It’s challenging for students to select interesting argumentative essay topics. And you are the one struggling with the essay topic. No worries now! You are on the right platform. Argumentative essay writing is a usual academic activity. Middle and high school students are always familiar with it. Even controversial argumentative essay topics for college are part of their curriculum. It’s a part of their regular academic assignments to create argumentative essay ideas. Here, you will get the best and interesting argumentative essay topic ideas. That’s the only way to impress your readers and improve your academic grades.

Then another challenge is the writing process involved with argumentative essays? It requires a lot many things, treat them as scientific journals and pay attention. Researching the topic to collect the relevant information. Analyzing evidence and establishing your point of view. However, the genre of an argumentative essay is similar to the expository essay.  But, a lot of pre-writing study and research requires composing an argumentative essay. Moreover, students need to support their views with precise arguments.

Argumentative essays help teachers analyze the students’ understanding of a particular subject. While it allows students to gain a better understanding of the subject. The complexity of the argumentative essay topics increases with students’ level in educational institutions. High school students manage more complex topics than essay topics for middle-school students. That is Obvious!

As we promised! We will suggest 150 argumentative essay topics ideas here. That will surely impress your teachers and readers. But, before moving to that! Let’s understand some other aspects of argumentative essay writing.

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How Do You Start An Argumentative Essay?

The structure of your essay should be clear and precise. The readers should find the content easy to understand. Also ably navigate the entire essay smoothly. The heading should be powerful and engaging that speak emotions. Let’s discuss this in detail in the upcoming sections. Your main objective should be to put all your points precisely. That follows proper reasoning and pieces of evidence.  

Make a rough outline of your essay that comes to your mind. Note down all the essential points and think of compelling topics. It will help you have a smooth approach when you finally start writing your essay. That allows you to provide engaging content to your readers. Always remember! Use small and clear sentences while composing an essay. Each sentence should be meaningful with strong reasoning.

Remember the argumentative essay’s main purpose. It should provide your exact stance on the particular issue or subject. The evidence you provide must support your reasons. That powerfully clears your points to the readers. Now comes the structure of the essay. A good argumentative essay should have the following structure:

1. Introduction: Your introductory paragraph(s) should provide the outline and objective of your essay. Here you can also provide information like – Why you selected the particular topic? How are you going to deal with the topic in your essay? What is the importance of the topic? That helps readers understand the background information of the topic. Also, discuss the arguments and evidence you are giving to support your thesis.

2. The Thesis Statement: This can be one sentence or paragraph to summarize your claim. You may use the topic sentence in the thesis statement. 

3. Body Paragraphs: Usually the argumentative essays have three to five paragraphs. That explains your essay or thesis. These paragraphs help you discuss the main topic by providing your ideas and arguments based on reasoning with evidence. Provide three to four pieces of evidence in each section. This way, you can strongly support your opinions.

Back up your ideas with graphs, charts, examples, research, and studies, etc. Use any such tool that helps you to put your point more precisely. These paragraphs also allow you to discuss the opposite argument(s). And why do you disagree with them? This will help readers to analyze and understand the topic from every angle. Of course, it will increase your credibility.        

4. Conclusion: This is the last paragraph(s) of your essay. Here you can summarize all your arguments supporting the topic. Make the conclusion more effective, and avoid providing more evidence here. Just try to appeal to the readers’ emotions. Provide some personal anecdotes that explain why the topic is near to your heart.

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Tips To Write A Topic Sentence For An Argumentative Essay?   

Tips To Write a Topic Sentence For an Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay topic sentence of your essay is the most important part. It helps readers to grab the main idea of your essay. The topic sentence should be clear and focused. The arguable claim in the topic sentence must be appealing. Use powerful, and emotional words or phrases in the arguable thesis statement. Some writers include topic sentences into the thesis statement. That helps them to provide more sense of coherence.

It does not matter how good your essay is? How efficiently did you research the essay? If your essay topic is not appropriately structured, the readers may lose interest in the entire essay.

Most often, argumentative essay topics are provided to students. That saves their time but restricts them to a specific topic. The assigned topic may appeal to them or make things more worse. It’s just a matter of luck. That’s the reason few students like to handle assigned topics. They find them more comfortable and passionate.

If you are good at sports argumentative essay topics go for it. The only thing students need to understand is? Ways to construct a topic sentence for an argumentative essay. Here is how to write a topic sentence for an argumentative essay:

Use Clear Words and Phrases: The topic sentence should convey the essay idea instantly. That will surely appeal to readers. Avoid making the topic sentence more complex and confusing. The topic should cover the whole essay idea or subject.  Also, cover the entire concept clearly and precisely. 

