This short guide will present the best tips to write a satire essay. We will also go through the best satire essay topics. High school students and college students are often asked to write satire essays. Writing a satire essay is an essential and exciting aspect of creative writing. Many writers use satire as a form of criticism, but there is a creative mix of humor.

Satire is a form of humor that does not directly criticize but interestingly passes the message. That makes it challenging to write satirical essays. This amazing literary form tries to bring attention to something humorously and point out the shortcomings in an interesting way. However, the main objective of satire is constructive social criticism.

The word “Satire” has Latin origins and comes from the word “Satur” and the related phrase “Lanx Satura.” The meaning of “Satur” is full; however, the combination with “Lanx” shifted the meaning to “miscellany or medley.” The phrase “Lanx Satura” literally means “a dish full of various kinds of fruits.”

Writing satirical essays needs a special type of treatment. This short guide will cover every aspect of satire essay writing. Also, don’t miss the best satire essay topics presented here. 

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What Is A Satirical Essay

Every student must have been assigned to write a satire essay in school or college at some point. But, what exactly is a satire essay? A satire essay is, also known as the satirical essay, is an interesting writing style where you need to present the topic humorously. That means poking fun at the subject and presenting the right facts in an exaggerated and fun way. This combination makes the entire essay funny for the readers. You can also read about topics for a satire essay here.

Writing a satire is fun; you provide facts to your readers simultaneously, taking a sarcastic and entertaining stance on the subject. That means you have your opinion on the given topic. And that makes satirical essays simpler for you to write. You present your perspective and provide an interesting spin to your work. Explore the Best 150+ Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas To Impress Readers!

The style of writing for this genre is funny and humorous. At the same time, it’s educating and thought-provoking. Let’s move to how to write a satire essay.   

How To Write A Satire Essay

It’s a skill to use humor, hyperbole, and irony to write a satirical essay. Your writing should criticize the wrong practices and social norms but at the same time use the fun element in your writing style. The satire ideas usually focus on political satire, celebrities, and trending current events.

As a writer, your aim should not only entertain readers but provide them the relevant, useful, and eye-opening information. If you understand the purpose and writing process, you will present engaging content in your essay. Below we have provided important steps to write an engaging satire essay to impress your tutors.

Step 1

It is important to select the relevant satire topic in the current scenario. Analyze the subject matter and try to identify the irony or ridiculous aspects. Your goal should be to bring out the absurdity of the topic in the same way the stand-up comedian exaggerates the facial expression to present his/her topic. You need to select the better topic for your essay, and your daily newspapers cartoons or comic books can provide you with the satire project ideas.

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Step 2

You can use the hyperbole style to present your points. Satirical writing is a literary style of writing that exaggerates facts. However, it doesn’t allow you to lie about something, it’s such a bad idea. You need to stick to the facts and use the hyperbole style to present the things in your essay. The example can be, “John is ordering pizzas so much, he will surely boost up the McDonald’s shares.” This is factual hyperbole to state something about “John” exaggeratedly.

Step 3

You can make your essay more exciting when you learn to use irony to present your ideas. The irony is a style of using words or phrases exactly opposite of what you truly want to say. In other words, to express incongruity between what someone is expecting and what is really happening. The simple example of using irony is, ” Government is so caring they have installed night lamps for the children to study under it.” Here the irony phrase is “so caring,” as the government needs to supply electricity for 24 hours. You can use ironic statements to provide an interesting satirical tone to your particular subject.

Step 4

Always try to present things using humor. Always keep in mind your humor should not hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments, and you need to understand the limits of humor. Because not all satire is always funny, try to point out the ridiculous things using humor in the essay. Readers respond well to humor compared to the absurdity you see in it.

How To Start A Satire Essay

How To Start A Satire Essay

Now you understand how you can compose an entertaining satirical essay. But the most crucial aspect is the way you start your satire essay. A satire essay offers you to make human mistakes and vices visible so that you can scorn or mock them. However, satire is the most challenging form of writing, and it may land you in trouble if you don’t use an extra edge of cleverness.

It starts with satire topic ideas and factually checking all the information from reputed sources. Be clear that you will criticize the subject and your ideas are valid, then determine your writing style and tone in your essay. Restrict yourself from being insulting or obscene; it will divert the focus of your core idea.

One of the reputed satire website, “Bandersnatch,” utilizes the term “delightfully vicious” to present their satirical styles of ideas. Further, it is essential to know your audience and their expectations on the topic you are satirizing.

Always use an eye-catching title so that your readers immediately understand that your content is all about satire. You can use a suitable picture to present your idea visually to readers. Construct your entire content within the proper context. Don’t lose humor in your essay, and avoid insulting or derogatory remarks. Understand What is a Short Essay Format, and How to Write it Efficiently?

