What does it take to be successful in college? “Intelligence” is a general response. People think that if you are clever enough, you will succeed in college, and if you are not, you will fail.

In reality, “intelligence” is a significant factor in college success. Of course, we all know that Study abilities, such as how you study, what you do in and out of the classroom, and how you manage your time, are essential.

But besides that, having skills to handle the college administration smartly is also necessary. Students ought to be skillful throughout their academic career, beginning with the college application essay and ending with the certificate in the last year.

What would they say if a student gets asked what the most crucial aspect in college or university is? Will it be the assignments or the test scores? Or will it be the GPA or the class rank? Someone might wonder if they can count extracurricular activities on the list. The fact is everything is crucial for any learner. But, no matter what their answer is, impressing the admissions officers is necessary for every aspect. And it begins with the admissions process.

Believe it or not, the college administrators assess the student in several ways. And here, the student’s application for anything is one such thing that college officials don’t compromise besides a college essay.

Yes, it is undeniable that they evaluate your writing process carefully, whether you are writing a college application essay or leaving an application. Have you ever wondered why does the student has to write the college admissions essay? Does it have more importance than a college essay?

It is worth mentioning that you will find several blogs or articles on how to write the application to college counselor in the college admissions process. But hardly any blog will give you an idea of its importance to your academic career.

But, here, let’s say that this blog will be an ultimate guide to you on this topic. I can affirm that reading this article will clear all your queries. 

Also, it will make you a pro in writing the best college application essays. Let’s make a list here in the below passage about what students will find in this blog. 

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The blog will cover the following questions:

  • Why is application necessary?
  • What is a college application essay?
  • What is the significance of a college application essay during admission?
  • Why is an application essay crucial for admission officers?
  • How long should be a college application essay?
  • How to write college application essays?
  • What are the tips to follow while writing the application essays?
  • Can you use the same essays for different college applications?
  • What is more significant— college application essays or college essays?
  • Do you need to give a college application essay title?
  • Is it too hard to write the application essays?
  • Will it be a good idea to hire an expert?
  • What are the benefits of hiring experts?

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Why is application necessary?

The application plays a vital role in people’s life. From the school days to apply for a job, the application is necessary from time to time. The term ‘application’ might vary depending on the field’s requirements. It’s a combination of a cover letter, a sales letter, and a marketing tool.

In general, an application gets addressed as per the requirements of the field. Let’s follow examples in the below passage.

In general, an application gets addressed as per the requirements of the field. Let’s follow examples in the below passage.


  1. In school or college, we frequently write an application to the administration; for taking leave, missing project submission deadlines, etc. With the application to the management, the student explains their reason, and if necessary, they also urge their requests. 

People can relate to this example as we’ve all written an application to our high school principal at some point.

  1. Writing an application to the recruiter is another example we all can relate to here. From now and then, we often write an application to apply for a job, where we cover our academic and professional details to let HR knows our qualification.

I think the mentioned examples will be enough to understand how the application differs as per the requirements. Follow the blog here to learn the opinion essay topics ideas to score good grades.

What are college application essays?

It is a fact that many students are unaware of the term ‘application essays.’ After hearing the term, several people wonder does the application need to cover with essays. No, it is not. 

A college application essay is a piece of writing that you write to the admissions officers following after the student gets admitted to the college. It allows students to personalize their college admissions essay in a way other than grades and test scores. 

The average length of application college essays is 500 words. 

Within these word limits, students need to mention their other qualities and strength besides their test scores. It is worth noting that those words might signify the difference between admission and rejection of a student. The college admissions officers often examine how students write the application, following all the guidelines.

The college admissions essay can also be one of the most stressful aspects of the admissions process. It happens that students will spend days researching and writing their applications, but the admissions officer will only read the letter for a few minutes, so you need to grab their interest right away. 

Don’t worry, we will learn more about it in this article, with its solution. Also, if you want to learn how to write a descriptive essay, you will get guidance on that. Now, let’s go to the next question.

What is the significance of an application college essay during admission?

Grades and test scores can help determine a student’s intellectual potential. But it is a fact that they can’t reflect a student’s personality. It is where the college essay comes into play. Students can use the admission college essay to communicate their narrative to admissions officers.

According to a recent poll, the college application essay is among the top ten significant components in the admissions process. The reason is that a common app essay prompts other factors such as how sporty you are, your strength, hobbies, etc., besides the GPA marks.

