Essay writing is an integral part of academic life for every student. Essay writing is always a task that everyone has to complete throughout student life, either for a school student or a college student. There are a variety of essays that a student has to try their hands on. One such essay type is an argumentative essay. 

However, it can be challenging for many students to write an essay correctly, whether persuasive, argumentative, or descriptive, or Harvard Outline

The skill of writing does not come easily to everybody, but essay writing is a must-have skill for everybody. If you are going to write an argumentative essay, you might as well write it impressively to gain a good score. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. 

We will assist you in creating an excellent argumentative essay outline to make your essay writing process easy. 

We will discover the best and free ways to write an excellent argumentative essay outline with the help of some argumentative essay outline examples. 

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What Is An Argumentative Essay Outline?

Before getting to the practical ‘how to’ part, let us begin with the basics and understand the meaning of the argumentative essay outline. 

As the name suggests, argumentative essay writing is a piece of writing or a style of essay writing which argues or presents a particular firm stance on a topic. 

An argumentative essay outline aims to persuade the reader and make them understand and agree and support the writer’s point. It is supported by a strong thesis statement, supporting evidence from credible sources. Now do not confuse argumentative essays with persuasive essays as a persuasive essay aims to persuade the reader towards one particular point. 

However, an argumentative essay is more informative. It presents different arguments and stances to the reader. 

Also, you must know the perfect way to write a reflective essay. Thai blog will provide all the guides for it.

Another essential feature of argumentative writing is that the author may also present two or more arguments related to the topic. 

The two points can be opposing arguments giving two different stances or opposing side. 

The author here aims to make the readers question themselves and argue about the topic in their head by providing counter-argument/counter arguments to the main points from the opposite side. 

In academic writing, students are assigned to write argumentative essays to test their skills and ability to debate, which can significantly enhance their ability to public speaking and rationally judge any instance. 

How To Create An Outline For An Argumentative Essay?

How To Create An Outline For An Argumentative Essay?

You must already be introduced to the term essay outline. But if you don’t, no need to worry. We are here to help you out.

An outline is a rough draft for any essay, which is prepared before creating the final draft. It contains all the necessary key points about the subject, which the author finally explain in the final draft.

The outline guides the writer about which the main point should go where to avoid confusion and chaos. 

Now, if we talk about an argumentative essay outline, the meaning and working of an outline remain the same. 

But, the content changes as per the requirements of an argumentative essay. Besides, an argumentative essay outline helps present all the essential points and arguments. 

A strong and bold outline for an argumentative essay should include an introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and conclusion. It is the basic outline structure that is followed in any essay writing.

However, another important factor that produces a perfect argumentative essay is argumentative essay topic. Choosing good argumentative essay topics is vital for writing a good and impressive argumentative essay.

But how to write an argumentative essay outline? The standard structure followed to frame an argumentative essay outline include-

Argumentative Essay Introduction

An introduction is a face or first paragraph of the essay. It is an essential part of an argumentative essay outline as it determines the reader’s will to keep on with the essay. 

In an argumentative essay outline, the introduction paragraph introduces the reader to the topic, subject, and main argument. The introduction part also consists of brief background information about the selected argumentative essay. 

For example, in the introduction paragraph for an outline for an argumentative essay about capitalism and socialism, the writer will give brief information to the reader about the two concepts, along with the thesis and main argument. 

If you want to write a good introduction for an argumentative essay outline, there are three crucial elements that you should include in your argumentative essay introduction outline

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1. Hook: 

A hook can be described as the opening statement for the essay, which grabs the reader’s attention and allows them to determine whether they want to keep reading the essay. As the name suggests, a hook is about impressing the reader and keeping them hooked to the idea or the essay. A hook may be any quotation, anecdote, sarcasm or satire, data-based facts, etc. 

2. Brief Background Information:

The introductory paragraphs of the argumentative essay outline describe the topic to the reader by giving brief background information about the subject. It answers common questions about the subject, such as the issue, why the case is essential or prevalent, and why it needs to be discussed. 

3. Thesis Statement: 

The placement of the thesis statement is debatable as some include their thesis in the introduction. In contrast, others keep their argumentative essay thesis outline separately, giving a separate section to the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a basic argument or the focal point of the essay. 

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Argumentative Essay Body Paragraphs

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In an argumentative essay outline, an introduction is followed by body paragraphs, consisting of a detailed view of the argument and the entire subject. The argumentative essay body paragraphs present the writer’s point of view, which is done by providing evidence in the form of data, facts, cases, quotations, and research to support the information presented. 

The first thing that the body paragraphs describe to the reader is the purpose of the essay. In this part, writers have to expand their view about their main argument regarding their topic sentence or a particular issue. 

The main argument and the opposing argument both go in the body paragraphs. 

