the topic. Spend some time to read all the instructions carefully. Don’t miss any details. Otherwise, it may cost you a grade or scholarship.

2. Choose The Topic

Choose the topic seriously. The one that excites you and is close to your heart. Remember you have to cover the topic using 500 words. Don’t select the topic that demands several pages of writing. Also, make sure the topic is relevant, trendy, and enjoyable.

3. Provide Thesis Statement and Create an Outline

Create a thesis statement that will express the main idea of your essay. Your thesis will also help you to focus on your writing. Also, draft an outline of your essay that includes the main points of your essay.

4. Start Writing Your Essay

You already know the format of 500 words essay we have given above. Structure your essay accordingly. Also, create an exciting title for your essay. Make sure your body paragraphs are of equal length to offer readability.

How to Start a 500 Word Essay?

You can use philosophical quotes to start the short essay. It is the best idea if you are writing for a college scholarship. Provide relevant examples and logical arguments in the body of your essay.

Edit and Proofread

Always spare some time to re-check your essay for spelling and grammar errors. It’s always best to re-read your article a couple of times before submissions. We offer Custom Essay Writing services if you need more help.


We have covered how many pages is 500 words. Besides that, we have explored every important aspect of 500 words essay. Contact our expert if you have more help with about 500 essays and academic papers. We help U.S. students to write customized essays for improved grades. Now submit your essays to impress your readers.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many words will one-page cover?

Using M.S. word, 500 words with single spacing will cover the one page. However, you can write 250 words with double spacing on one page.

Q2. What are single-spaced and double-spaced formatting?

The word processors like M.S. Word and Google docs come with spacing between the line options. You can use single space or double according to the essay guidelines.

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