The following example may give you a better understanding of the significance of an admission college essay. 

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A college application essay example—-

Let’s assume that your GPA score in the last academic exam is not more than 60%. With that score, you did apply for a course in your dream school or college. But, it is a fact that there will be several applicants who did apply for the same course with better GPA marks. Here, no need to mention that the chances are high for others to get admission to that college; because of their high grades.

Now, you will think of how to convince the college admissions officers to enroll your name. Yes, the college application essay will work out here. Also find some excellent opinion essay examples in our next blog.

In the application writing, besides mentioning your score, you will write about your personality. You will highlight your achievements on other events such as quizzes, debates, sports, etc.

Here, you might think about how mentioning your achievements in other events can grab the attention of the admission office.

It is a fact that all educational places follow other programs that include quizzes, debates, sports, cultural things, etc. That’s why the writing process of your achievement on other events in the application might convince the admission office to enroll your name.

I hope the mentioned example will help you understand the significance of college application essays during admission. Explore the Perfect Guide On How to Start an Essay About Yourself! Click Here!

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Why is an application essay crucial for the admissions committee?

Why is an application essay crucial for the admissions committee?

Yes, a college or university admissions office takes the college essay more seriously as they evaluate the applicant’s behavior besides their academic grades. The application helps the administration to know more about the applicant’s personality.

Several admissions officers reveal that most students keep their application essays short and straightforward without mentioning their personality and strength in a survey. In such writing, nothing keeps engaging the readers to read till the end. In such writing, nothing keeps engaging the admissions committee to read the application till the end.

Here, they further explain how college essay writing helps the admissions officers to select the students. You can also explore the Best Satire Essay Topics Here!

Let’s go through some of the points the admission office often considers while reading the application essays—-

  • The official doesn’t compromise on the guidelines. So, they always want the students to follow all the regulations. And thus, they look after if the applicants have followed all the instructions during the college essay writing. It helps them to understand whether the student will be attentive towards the college rules and regulations. 
  • They often seek to know the applicant’s nature. And thus, the readers want to read how the students use the personal statement to show their authenticity in their college essay writing process.
  • The admissions officers want the applicants to be creative in their writing. Thus, they evaluate how the students write the application to keep them engaged till the end.

I hope that the mentioned factors will help readers understand why the college essay is essential to the admissions office. 

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How long should be a college application essay?

After knowing the importance of an application writing essay to the counselor, students often want to learn how long they should write the letter. The students are aware of the significance of a letter to follow the college application process. I can say it is one of the most frequently asked questions among the students.

The reason is the student also want to give their best shot while writing the article. Those who are aware of the application’s importance to the admission office; don’t want to miss out on the chance to impress them.

Here, let’s say that the essay should not be too long. The word limit of the application should be within 500 words. You can say that it is a regulation of the college application process. You can say that it is a regulation of the college application process. Within these word limits, students must cover all of their details. They should be aware that the readers will not read the application in its entirety. 

Yet, it is also true that if they come across someone’s application essay that includes creative writing, the admissions office will read it all the way through.

So, in college writing, I would advise everyone to be innovative while sticking within 500 words. Your limited words admissions essays should include—-

A compelling introduction—- 

We all are aware that the first impression can always make a good imprint on people. So write an outstanding introductory para on yourself. 

Mention all the details in the body content—- 

In this section, explain all your test scores, academic qualifications, etc. Also, do point out your strength and weakness to let know your personality to the counselor. If you are good at other activities, highlight them in your writing. Your college application essay outline should be your authentic voice. So do not give any personal statement that is not true. Also, discuss the accomplishment that helps you in personal growth.

Always be creative and maintain the short paragraph—-

We all know that creativity attracts people. So, try to be creative when you write admissions essays. I can affirm that your creativity and brilliant writing skills will keep the readers engaged till the end of your application writing. Meanwhile, try to keep your paragraphs brief so that you can deliver your personal statement in a clean and well-maintained college application essay format.

Write an excellent conclusion—-

The motivated students should know that the beginning and the end should be catchy to create a well-format essay. Thus, end your application with an eye-catchy conclusion. 

I hope the mentioned factors will help many students to follow the essay writing process within 500 words.

How to write college application essays?