How To Structure A Satire Essays

The satire essay doesn’t have a complex structure like academic papers. However, you should have an insight into the structure of satire essays. This will help you to create a more interesting and engaging satirical paper. Usually, school teachers teach students to follow a particular structure for the essay. We are providing the most recommended satire paper structure below:

  • An Introduction: The first step is to think of an engaging title that motivates readers to go through an entire essay. You can change the title several times until you get the most catchy title for your essay. Write an exciting introduction that attracts the reader’s attention. You can start with an intriguing question that you want your readers to answer.

Include 2-3 sentences in your introduction which are strong, informative, and demonstrate the main idea of your essay. Explain to your readers what you are going to discuss in your paper. Read your introduction section 2-3 times, thinking that you are a reader to make it perfect.

  • The Main Body: The process of completing the main body takes time. The main body presents all the information on your chosen topic or subject. Use authentic sources to keep facts in your main body. You can research various websites, magazines, books, electronic publications to collect as much relevant information to your paper.

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Make sure that the main body of your essay should be creative, original, and contains logical and factual information. The main body of your essay should take 4-5 paragraphs; however, the exact number depends upon the length of your essay. Use hyperbole and humorous tone in your body paragraphs.

  • The Conclusion: Similar to any other academic paper, a satire essay should also end with a conclusion. Utilize this section to write a short summary of your paper’s main ideas. Then add a few sentences explaining your point of view on the topic or subject. You can also include why your work is vital for society or readers.

Now you understand how to structure your satirical essay. Let’s explore more on satire and its classification in literature.    

Classifications Of Satire In Literature

We can find many satirical essays in English literature. Satire is a very diverse genre, and it’s challenging to define and classify with various other satirical modes exactly. Satirical literature is usually categorized as Horatian, Juvenalian, and Menippean.


Horatian comes after the Roman satirist Horace (65-8 BCE). Horace used to playfully criticize the social video using mild, gentle, and light-hearted humor. Quintus Horatius Flaccus used this genre to gently ridicule the dominant opinions and traditional beliefs of ancient Rome & Greece. Instead of using a harsh accusing tone, he used humor and clever mockery to address specific issues.

The Horatian genre of satire follows this technique of gently ridiculing the absurdities and follies of humans and society. More focus is given to the wit, exaggeration, and self-deprecating humor in this form of satire. The Horatian style of satire and tone is common in present modern society. Satire in the “Importance of Being Earnest” is an excellent example of this form. This style of satire tries to heal the situation with a smile rather than anger.


The Juvenalian satire came after the Roam satirist Juvenal (late first century – early second century AD). This form of satire is more contemptuous and abrasive in comparison to Horatian. Juvenal used to directly disagree with the opinions of the public figures and republic institutions and actively attack them through literature. He used the satirical tools of exaggeration and parody to make his target monstrous and incompetent.

This style of satire followed a similar method of abrasively ridiculing societal structures. Juvenal, unlike Horace, attacked public officials and government organizations through his wit and claimed their opinions as evil, not online wrong. This form of satire addresses perceived social wickedness through scorn, outrage, and savage ridicule. Juvenalian satire is often pessimistic, characterized by the use of irony, sarcasm, moral indignation, and personal abuse, with less emphasis on humor.


This unique satire is named after the third century BC Greek cynic, parodist, and polemicist Menippus. Most of his work is lost now. However, the works of Lucian and Marcus Terentius Varro used this form. The latter was the first to identify the genre by referring to his satires as saturate menippeae; such satires are sometimes also termed Varronian satire. 

The genre of Menippean satire is usually in prose and characterized by evoking mental awareness rather than targeting an individual or subject. Menippean can be described as a mixture of allegory, adventurous narrative, and satirical commentary. Other features found in Menippean satire are different forms of parody and mythological burlesque. Learn How to Write a Descriptive Essay For Free!

How To Write A Good Satire Essay To Get Good Grades

How To Write A Good Satire Essay To Get Good Grades

We know a satire essay raising the issue with logic and a mix of humor can get you good grades. But, most students don’t know the techniques to compose a good satire analysis essay. You can follow some important steps to make your essay impressive. Let’s discuss these essential steps so that you will surely improve your grades:

Think And Select the Most Relevant Satirical Topic 

Think about the most relevant and best satire speech topics for your essay. This will take your time, but you should make proper mind-boggling for this step. To produce your best work, you need to select the satire speech topics you’re passionate about and already have enough information about it.   

In addition, it will be more easier for you to write on a topic close to your heart, and you can share various personal information. You can include the current events in the news or use viral videos. You can even write a funny satire essay on social media topics. The best topics are always ones you and your audience can easily associate with.   

Create Funny Satirical Topics to Catch Reader’s Attention 

When selecting your topic, it is crucial that you think about the actually funny subject. It will be challenging to present a topic if there is no funny element that you can poke fun at. Think about every aspect and try to figure out how to make your topic more interesting for the readers. Try to find out the irony of the selected topic.  

