High school and college students who haven’t come across a classification essay may find them daunting at first.

Considering these academic assignments are fair, it is appropriate to assess their ability in this area.

Learning how to write a classification essay , much like learning how to write a narrative essay, might seem confusing, but it isn’t as bad as you think.

Here are some ways on how to write a classification essay.

What is a Classification Essay?

Classification essays are one of the most popular types of articles because they can be written about any topic.

A Classification essay is used to classify and compare similar concepts or things so that readers can make a decision or get a better understanding of complicated subjects.

The difficulty of writing a classification essay depends on what you choose as your essay topic, so it’s essential to pick a fascinating subject if possible.

A Classification essay should never be difficult, but instead should be as attractive as possible for readers.

Classification Essays vary significantly in style, formality, and structure; however, some general rules are followed when writing these papers.

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How To Write A Classification Essay?

How To Write A Classification Essay?

Classification essays compare items within some classification. The essay’s goal should be to distinguish between things with similar properties and exhibit specialized knowledge about their subject. Classification essays are more complex than other types of essays, so pick your topic wisely.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

If you have not been given a topic, start by brainstorming some potential ideas. You will want to search for something with clear categories that allow for comparisons, such as people or concepts. Avoid topics with too many categories or sub-categories. Using 3 to 5 different categories is a generally accepted rule for classification essays, depending on the word count requirements of your assignment. Your elements should be comparable but not too numerous that you cannot sufficiently discuss each one.

Step 2: Choosing Categories

Once you have chosen your topic, determine what categories it will be split up into. Some classification essay topics may have multiple angles to approach them as such, so you should decide which angle you are tackling the subject from. For example, would you sort by age, appearance, job, or something else entirely if it is about a group of people or if it’s a classification essay about friends? Categories must be comparable but not too numerous that you cannot sufficiently explain each one.

Step 3: Get Things In Order

The way you classify the categories in your essay is vital because it helps write and categorize linking sentences and transitions. Consider making bullet points of points for each category before organizing them to highlight similar ideas or topics that will make sense when referring back, like paragraphs previous in the text. Within a discussion, it is crucial to plan your order and organize the sequence of points. One commonly-used method is to organize from the essential point to the least critical, or vice versa.

Step 4: Develop A Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the foundation of a classification essay. It won’t be a simple classification that seems like it’s in a textbook; this will help convey your message to make it as enjoyable as possible for the reader. For this type of essay, the thesis statement should briefly identify the main approaches you’re going to examine. It will set expectations for the reader, and you can certainly meet these throughout your paper.

Step 5: Planning The Process

Once you have your topic for classification essay and thesis statement, you should start with the next step: Planning. The first thing you should plan is the timeline. How much time will you need for research? When are the due dates? Organizing appropriately allows enough time for writing and editing and factor in other tasks while still meeting deadlines.

Once you have decided on the time frame, It is time to plan the outline.

Internal research and understanding how you want to approach the topic will give you a rough classification essay idea of what points to cover. The process for categorizing an outline for your classification essay should be no different from that used when preparing any other type of paper.

The writer should outline the classification essay with all supporting ideas and examples of classification essay explained. The introduction should include a thesis statement.

Step 6: Research for More Information

So far, your preliminary research has only given you information about a couple of classified categories to include in the essay; take some time to do more! The outline provides the initial framework for the work, but it’s up to you to provide support for each category. For example, when citing reliable and trustworthy resources in your paper, it will be essential to include any Classification essay examples or explanations that support your points with facts.

Before writing a classification essay, you’ll need to define each category. Find definitions that contain the necessary information while also remaining interesting. List down each of the categories and plan how you will discuss them. There may be similarities or differences between each category, so it is essential not to hold back on using comparison-contrast writing techniques.

Add new ideas and input to your outline as they come, don’t forget to keep track of sources. Keep in mind: As a writer, you need to reference these, later on, so you have to know where each idea came from.

Step 7: Write The Paper

Finally, it is time to write. Despite all the analysis and research before, the written process will be easier and you never have to buy thesis paper. You’ve gathered all of your ideas and topics you want to cover in the essay. Now you need to connect them coherently into a paper. Provide you ideas in the classification essay through these three critical groups,

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

We will be discussing each part in detail in the next section!

Step 8: Revise Multiple Times

It may have taken sweat, tears, and time, but you are almost done! Remember to revise. Students often skip this last phase of the essay writing process without realizing how much work they missed out on. Editing is an easy way to make your paper as good as it can be before submitting it.

At this point, all you have is an initial draft. If you don’t revise it, you risk submitting an incomplete or flawed paper.