One of the first things students always need to keep in mind while applying is that the most selective colleges might have varying application dates. Aside from that, students also feel worried about how to write college admissions essays.

Some of the colleges do not require applications and, even then, students take the initiative to write the application. They know the significance of the actual writing of essays. That’s why they do not miss out on any chance to stand out from others and be noticed. But the question is how to write college application essays! Where to find guidance with college essay help?

Don’t worry; scroll down here.

Several methods indeed are there a student can follow writing a unique college application essay. But, such papers are necessary to get accepted into a college or university. So, students should pick-college application essay topics relevant to their studies before beginning to write.

Many students find application writing so hard. But they should know that it is not rocket science. All they have to do is to keep their essays engaging by being authentic.

Also, the students need to be specific in their details to create a well-written essay. Another thing students should not forget is that their writing needs to be smooth enough to grab the counselor’s attention to the end of the letter.

Although it is beneficial to discuss several topics, the focus must be on; why to consider you instead of others. In one essay, it is not advisable to tell or refer to everything.

Also, it is worth noting that you must follow all the rules and regulations given in the instructions of the applications. Following the instructions carefully, you can be sure to impress the counselor in the best possible way. Moreover, your application should be free of grammatical errors.

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What are the tips to follow while writing the application essays?

The college application essay gives students the best chance to set themselves apart from their classmates and show off the person behind the data. You can go through several essay samples to get the idea of writing a brilliant essay. In addition, follow the tips in the following paragraphs to help you write a college essay and improve your prospects.

Follow the college application essays tips here—

Make a plan before start writing—

It is one of the vital tips that everyone should follow before writing. Multiple schools and colleges have distinct guidelines. They want to see if prospective students can follow the college laws. Understanding what admissions officers are searching for is crucial to convince to admit students. So go through all the regulations and make a plan to follow all the rules. With the planning, you will be sure not to miss any instruction in the application write-up.

Identify the purpose of your essay—- 

Consider thinking about how you want admissions officers to see you. You’re drafting the application to persuade them to let you into the university. You want them to get noticed as reliable, dependable, and intellectually ambitious by the college admissions committee. 

To do so, you must state why you are writing the application. Be specific to your reason and be honest. Also, make sure to pitch your writing in a way that highlights your personality.

Mention why you are unique from other applicants—-

There are indeed lakhs of student who applies in the colleges. Many students among them have the criteria to get enrolled. But, if you are willing to stand out from others, then you need to be unique. Write the applications in a way that highlights your creativity and personality. 

The admissions officer often considers admitting students interested in other activities such as— sports, debates, quizzes, etc. Thus, always ensure to mention your hobbies with your own story.

For example— If you have done a minimum wage job part-time besides your study, do mention it. Here, let’s clear that your personal statement will help the counselor learn more about your personality.

Consider reading a lot of examples—-

Consider yourself a complete person with a lifetime of experiences. You are not just another student from an intriguing background. Make some time to think deeply about what distinguishes you from the other kids submitting college application essays. You have to be specific about your personality and strength. So read a lot of examples to learn how to promote your strengths in essay writing.

For example— A sample writing shows that someone did mention in their write-up how he developed skills by learning from his family members. I would suggest you take that idea to use in your letter. It will grab the reader’s attention, knowing something about your family background. 

Remember, your personal statement on your family members will be an added advantage to impress the admissions office.

Always be creative and do not exceed the word count—-

Writing an application does not always mean being formal and straightforward. The reader always looks for creativity. Following the application review process, they assess how students are presenting themselves in their write-up. It helps them learn how creatively the students will work on their upcoming college events in the future. So try to be creative. No doubt it will let the readers scroll down your application till the end.

Also, there are word limits to writing an application essay. Therefore, always try not to exceed it. Always remember that word count to application essays matters a lot.

Create grammar-errors free essay—- 

In general, readers always like to read the article with 100% grammar accuracy. They do not want any punctuation or grammatical errors in the write-up. Having any mistakes in the writing make a negative impact. 

Here, the college admissions office also expects such things from the applicants. They always love to read a grammar-error-free essay. 

So, ensure to write an application essay without any grammatical mistakes. Remember that you are not writing supplemental essays. This one essay might decide whether you can enroll in a college for higher education.

Get help from others to proofread your essay—-

It is a fact that proofreading always comes in handy. And if it gets done by the expert, it will be the best opportunity for a writer. Unfortunately, getting a review from an expert is not always possible. 

