Essay writing is an art. Students in their high school and College come across a wide range of essay writing assignments. What type of academic writing did you come across? Are they descriptive writing, statement of purpose, or narrative essays? You must know the details of each kind of these academic writings before starting the piece. For example, if the teacher/mentor asks you to write about Narrative essays, you must give an impression of storytelling in your writing. Unlike other academic papers, this type of essay writing allows the students to express their creativity. If you are wondering ‘how to write a narrative essay,’ read this blog to get the best information on the narrative essay writing procedure. 

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What is a narrative essay?

What is a narrative essay?

Are you looking for the narrative essay definition? It might vary in textbooks and reference books of several colleges and high schools. In general, it is content that unfolds a story that grants you to share your experience creatively. 

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Readers find stories and real-life experiences much more interesting than usual descriptive writing. If your mentor asks you to write an essay narrative, try to develop an exemplary structure of the essay with a compelling story. It is always advisable for every student to use standard guidelines of academic narrative writing. Doing this can bring you the highest grades. The assigned topic must get some creative writing. The writers can search some resources to find some guidelines. 

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Purpose of a Narrative essay

The moment your professor assigns you a topic of a Narrative essay, you might have an impression that the key purpose of the essay is storytelling. But, the goal is not simply the story itself; rather, the way you express it must be compelling. You may also approach experts at Eduessay for narrative essay help.

A narrative essay can be a way to test your ability to storytelling in an interesting way. You may also speak on why you are telling the story and the aim behind it. Students are expected to have a thought process at the beginning and end of the Narrative essay. Moreover, catchy eye language will be appreciable. But before starting a narrative essay, take a look at the essay format.

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Types of narrative essays-

Usually, we can find two types of narrative essays; those are as follows:

  • Descriptive narrative essay  – 

A narrative essay’s main purpose in descriptive form is to depict a situation, experience, or memory with valid details. The author of a descriptive essay is expected to make the audience visualize the situation or an experience rather than just telling.

A well-written descriptive narrative essay is easy to understand. An experienced author can easily make a complicated story simple and attract readers’ attention to the piece. It is better not to stretch the topic unnecessarily and take it in a different direction. Instead, it is always better to keep the focus of the main idea intact.

  • Autobiographical narrative essay  –

As the name suggests, an essay in an autobiographical form is all about sharing the writer’s/author’s experience. It is better to write about a specific aspect of life or an event. You can also define it as a personal narrative essay. When you choose a topic or think of personal narrative ideas on such an essay, try to pick a subject that interests you. Some of the narrative essay topics that come within this category are:

  • Talk about your experience in winning an award
  • Speak about your feeling about receiving a graduation degree
  • A recent travel experience.

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Example of Narrative essay 

It is always better to explain an individual with an example. Doing it will make his/her conception clear about the particular topic. You may also need a personal narrative essay example from your professor or an expert author. The following example can make your conception clear:

  • My experience in receiving an award  –

It was Sunday morning at when I suddenly received a call. With half-closed eyes, I received the call without properly viewing the screen of my smartphone. On hearing the voice, I realized that it was a professor. He asked me to visit the college premises in just 2 hours. He dropped the phone after giving the information. His voice gave me the impression that it was something serious. 

Quickly, I got up from bed, dressed up, and reached my College. I saw all my subject teachers and students staring at me. It made me more nervous. Then suddenly, I heard someone announcing my name. It came from the stage. Finally, it was an award that I received for one of my writings which was sent to the competition. 

I was surprised and couldn’t believe my ears. It was an unexpected acknowledgment that I received recently. But, at that moment, I was quite happy. It was a wonderful personal experience that I had and will have throughout my life. Students must try to make a good story to attract readers’ attention. You can also create a plot and characters’ setting.

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How to Write a Narrative Essay: A Step By Step Guide

It is always preferable for a student to write a narrative essay in Chronological order. Following are the steps which you can consider for flawless narrative essay writing.

Choose a Topic 

You can quickly get a wide variety of topics on which you can write a narrative essay. Since the narrative essay is all about depicting the truth, you should state the fact in your writing. But, if the topic is unknown, you cannot stretch the subject. Thus, it is always better to choose an issue that is within your interest.

Format and structure

Students should maintain a standard format for a narrative essay. Just like other essay formats, this one also includes a 5 paragraph essay outline. It will start with an introduction paragraph back with three body paragraphs and then a conclusion. In the first paragraph, mention the rising action. The second main body paragraph must have the climax, and the last body paragraph must have the falling action. Also, maintain a specific style of writing, don’t change it frequently.


It’s time for us to look at how to start a narrative essay. While writing such academic essays, it is advisable to follow a sequence. If you want to get a detailed description of how to write an essay outline, the following are some tips at your disposal.

How to write a narrative essay

Choose a Topic: Always choose a topic that interests you. It is better to avoid topics that you find uninteresting or have very little knowledge. Make sure to do enough research on the topic, even if you are familiar with it. 

Describe the Vital Characters: The vitals characters will stretch the story and the readers imagination. Therefore, make sure to describe the characters appropriately in terms of looks, height, age, etc. 

Write events chronologically: Random events will get your readers confused and they are likely to stop reading. Therefore, it is imperative that you sequence each event chronologically while writing your narrative essay.It will make reading easy for the audience. 