This section of the argumentative essay outline also includes all the robust evidence, facts, data, and survey by concerned authorities, research-based findings, and every other adequate proof which give strong support to your argument.

It is also important to consider throughout the writing process that there is zero plagiarism in your essay. 

However, an essential point that a writer or students should apply while writing argumentative essay body paragraphs is to make a claim.

A claim is the core argument of your essay, which gives the base to your writing. Strong claims can help you enhance the quality of your argumentative essay outline.

Also, try to keep your language not too formal. Make your essay sound like native English professional writers have written it. You can give different body paragraphs for different arguments. 

The body consists of short body paragraphs, which may resemble a short essay. But do you know how many paragraphs a short essay must have? 

A short essay usually consists of 4-5 paragraphs. However, the number of body paragraphs for argumentative essay outline may differ as per the topic and the word limit provided to the students. 

Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The last part of any essay is the conclusion, which sums up the entire essay in brief. The concluding paragraph in an argumentative essay outline plays an important role and needs to be appropriately framed. 

Why so? In an argumentative essay, you may provide multiple arguments, which may lead to different findings.

Hence, it becomes essential to properly include all the aspects of your essay, which provides for arguments and findings, in conclusion precisely.

Other than that, a reasonable conclusion gives a suggested course of action related to the topic. It describes what should be done about the topic. 

In short, a conclusion in the argumentative essay outline restates your thesis statement, summarizes the basic arguments, and recommends a course of action that people or authorities, or concerned bodies should take.

Make sure to keep the conclusion precise and brief to maintain the quality and give the reader a satisfactory ending to your essay. 

You can also add a rhetorical question in the last sentence of your conclusion to provide the reader with something to think about.

An argumentative essay outline primarily consists of these three elements, which guide or give structure to the entire argumentative essay. 

However, to better understand the argumentative essay outline, you can also take the help of templates. 

The argumentative essay outline template is available on the web. Also, it would be best if you practiced writing on the argumentative essay outline worksheet. Moreover, there are many essay outline pdf, which can be found online.

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When To Use An Outline To Answer An Argumentative Essay?

When To Use An Outline To Answer An Argumentative Essay?

As we established earlier, every student has to learn essay writing skills as it will be a task for them every year. 

Writing paper and essays is not going to leave even after high school. To get into major universities for graduate and professional degrees, you will be required to submit an essay. 

And it still does not end there. Essay writing will haunt college students as well. However, do not look at it negatively. Essay writing skill is one of those that every student and individual should learn. Besides, we can make it easy for you with this guide to write an argumentative essay outline. 

Now that we have understood what a simple argumentative essay outline looks like, let’s discuss when an argumentative essay outline is used. 

An outline is recommended to be used in every kind of essay, be it lengthy or short, descriptive, persuasive, or argumentative. However, it becomes significantly important to put an outline into use when writing an argumentative essay. 

As a writer, you should use an argumentative essay outline before you start writing the final draft. Create an argumentative essay outline while you are researching your topic. 

There is a plethora of information available on the web, and you obviously cannot include everything in your essay. It is where an argumentative essay outline comes into use, as when you come across the points or topics that are relevant for your essay, you must note them down in your outline. 

You can also create the outline as per the topic of the essay. If you think that your topic is easy and have personal knowledge of the subject, you may go ahead without an argumentative essay outline. 

However, it would be best to outline when the topic of the essay is complicated, controversial, technical, or challenging. For example, Does Religion Cause War Argumentative Essay Outline, or Are Cell Phones Dangerous Argumentative Essay Outline or Employment Benefits for Public Workers

Although the structure of an outline remains the same, the content and weightage may differ for different levels.

Nonetheless, an argumentative essay outline should be prepared by students for all types of essay writing. Be it a middle school argumentative essay outline or a high school argumentative essay outline; an essay outline is a must for all. 

On the other hand, to hold graduate degree in hand, a college student should use a college argumentative essay outline, as it carries more weightage in shaping your future. 

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Writing an argumentative essay can be challenging for many, especially new students. But, it is going to be an integral part of a student’s entire academic life. Essay writing plays a vital role in achieving good grades that directly impact the final score, which eventually paves the way for a student to get into the best universities. 

Therefore, to excel in academics and shape a promising future, the skill of essay writing is a must.

An argumentative essay outline will significantly help you make the entire process easier.

With the help of a solid argumentative essay outline, you can always impress your reader, be it your examiner or the college panel. 

It leaves no scope for the mistake, and you can avoid any chaos or mess from your final draft, ensuring just good grades.

As you have until now successfully understood the importance of an argumentative essay outline, it’s time for you to apply this method. 

Create an excellent and impressive argumentative essay with the help of an argumentative essay outline.