But, find someone who has at least a good command over writing to proofread your application essay. The person will go through your write-up and will point out the mistakes if you did any. So, before making the final draft of your application, consider proofreading it from someone. Also, you can ask for college essay help from them.

Overall, the goal of a college application is to make you stand out in a favorable, memorable, and distinctive way from other candidates. Thus, I hope the mentioned tips will help you write a good college application essay and impress the counselor in the best possible manner. 

Do you need tips on choosing the narrative essay topics, get the ideas here in this article.

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Can you use the same essays for different college applications?

It is undeniable that writing an application is not that easy. It is because you always have to follow the proper format to mention all your academic details properly. We all know the application review process in multiple schools is similar. And, thus, students often wonder if they can use the same application essay in a different high school.

We all are aware that thousands of students apply for the courses through the Common App member colleges. Here, the application process is not that hard. In this app, the student can find several colleges from which they choose their preferences to apply. 

Let’s say the Common App has hundreds of institutions, each with its own set of criteria to admit students. Most of the colleges ask the students to write an application. 

Writing the main essay for each college, you wish to apply to through Common App is not always possible. In that case, you can use the same writing for multiple schools. 

But how? Customise the main essay before applying for another college in the Common app.

Thus, no need to write a new main essay every time. Follow your old one by customizing it.

What is more significant— college application essays or college essays?

What is more significant--- college application essays or college essays?

The students of first-year class often wonder which one is crucial for them— an admission essay or college essay? They sought the answer because they didn’t have to write at least a 500-word count application essay during their undergraduate admissions process.

Don’t worry! Hold your back and read the passage to learn about which one will be crucial.

Both college application and college essays are equal in their perspective. We all are aware that college essays are mandatory for every course. But the need for college applications varies in many colleges. Several colleges ask for supplemental essays during their admission process.

To better understand, let’s talk about the importance of both the term in the below passage.

College application essay—-

With the term name, anyone can guess its usage. Yes, it gets used when students apply for colleges. In the write-up, applicants need to focus on their personality, strength, weakness, besides their academic scores. The necessity of this kind of writing is to grab the reader’s attention. You can say that the counselor assesses an applicant partially through their applying letter.

As part of the application process, colleges and universities need applicants to submit a brief essay on themselves or a specific topic. 

These essays might get written in response to a different prompt, such as ‘what incident has had the huge impact on the person you are today?’

Any counselor might consider the following factors: how the students write the application with their own design, how creative they are, their personality, etc. Here, the reader often wants to read the personal statements of the applicant in the letter.

You can say that an application essay can be your best chance to stand out from the other applicants and impress the counselor to get enrolled. You can say that the application essay is your first draft when you apply for college after your high school studies.

College essay—-

We are all aware that college essays are a component of our courses through which the administration evaluates our progress.

The college essay is a significant factor in many colleges deciding whether or not a student gets accepted into undergraduate or graduate programs. It is an individual’s opportunity to make a good impression by demonstrating career goals, personal and professional experiences.

Moreover, a good writing essay helps students to get a decent grade on the test.

As a result, both the application essay and the college essay are critical in this regard.

Do you need to give a college application essay title?

While writing the admission essay, students often seek the answer to several related questions. And, it is one such query students always ask. As the college essay need a stellar title, many students think the application essay also requires a headline.

But, in a surprising way, students need not write the headlines for the application essay. You are writing an application to the counselor, highlighting your academic details and personality while applying for the courses.

Whereas talking about the college essay, people need to work on a specific subject topic. And their writing will get assessed by the lecturer. Moreover, students will get the mark as per their project work. 

Thus, they need to give a stellar headline to their write-up.

Therefore, be relax and take a deep breath! You do not have to worry about the headline while writing the admission essays.

Is it too hard to write the application essays?

It is an underlying fact that even after getting through the number of tips and suggestions— several students face issues while writing the application letter. There are several causes for this.

Many students take time till the last minute to begin writing themselves, and it’s hard to accomplish anything properly that way.

College essays appear to ask anyone to Be Remarkable; to Be Amazing is a more significant issue. We know that hundreds of high school seniors are applying to the same colleges as others. Therefore, being unique and outstanding seems to be required to stand out.