Never Make It Too Long or Too Short: The topic sentence should be long enough to cover the whole subject idea. Also, short enough to provide readability. Avoid using the too short or too long topic sentence. Use creativity to give soul to your sentence topic.

Avoid Negative Words: Never use any negative words or phrases. It may impact your readers’ feelings. An essay topic sentence with positive words attracts more readers. Also, avoid negative words or phrases in the body of your essay.  

Use Interesting & Appealing Words and Phrases: The essay topic sentence establishes the first connection with your readers. Make it appealing by using powerful words or phrases. Attract your readers with innovative and creative topics.

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What Is A Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

An argumentative essay requires an interesting topic. If the essay topic assigned to you? Some of the work is already done. But usually, you need to select the argumentative essay topics. That may consume your time and energy. However, it provides you the liberty to choose the topic near your heart. This way, you can write an effective essay on your choice of subject. Restrain from selecting a boring topic, try to compose an appealing argumentative topic.

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The argumentative essay topics help students to understand the subject matter. But for most of the students, it’s a challenging task. They are always confused about selecting a good topic. But as we promised! Now it’s time to go through the best and interesting argumentative essay topics for students. Here we go:

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Easy Argumentative Essay Topics  

  • Why do students need to wear school uniforms?
  • Why are pets not allowed in my school?
  • Should we start growing our vegetables?
  • Why are gym classes not held regularly?
  • Why is smoking not banned?
  • Can students select their teachers?
  • Why do students need to complete homework?   
  • Why are kids not allowed to use social media?   
  • Why are kids not allowed to watch TV alone?
  • How is global warming affecting the world?
  • Can technology replace human workers?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why is same-sex marriage not legal in the United States?
  • How was the feminist movement impacted the world?
  • What are the effects of corruption?
  • Why physical education is part of school?
  • Why is hunting not banned worldwide?
  • Why are same-sex marriages considered taboo in society?
  • How technology is impacting physical health?
  • Student-athletes be given more facilities in schools?
  • Why every country is having its official language for working?
  • Why people do smuggling of exotic animals?
  • Why supreme court justices are usually controversial?
  • Why the minimum wage is important for workers?
  • Why art education should be made mandatory in schools?
  • Why co-education is important?
  • Why do middle schoolers hate argumentative essay writing? 
  • What is the difference between communalism and capitalism?
  • Why is human cloning banned?
  • Should willful abortion be allowed?
  • Why is workplace dating not allowed?
  • Should refugees were given shelter by every nation?
  • Vegetarian food or non-vegan, which is better?
  • How online dating affects traditional romance?
  • How does chocolate improve mood swings?
  • Is it right to eat meat?
  • Why are mothers naturally better parents?
  • Why are politicians usually corrupt?
  • Who is more intelligent, girls or boys?
  • Why do parents control the internet of mid-level students?
  • Are human beings responsible for climate change?
  • Why should kids not be allowed to perform chores?
  • How does using LEDs affect society?
  • How are vegetarian people helping nature?
  • Why are teenage marriages illegal?
  • How is social media affecting our the society?

Good Easy Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

  • Why is the production of tobacco not banned?
  • Why smoking in public not allowed?
  • Should the US government control alcohol consumption?
  • Should alcoholic beverages be banned after 11 PM?
  • Why can drinking energetic drinks be harmful?
  • Why is court proceedings not broadcasted on television?
  • What is the most suitable age for voting?
  • Is there any age to start drinking and smoking?
  • Do we observe justice around the world?
  • How 19th-century industrial revolution in Europe affect the world?
  • Should illegal migrants be given similar education rights?
  • Should college education be made free for all
  • Are skinny models really giving a healthy image?
  • Why is sexual abuse not ending worldwide?
  • Is cheerleading a fun activity?
  • Do we need censorship for OTT platforms?
  • Do animals understand your emotions?
  • Why are minorities fearful in all nations?
  • Why does our society need an old age home?
  • Are courts really serving justice?
  • Was the industrial revolution was boon or a curse for laborers?
  • How civil war changed social trends?
  • Why animal testing should be banned?
  • Why is littering not a crime?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What should be the right drinking age?
  • Why do people not pet wild animals?
  • How is the educational system impacting society?
  • How college degree help to pursue a better occupation?
  • Why standardized tests should be banned?
  • Why emotional support is crucial for kids’ upbringing?
  • There should be universal basic income globally for the same profession?
  • How humans are responsible for global climate change?
  • Why is art education important?
  • Why do professional athletes need a high protein diet?
  • Should illegal immigrants be given free education?
  • Should the death sentence be abolished worldwide?
  • Why does middle school prefer violent video games?
  • Why is voting important?
  • Should high-earning people pay more taxes?
  • What is GMO food?
  • Is our education system preparing us for practical life properly?
  • Why is space exploration critical?
  • Why #MeToo movement important?
  • What is the importance of single-sex education?
  • Why is politics biased with religion?
  • Should a gun license be controlled in the United States?