  • Number 1: Start by reading through the essay in its entirety. Check for any gaps in your logical flow and edit as needed. If you need to “shore up” an entire body paragraph due to length, break it into two shorter ones that flow logically from one another using a paragraph break and transition sentence.
  • Number 2: Make your message clear and straightforward! Eliminate unnecessary or too-complicated words and phrases.
  • Number 3: Finally, after you have read every word and sentence, proofread! Make sure that all punctuation is used correctly and that the sentences are grammatically correct.

Structure of A Classification Essay.

One of the initial things to think about when learning how to write a classification essay, both for this guide and in general, is its structure. We will go with the famous ‘five paragraphs’ method for this guide, but you can add in additional paragraphs as appropriate which are relevant to your assignment.

Introductory Paragraph

With any essay writing, the introduction is a key point for writing a classification essay. For a classification essay, the introduction decides what you will be categorizing and then explains what you will be classifying. Introductions can also offer support, with examples, for why you’re doing this kind of work and your intention behind it. Once done, summarize what the essay is about and what it will do.

Body Paragraphs

Papers such as classification essays are specifically targeted for those looking to define a particular idea, such as sports, science, or services. Remember that the many categories you have, the messier your essay will become. Be as specific and on-point as possible with your writing, restricting yourself to only a handful of different categories or none at all. You need to start each paragraph of the body with a topic sentence explaining what category you are talking about. The more concise you write, the better off your classification essay will be. There must be a logical order and progression between paragraphs. It would be best to introduce the classification essay with a compelling question, an example, or a topic sentence to capture the reader’s attention early on.

Ending Paragraphs and Conclusion

The ending paragraph should summarize the main points that have been made while also adding a personal opinion on what subjects need to be explored more in future essays. Finally, conclude with an appropriate sentence or two summarizing everything discussed as well as contact information.

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Writing A Thesis Statement for Classification Essay.

The introduction and thesis statement forms the basis of a classification essay.

Experts recommend achieving it interestingly by showing all your cards and providing the writer with a solid foundation to work on.

You, as a writer, should detail the organization you have planned for the categories if you are naming them and say how your structure will help readers better understand the topic.

(Topic) -> (How It has been Classified) -> (Category 1)(Category 2) (Category 3)

General Tips for Writing A Classification Essay?

So now that you have a plan for approaching your essay, it is time to get started. Here are some quick tips which will also help when writing your classification essay:

  • To distinguish categories and show the main points of each category, you need to describe or define them. Start by organizing a list of what are considered featured characteristics and then discuss those features.
  • To adequately classify your topic, you will need to provide examples. You should have the same number of examples in each of them.
  • Highlight the similarities and differences between similar topics, just as you would in other essays.

Common Classification Transitions.

Transition words are helpful in academic papers of any type, so what are some good transition words for classification essays? Take note of these phrases that often work:

  • The first kind, the 2nd kind, the 3rd kind
  • The first group, the 2nd group, the 3rd group
  • The first category, the 2nd category, the 3rd category

Use these transitions each time you arrange things into groups, adopt a single arrangement approach, and provide an example that relates to every class.

Topics for Some Classification Essays.

Topics for Some Classification Essays.

Classification Essay topics on Sports

Classification Essay topics on Sports
  • Physical Skills of Good Athletes.
  • Classifying Sports Gym
  • Reality Shows on Sports
  • The Olympic Games and many others.

Classification Essay Papers On Movies

Classification Essay Papers On Movies
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Harry Potter Films.
  • Movies By Christopher Nolan.
  • Hollywood Actors of the 20th Century.
  • Different Types of Cartoons and many others.


Classification Essay Papers On Eating and Dieting

Classification Essay Papers On Eating and Dieting
  • Example of Eating in Public Spaces
  • Food That Is Good For The Body
  • Free Ways To Treat Obesity
  • Health Nutrition
  • Impact Of Eating Habits and many more.


Classification Essay About Animals

Classification Essay About Animals
  • Rare Animal Species
  • Different Kinds Of Dogs.
  • Best Places to See Rare Animals.
  • Modern Animals That Make The Best Home Pets.
  • The Most Ancient Animals and many more.

A classification essay is not difficult to write about as long as you know what the limitations of your paper will be and choose an exciting topic.

The difficulty depends on how many classes need to be covered for classification to work, so make sure you give enough time before rushing into a project like this one.

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As a writer, you should always be sure to cite your sources and include an appropriate conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main points and provides contact information.

However, if writing a classification essay is tough on you, there are services, such as Write My Essay,  that can help you with it. 

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