Being outstanding in their writing is sometimes challenging because many students do not have a firm grasp of English. Even many of them require extensive study to adhere to the application writing style. However, because it is time-consuming, several of them skip writing it.

But it is a fact that writing an application is not that hard. Anyone can create a good piece of writing. As said earlier, all to do is to have good research and strong command of English.

Yet, several students do not have such new skills of writing an essay. In that cases, they look for expert help.

Also, it would be a good suggestion if students take the assistance of an expert instead of writing a simple application letter.

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Will it be a good idea to hire an expert?

Will it be a good idea to hire an expert?

I am not surprised to say that several students often show their curiosity in learning if hiring an expert to write the application essay would be a good suggestion. It is understandable that why they seek to get the answer to this question.

It is a fact, writing an eye-catchy application is the only way to get the counselor’s attention while applying for a course. Thus, they are skeptical, thinking whether the expert will understand their situation and deliver a brilliant write-up. They do have some question that goes around in their mind. Some of them are—-

  1. Will the professional create an excellent application essay?
  2. Will they see the need to complete the application essay on time?
  3. Do they guarantee that they will provide a high-quality article that will wow the reader?
  4. Do they have the ability to write error-free articles?

Here, I can say that the expert will always ensure to deliver a quality article. So yes, it will always be a wise decision to hire an expert to get admission essay help services. But, for that, you should always hire an expert from a renowned agency such as Eduessay. 

It’s also worth noting that Eduessay will reach you as soon as possible, regardless of when you require an expert. That is the trustworthiness of a reputable firm.

Still, if the mentioned question bothers you, I recommend reading the following section’s benefits. I can assure you the benefits will clear your all skeptics regarding the hire of an expert.

What are the benefits of hiring experts?

No doubt, there are several benefits students can get from the expert of a renowned agency. But it is a fact that all the benefits can not get covered in this article. So let’s discuss some crucial benefits that students can enjoy with assistance from an expert. So read out the benefits to clear your queries.

1. Students will get the expertise help 

The first and most important benefit that students will receive is that they will receive support from highly qualified individuals. When you hire a reputable service, you can get assured that you will be working with a skilled writer. People with years of writing experience are always get employed by a reputable agency. So, once you hire a professional from a reputable organization like Eduessay, you won’t have to worry about the writing quality any longer.

2. Will be available 24/7

Now, it is a fact that students themselves don’t know when the college office will ask them to follow the admission procedure. Moreover, when something official work comes up suddenly, it looks like a new thing for the student. So, the student can hire an expert at any time. The renowned agency has a support team who always is available 24 hours round the clock. 

So, it doesn’t matter what time the urgency comes; you can reach out to the support team at any time through a call and text to speak directly. Moreover, you will get an instant reply.

3. Will offer you a reliable solution 

Yes, several agencies reach out to clients instantly. But the question is are they offering a great solution to your queries. That’s why it is necessary to get the help of an expert from a reputable agency. 

No doubt, the hiring of an expert from a reputable agency will be beneficial. They will hear your issue first following the requirement and then will offer you the best suggestion.

So, you do not have to spend a sleepless night thinking of how to resolve your issues if you hire from the Eduessay.

4. Ensure of providing brilliant piece of writing

We all know the importance of quality writing. It does not matter whatever write-up people present to the reader. They look for a well-written article which will impress them highly. Even while discussing the admission essay, the counselor evaluates the student’s writing style and creativity. 

So, hiring an expert will ensure you present an excellent write-up to the readers. They always make up a brilliant article writing in their first draft. It means they will deliver a quality essay that you will not ask them for further changes to the write-up.

Moreover, if necessary, they will prioritize your preference and make changes to impress your higher authorities.

5. Can get an error-free write-up

It is a fact that several students have a good command of the English language but have grammatical issues while writing. Of course, it is not always possible to ask someone to proofread the write-up and rectify the error. Also, even if someone offers you help in recheck, you are not sure whether they are experts in checking grammatical mistakes.

Thus, why take so much headache and spend a stressful time. Hiring an expert would be an excellent solution for you. As said earlier, the expert have years of experience, and they will ensure to deliver an error-free write-up. 

When you hire a specialist, you can get assured that you will receive a decent essay free of errors in the first draft.