Start the essay: Now that you have figured things out, make sure the essay follows a structured pattern. Start with an Introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion. Each of these sections has its significance and should be used cautiously. 

Proofread and edit: The most crucial part of your essay. To craft the perfect story, it must be free of any spelling, and grammatical mistakes. That is why it is recommended to proofread your article every now and then. It is the best way to ensure that the story comes out flawless. If you can, try asking your friend, parents or even your teacher to proofread it. A fresh pair of eyes catch hidden errors that might remain invisible to the creative eyes.

The Sooner you have completed the outline; it becomes quite easy to write the entire narrative essay. Following is the standard pattern which the students must follow:


Make the introduction very engaging so that your readers get inquisitive and read the whole essay. One of the best ways to hold the readers right from the beginning is to make the texts interactive. You may ask questions to your audience or start with an exciting statement or a quote.

Thesis Statement

It is a vital step in a narrative essay that will define the narrative essay’s main idea. Don’t make your thesis statement lengthy; rather, state the problem or issue you are going to investigate throughout the paper. 


In the main body, you can write the story and state-related facts and details. Here, it would help if you guided the readers through your affirmative thoughts. Try to keep at least three paragraphs in the body of the essays. Try to keep the word count within the limit stated by your college/ professor.


It’s time to revise the entire essay or recap everything you have mentioned in the body of the narrative essays. Students must restate the idea in short so that the audience can get a chance to revise the entire essay in their thought process.

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Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay

Tips on writing a narrative essay

Before writing a narrative essay, it is always important to follow a guideline. Students searching on how to write a narrative essay can get vital tips with the following points:

  • Draft the elements

A writer of a narrative essay needs to have a proper plan of writing. There must be a proper structure which you should follow right from the beginning till the end. Create an outline within the draft, which you can polish afterward with editing.

  • Storyline elements

Stories in narrative essays involve several elements, such as plot, characters, description, etc. It would help if you covered all these facts to attract readers’ attention. Write the essay so that it creates eagerness among the readers, and they start thinking.

  • Focus on perspective

One can write a particular topic in several ways. Each writer/ author has a different perspective of looking into and understanding the topic. Thus, while writing the story, you must make your point of view clear to the readers. You may provide details about the subject or the event with a proper explanation.

  • Give supporting facts

We can easily place a statement or our opinion. But, whether the facts are correct or not needs some supporting elements. You must provide valid proof, examples, or case studies with the idea you have stated while writing a narrative essay. It may involve some arguments also.

  • Avoid unnecessary facts

Some students tend to exaggerate the facts. You must avoid it while writing a narrative essay. Also, don’t give any information that is irrelevant to the topic. It will make your narrative article too wordy. As a result, the readers will become confused.

  •  Clarity in writing

Try to keep the text simple and easy to read. Don’t make it too complicated that makes the reader hard to understand. Also, if you write an easily understandable essay, you will get good feedback from the readers. 

  • Maintain chronological order

Keep a standard order in your essay headings. It is better to maintain a chronological order so that you can avoid any types of confusion. Every individual has a specific writing style; it’s time to keep the same in the entire article. You may also create a theme and follow the same in your narrative essay.

  •  Site some examples

You can easily find thousands of narrative essay examples. It is essential to read them thoroughly so that you get enough ease while developing the plot. You may also refer to video examples to get a visual display of the author’s thoughts.

  • Double-check the facts and details

Once you have completed writing your narrative essay, it is essential to recheck. We all are human beings, and it’s pretty natural to leave behind some errors. Revising the entire article is vital to avoid flaws. 

  • Avoid plagiarism

Try to write a unique narrative essay. It should not have even 1% of plagiarism. Some students try to copy the content from other sources, but that can end up with the cancellation of your entire essay writing task.

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General Advice

While writing a narrative paper, try to present your positive experience. You are not restricted to stick to a linear format; rather, the students are free to go ahead with variations. But, there are certain rules which you must follow while writing. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Try to keep the idea clear
  • Avoid overusing details
  • Use the first person 
  • Try to use engaging words
  • Limit references and citations in narrative essays

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t make your narrative essay writing experience too stressful; follow the below-mentioned do’s and don’ts for ease in writing.


  • It is always advisable to write your story in the first person, but you can also use the third person during necessities
  • Make your statement clear in the thesis paragraph so that the audience get clarity about the whole essay
  • Engage your readers in the beginning with questions, quotes, etc
  • Try to spice up your story in the middle paragraph with dynamic statements
  • Do Not Hesitate to use transition words, power words to increase readability


  • Try to avoid writing in the second person
  • Stay away from creating factional stories, instead of site real-life experience 
  • Don’t write too many details such that it becomes too wordy
  • Try not to state a story, instead visualize the same

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Narrative Essay writing is relatively easy to write as compared to other types of academic essay variations. Students can easily score high if they follow the proper structure and method. Since it is a free-flowing academic essay, you can tell a story of your personal experiences with ease. A good story will always attract more readers. Also, the analytical essay is based on examining a paper. The evidence and the examples are worth viewing.

After getting guidance on writing the narrative essay, read the article if you need the ideas on narrative essay topics.

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