Are you tired of repeating the same style in your essay writing? Are you looking for some new tips to make the beginning of your essay more engaging for the viewers?

Here is the answer!

Almost all of us know how to write a personal statement or essay. Either we have written one or at least read one. Many
of us love writing essays or content that create interest within readers. But essay writing is not that facile as we think of it.

The word essay might sound simple, but the tactics to conduct a brilliant piece can involve some techniques and ideas. Let us discuss some useful tips following which you can start off your essay with a higher reader engagement –

Start with a quote or a saying

We all know that quotes are something that involves a lot of emotions and sentiments. Many readers who love to go through novels and stories take up famous sayings by great writers and often imply them in their work. Moreover, quotes and phrases are something with which no one can argue or disagree with.

Hence, it will be convenient to start your custom essay writing with a quote; your work would look promising and sophisticated. More so, readers would have an impression in the beginning that your article has got some real matter.

Begin with a question

If your essay is informative , such as a Classification Essay, and you are trying to impart some knowledge to your visitors, it would be best to start with a question. Questions involve curiosity.

Once your readers go through the question that is indeed the issue they are facing, your content will get a lot more visits as readers would be highly interested to know the answer after you have started with the question.

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Introduce the subject

One of the most acceptable ways to start your essay is briefly introducing your paper to the readers. If you have picked a specific topic, create a necessary foundation for your case within the visitors.

This is one of the sophisticated and traditional ways to begin your content.

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Create a mystery within

If you are a graceful writer and excel in creating curiosity in your essay, just go for this option. Enhance the first paragraph or the essay header with a tinge of mystery.

But make sure that you create a mystery that goes relevant to the topic and not something not related or near the case.

Creating a good deal of mystery in the beginning, engrossed your readers to read along and finish till the end.

Begin with a story or an example

Suppose you are an excellent storyteller, the start of your dissertation writing with narrating a short story or an incident. Try giving it a real-life feeling so that readers can relate their life to the incident explained.

Once your visitors encounter the incident to be related to them, they would not be able to stop themselves from reading the entire content. This is indeed a smart way to engage more viewers.

Follow this infographics to draft a perfect essay in some quick and easy steps-

Quick tips to write brilliant essays

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Use 'I' to sound compact

A beneficial tactic to communicate to the readers directly if you use the word "I" at the beginning of your essay. It does not only connects you better but also sounds more confident.

Once you start your essay with "I," readers go through the impression that they are talking or directly in touch with the writer. Many famous writers generally use this technique to reach the mind and heart of the reader.

Once the communication between the reader and the writer is published through engaging content, the reader will come back again for the next write-up. This is how you get more followers and more views.

Contradict to an issue

In the prevailing world, the era of contradiction or disagreement tends to attract readers a lot. It is even implied to us as well. We generally become inquisitive if someone shows conflict to a topic or is usually accepted, like in a police brutality essay and establishes a whole new point.

Why not use this technique for our writing?

It would be brilliant if you too try to build up a whole new point to the viewers against a trending topic or is usually accepted.

Even if readers disagree with you, they still will read your matter till the end to understand or perceive your point of view. This way, your content engagement would level up more.

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Begin with a midline

This is the option where you want mystery at the peak. Pick up a middle line from the body of your essay and put it in the introducing section. Then start with the context.

The beginning mystifying element would create a moment of thrill and interest with some questions like how what, and why?

Just after you create such a thrill, begin the story and answer all the queries that you might have generated in the beginning within the readers.

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Ask an expert or famous writer to assist.

If you feel that you are not enough to write an engaging introduction to your essay, you can always ask for help.

You can connect to any famous writer or any writer who has got a good set of followers or readers. If he or she writes a few lines for the introduction with their signage, then your content would be quickly approved by the common public to be read through. In other words, you can buy essays from proficient writers.

Though this is a good practice, but not feasible every time you write an essay. So, it is advisable that you try writing it all by yourself to get your own set of followers on your merit completely.

Start with facts and information.

If you are writing on a global topic or subject that is a severe issue, you can begin your content by sharing facts or figures. This enhances the curious readers to go reading.

There are many readers who love to take up information and facts about the current situation or the trending market. Such readers would find your content to be awe-inspiring, and so, if you start your essay with such data and particulars, you need not think about the traffic of your writing.

Post a picture

Visuals are always a treat to us, and we cannot deny that any essay or content would look bland without visuals. No matter how engaging or engrossing the vocabulary is but, pictures create a whole new flow of interest in the range.

Hence, post a picture at the beginning of your essay and discuss it in the beginning paragraph. Talk about the details of the picture. Ensure that the pictorial that you attach should be related to the topic of your essay.

While you demonstrate the picture initially, the readers would go with the flow of reading without stopping. But you have to ensure that the image you attach should be interesting enough to grab the viewers' attention.

The visual can be anything from a historical picture to a graph analysis report. Still, it should be completely authentic and exciting for a reader to know about its details.

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Summing up, essay writing is like story writing, which needs a lot of patience, focus, concentration along with an immense amount of creativity. It is not that easy to pick up any random topic, write on it, and readers go gaga over it. It is not that simple a case.

Hence, to assist the aspiring essay writers, how they can start their article with a bang on the reader’s mind, we have fabricated the points as mentioned earlier of real help. Without thinking twice, you can take up any one of them, start writing and see the results yourself!

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