6. Follow the proper writing format

Even if the student has a strong command of English and can create an error-free essay, they often fail to follow the proper writing format. No doubt, it can make a negative impact on the readers. Do not get ashamed if you do not know the exact writing format.

The experts will do that for you. They know all the details, such as— 

  • How many paragraphs to use in the essay. 
  • How long a para needs to maintain.
  • What to write in an introduction.
  • How to end up the article.

The expert knows all the mentioned points. And thus, you can relax as they will provide you with a write-up that will look like a professional. No doubt, it will impress the reader in every aspect.

7. Offer re-work services 

It is so rare to ask an expert to re-work the assigning project. The expert’s years of knowledge will not let the student keep their expectations down on them. They always ensure to deliver the quality assignment in one go. Still, since we’re talking about the benefits here, it’s worth mentioning that the professional can re-work your work if necessary.

For example— Your lecturer gave you new instruction on the already assigned projects. But, here, the expert did already deliver the essay to you, following the previous requirement.

But as now the new development is there, the expert will re-work it to add the latest announced instructions to the assignment.

Isn’t it great! So be relax and enjoy your time by assigning an expert to write your assignment.

8. Never miss out on a deadline

We are all aware that academic projects have a due date. Even if someone gets required to compose an application essay, they must submit it by a particular day and time. Missing the deadline will, of course, have a negative consequence, as it will prevent you from receiving a good grade or enrolling in high school or college.

The expert will always emphasize such things and complete the write-up on schedule.

Thus, you can be sure of not missing the deadline of submitting your write-up by hiring an expert.

9. The expert will be a one-stop solution

Being a student, you need assistance in several things from time to time. Now it is not always possible to search Google for everything. Moreover, you do not have that much time to as you have enough pressure of academics. 

Here, contact such agencies; those who provide help in everything can be beneficial to you. Eduessay is one of them. Whether you need eighth-grade or high school essay services, the proficient writer will help you out in any kind of necessity.

For example— The lecturer did assign your class an assignment with the deadline. You do not have much time to research that subject. Now, what to do? Be relax and contact the expert of a renowned agency. The customer support team will know your requirement and will hand over the project to the subject expertise.

Isn’t it great to know that your project will get done by the subject expert? Of course, yes, as they will ensure of delivering the assignment before your deadline. Moreover, they follow extensive research on the given topic.

In a way, they will help you submit a well-researched essay that will let you score decent grades with later success.

10. Always offer a minimal price

There is no denying that many students are hesitant to seek expert help because of the hefty cost. There are indeed numerous agencies on the market that provide services at a high charge. As a result, students are hesitant to seek expert assistance.

But, as an example, all reputable companies, such as Eduessay, do not demand a hefty fee. They understand how hard it is for students to manage all of their expenses with a tight budget.

So, the expert always assists at a minimal charge to all the students. They ensure to extend their services to all the students at the need. 

It’s also worth noting that some students believe that if an agency charges a low fee for its services, it indicates they don’t offer high-quality work.

It is a big misconception. The ultimate objective of charging a low fee to students is to reach out to everybody in need of writing assistance. In this way, the reputable agency maintains its market credibility.

I hope I was able to explain numerous benefits with examples so that readers can understand why hiring an expert for essay writing services will be essential.

Without a doubt, the top ten mentioned benefits will answer all of the students’ questions about whether or not to hire an expert.

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Student life is not that easy to maintain. There are a lot of things students need to handle simultaneously from time to time. In between, if they get the assignment or need to write a compelling application essay to impress the readers, no doubt they will feel anxious. 

They will seek help from here and there to complete it to leave a good impression on the counselor. 

It is a fact that in this digital era, everything has a solution. But, before asking help from the others, they should try themselves to improve their skill. 

This blog will guide all the students who are willing to write their application essays by themselves. This blog covers all the necessary queries, from an application essay to the essential step to follow while writing an admission essay. So, I hope no one will leave the page without a smile on their face.

Moreover, this blog covered why the expert gets help if they cannot finish the quality write-up. Also, here, in this blog, people can find the top 10 benefits that people can enjoy by hiring an expert from a reputed firm such as Eduessay.

Thus, whatever a student needs to know on the college application essay, this blog did cover all the facts with detailed information and example. So, feel free to contact an expert to get immediate assistance in your college writing services. 

Moreover, if you want to know about the benefits and how they work, you can reach out to the customer support team to learn everything in detail.