You can even start with random serious topics to create funny satire topics. You can alter the serious topic to make it humorous. Utilize exaggerations and apply them in context, mix the catchy words and phrases. For example, you can think about the old good human nature and compare it with the current weird trends.

Understand Your Audience 

Before you start composing, it’s imperative to analyze who will read your content. The tone and language you utilize in your essay will depend on the type of audience, demographics, and age. For example, if your audiences are your school-mates, you can use an informal tone compared to writing for your teachers and academic professionals. At the same time, the quality of your argument and outline will be similar. Only the speech that you will use will vary.

Use Hyperbole and Exaggeration 

Good satire topics creatively make use of hyperbole. It’s a kind of figurative language that creates humor, and readers don’t take it literally. In simple words, hyperbole is creating phrases that exaggerate things and overstate the point. This helps you to emphasize your point of view to create humor.

For example, “I am so hungry that I can eat the whole pizza-house.” This is a hyperbole used to present the fact that a person is incredibly hungry. We know no one is going to eat the entire shop, but it is used to emphasize.

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Include Sarcasm 

Adding sarcasm to your content is one of the best ways to make your essay entertaining and engaging for readers. Sarcasm is the way to put your point of view and helps the audience build a picture of what you are talking about. You will be able to mock the language, which means you will be using the language to state exactly the opposite of what you want to say.

Writing a good satire essay needs special writing abilities and creative use of smart and vibrant humor. Besides that, using the rich and exquisite vocabulary or mimicking the formal newspaper-style contrasts with a funny tone. That enhances the overall effect of your essay presentation.   

Have Some Fun 

Always keep in mind your assignment should be fun. However, it may not seem easy at the start to write satirical ideas and select the satire essay topics, but it’s a rewarding project to finish. You will be able to create a good satire essay if you choose to write on the topic you are familiar with, take your time and have some fun in the entire process. We have provided some of the best satire essay topics below to help you select the most suitable for you. 

What Is Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales or Tales of Canterbury is an amazing collection of twenty-four stories collectively run over 17,000 lines. One of the most famous satirical essays written by Geoffrey Chaucer in Middle English during 138 and 1400. Although some are in prose, Chaucer’s magnum-opus satire mostly uses verse. The entire collection is the best Menippean satire essay examples.

Satire examples in Canterbury tales essay is presented as a part of a story-telling contest. This contest was organized by a group of pilgrims from London traveling together. Their destination was Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. The prize for this contest was announced a free meal at the Tabard Inn on their return.  

Satirical Essay Topic Ideas

Satirical Essay Topic Ideas

Satirical process analysis essay topics! That’s the reason we have come up with some of the topics ideas for your paper. You can go through this topic and get ideas to create your own essay topics.

Funny Satirical Essay Topics

  • The Worst Common first-world issues.
  • The guide on phrases your girlfriend uses and their meaning.
  • How to break with your partner using messages
  • Do you really become what you eat?
  • Eventually, everyone turns into their parents
  • Women take so long to get ready decoded now!
  • Why do earphones always end up in knots?
  • Being fashionably late is a myth
  • Why should cheese be on pizza?
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Global Warming Satire Essay Topics

  • What about Global Warming?
  • The use of the ozone layer  in our daily life
  • Ban cars and help the environment
  • Is recycling really making any difference?
  • Why does the government tell us to use Alternative Energy over Fossil Fuels?
  • Current waste disposal methods are really trash?
  • How are we contributing to the loss of biodiversity?
  • Water pollution: even fish can feel water scarcity in the oceans
  • Is climate change real?
  • Ways we can stop pollution together.

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Technology Satire Essay Topics

  • The day when robots take over our all jobs
  • Benefits of relying on technology for everything
  • Won’t I live without a computer for a day?
  • The changing trends in the information technology
  • All about computer hackers.
  • Is public Wi-Fi really safe?
  • Make sure your technology is secure.
  • The Cloud: Where is your data?
  • Future trends of information technology.
  • The apps that are ruining your life.

A Modest Proposal Satire Essay Topics

  • The overrated marriage institution
  • Only marriage can change you as a person.
  • Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  • Should men wear a wedding ring?
  • The cost of an average wedding.
  • While most marriages end in divorce.
  • Ask yourself a few questions before stating, “I can do.”
  • Is marriage an outdated institution?
  • I want to get married in a church
  • Is marriage worth it?


Satire is a unique genre of creative writing. It requires specific writing skills and smart use of humor and hyperbole to present your point of view. It seems challenging to write a satirical essay; however, you will enjoy the entire process once you start writing. We hope we have presented every aspect of the satire essay in this short guide. The essay topic ideas presented here will help you to create interesting topics.

However, we understand many students don’t have time to compose a good satire essay because of lack of time. They are busy with important life commitments and jobs. If you want someone to write an impressive satire essay for you, visit The fantastic platform has been helping students with customized essays for many years.