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Have US elections always been fair?
  • The death penalty is really effective for criminals?
  • Can we replace soldiers with technology on the battlefield?
  • How is terrorism affecting the world?
  • Is religion responsible for the war between two nations?
  • Should women allow to abort if she does not have enough resources to raise kids?
  • Do physical activities really help us relax?
  • What are the ways to improve the education system?
  • Should sports classes be made compulsory for every student
  • What are the pros and cons of technological advancement?
  • How is technology affecting our daily life?
  • Which socio-economic movement is the father of the modern era?
  • Why are Americans getting fat every year? Is Fast food responsible?
  • Why do parents need to be strict with their kids?
  • How are smartphones affecting our health?
  • Why do parents limit screen time for their kids?
  • Why grades should not be considered which analyzing academic performance?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Education

  • Why do students need to write an argumentative essay?
  • Why are parents’ roles important in their kid’s education?
  • Why is the grading system not a suitable mechanism to judge students’ abilities?
  • Why is a standardized test not banned in school education?
  • Why do students wear uniforms in high school?
  • How has technology affected the education system?
  • Which is better single-sex or mixed class?
  • Should all the students be given foreign language classes?
  • Should all the students know computer programming?    
  • Why sex education be made compulsory in high school?
  • Should schools conduct drug-test on their students?
  • Why should girls be motivated to participate in sports?
  • What is the importance of a uniform language worldwide?
  • Why must students learn to work smart to excel in their studies?
  • Why is hard work not consistently effective in a student’s life?
  • How to enhance the education system for the betterment of students in the US?
  • Is the school dress code sexist?
  • Why do schools start early in the morning?
  • Should schools start at noon?
  • Why is homework necessary?
  • What is the importance of standardized exams in schools?
  • Should schools follow the voucher system for their students?
  • What is the importance of physical training in school?
  • Why teachers usually don’t accept late work?
  • Should schools give free internet access to students?
  • Is technology limiting the creative thinking of students?
  • Should Mobile phones be allowed in school?

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  • How did European colonization impact the US citizens?
  • How did the role of women impact the revolutionary movement?
  • Which factors initiated the US revolution?
  • How are 21st century US policies making a global impact?
  • How are cell phones affecting the human race?
  • How is spyware violating the privacy of users?
  • Importance of millennials in the 21st century?
  • How is technology making the human race lazy?
  • Do social media profiles affect the hiring process? 
  • Why should kids not be given smartphones?
  • How is technology affecting the efficiency of humans?
  • How is technological advancement affecting the field of psychology?
  • Do our future relies on self-driven cars and automobiles?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of technological advancements?
  • Should paternal leave be given to male workers?
  • Does age play a crucial role in marriages?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why do beauty magazines provide pictures after photoshopping models?
  • Should one accept torture in any situation?
  • How is down syndrome affecting the social health of a person?
  • Why do giving equal rights to citizens help nations’ advancements?
  • What is the effect of homosexuality on society?
  • How can you justify testing beauty products on animals?
  • Should education be made free for every citizen?
  • Why university degree important worldwide?
  • Should internet access be made free?
  • Impact of modern education on the grading system?
  • Is capitalism really helping modern society?
  • Is tourist tax really saving our traditional and cultural heritages?
  • Should kindergartens provide foreign language lessons?
  • Why are animals used for modern research not banned?
  • Do physical attributes really play a crucial role in one’s occupation?
  • Is it true that women perform much better than males in official work?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is cheerleading is viable career choice?
  • Can panda hugging be considered a serious occupation?
  • Do negative PR really make celebrities successful?
  • Does the Bermuda Triangle really exist?
  • Is it reasonable to lie to your children about Santa Cruz?
  • How feminist movement help males?
  • What are ways to annoy teachers?
  • Do organic food really exist?
  • How to convince your roommate that you are moving out?   
  • How to convince your spouse that you need a divorce?
  • Why do fans have the right to judge players after losing matches?
  • How can one achieve social promotion?
  • Why should kids never start dieting?
  • Should tattoos be considered as the traditional art form? 

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Argumentative essay topics are a common part of academic life. Some students find it tough to devise essay topics, while for some, it’s easy. Even there are many topics for argumentative essay college. In short, composing an argumentative essay is an integral part of a student’s academic life. It helps students to think logically and enhance their research skills. Some of the argumentative essay topics are innovative, while some raise social issues. Students write so many essays in their school life that help them enhance their all-around abilities.

We have played our role by suggesting the best essay topics. Now it’s your turn to select suitable topics. If you are searching a professional essay writer. is one of the best professional essay writing service. This online platform will deliver you with a high-quality argumentative paper.

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