In this column, you will know about the analysis of a compare and contrast essay. On this platform, you will learn how to identify and structure a compare and contrast paper, the similarities and differences of the two distinct subjects, and the purpose of writing a compare and contrast essay. This write-up will also offer you the idea to develop a thesis. 

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About compare and contrast essays

A compare and contrast essay is an essay that offers points to compare and contrast between two distinctive subjects. The essay defines the aspects of their differences and their similarities. The compare and contrast essay format elucidates the two subjects in different paragraphs and ends with an analytical note.

Throughout the academic career of a student, he has to write many assignments. A comparison and contrast essay is the one in which you throw light on the fact that how it is similar or different from the other. Through such an assignment, you develop your own analytical skill, relate the ideas of different texts, and establish critical thinking. When you are able to comprehend the similarities and differences, you generate a sound understanding you could well interpret the real comparison, the relationship of the two subjects, and the need for such comparison. People wandering on how to write an essay outline  must include comparing and contrasting within an essay.

The objective of a compare and contrast essay

When you find it challenging to write an essay covering a single topic, the compare contrast essay writing enables you to focus on two different subjects and amuse the reader with your argument and ideas about two different issues at a time.

Compare and contrast essays build up your critical thinking power. In a difference and similarities essay, you set two subjects side by side. Hence you are working on two subjects together. While working on the two subjects, you are able to constructively structure two thesis statements, two topic sentences, and descriptive details of both the subjects. Also, while writing such an essay, you enrich yourself with knowledge related to politics, social issues, entertainment, travel and tourism, current affairs, and a wide variety of products.

How to identify a compare and contrast essay? 

To identify a compare and contrast essay, you need to figure out two main words like compare contrast essay, contrasting and comparing essay, comparison or contrast essay, or similar examples. It is important to note that some essays ask only for comparison, others for contrast, and the third one demands both. It is many a time difficult to identify what exactly is asked in the essay.

Also, there are some essays in which you should begin with comparing or contrasting, but then you need to continue with your personal argument and evaluation.

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Application of comparison/contrast in various assignments

When you have successfully learned the comparison contrast technique from a compare and contrast essay, it is a great way to enhance your scores by implementing it while writing various assignments.

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What can you compare and contrast in an essay?

Here is a list of some conventional points that can be argued, compared, or contrasted. Let us read on:

Two genres or events

Date and duration

Changes that had occurred

Significance of the changes

The occupation of different people at that time

How did they value the relationship

Role and kind of government and other significant personalities of the time

Causes, events, and consequents of the period

Two pieces of ideas or theories

What are the topics of the ideas?

Who are the creators of such ideas? When was it created?

How did it generate?

What is the motive or purpose of generating such ideas?

How can the ideas be implemented?

What are your opinions about the ideas?

Two pieces of artwork or writing

Name of the title and their descriptions

The language, tone, style, and form of the writing

About the creators of the work

The purpose of the theme of the creations

Discussion of the characters, setting, theme, and plot of the two subjects.

Comparing and contrasting the quality


The origin of the two people

Their age, gender, race, and class 

Their achievement, their beliefs, and their interests

Their stand out features that is worth discussing

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How to understand what is important to write?

How to understand what is important to write?

After establishing a list of similarities and differences, you have to focus on some crucial questions. These are some crucial questions that you should be confident about so that you can write a great compare and contrast essay. Take a look:

Which points are relevant to the assignments?

What are the ideas relevant to the course?

What is more engaging and informative?

What are the arguments that you are going to produce?

Differentiate between a general and central point of argument.

Finally, what is more important- similarities or differences.

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How to effectively start a compare and contrast essay?

Continue reading the below-mentioned points to understand how to compare and contrast two essays.

Choose a topic that allows comparing and contrasting

The best way to write compare and contrast essays is, to begin with, a great topic. The idea is to make sure that you can produce an argument before the reader with the two subjects. It would be good if you choose a visual tool like a Venn diagram that brings about an organizational structure of your topic. We have heard or learned about a Venn diagram in our school level Mathematics too. In a Venn diagram, we find two overlapping circles that outline the features or characteristics of the two subjects. The two distinctive rings lay down the elements of two distinct subjects, and the overlapping part of the circle shows the typical characteristics or points of the two subjects that are common.

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Get a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the most exciting part of an essay. It is a statement written close to the end of the introductory paragraph. If you already have a plan and a concrete idea of what you are going to write about, it would be good if you prepare a thesis statement in advance and keep it ready.

What is a thesis statement? 

A thesis statement is specifically a proposed argument of your topic. When you are aware of the similarities and differences of the two subjects in your topic, you can develop thesis writing. In the statement, you place your argument and enlighten the reader about the idea you are going to elaborate on in your essay. A predetermined thesis statement allows you to stay focus on your points and gives you a roadmap to writing a good compare and contrast essay. 

How to set up a compare and contrast essay?

How to set up a compare and contrast essay?

Develop an outline

After the research process, it is now when you need to map an outline of your thoughts. Here you need to focus on the organizational structure. To decide on the structure, you need to know the standard format. This should include the introductory paragraph, more than one body paragraph, and a conclusion. When you map an outline, you can organize the structure of your essay correctly. You can write about the location, paragraph, and ambiance subject by subject. It helps to develop a better understanding of your points and helps to analyze the body paragraphs clearly. The advantage of writing subject by subject form is that you are able to produce an impactful thesis and a great body paragraph where you can jot down all the different points together.

 Also, talk about one point of a subject at a time and pen down one point of comparison at a time. For example, if you have to describe one point in one paragraph, in the next paragraph, compare the ingredients of the topic available. Make sure that the professors or the readers are able to comprehend and distinguish between the two topics effectively.

Another quick tip would be to use these transitional words or phrases while writing a comparing or contrasting essay

  • Like
  • Unlike
  • Likewise
  • In contrast
  • Again
  • Compared to
  • In the same way
  • In the same manner
  • Similar to
  • Similarly
  • On the contrary
  • Although
  • Even though
  • At the same time
  • Despite
  • On the other hand
  • Contrasted with
  • However 
  • But
  • While
  • Regardless, etc.

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Use supporting evidence

In your process of research and reading, gather enough pieces of evidence to fill in your narrations. Also, add your own insightful thought gathered from your experience while explaining any argument. When you begin to write a compare and contrast essay, you might use anecdotes to hold up your arguments. For example, when you compare contrast two different poetry of Shakespeare and Keats, you may add several quotes from their poetry to bolster the comparison, differences, similarities, and your arguments.

Let us see the structure of a subject-to-subject body paragraph

  • Introduction-Mention the significant point of discussion
  • Body paragraph 1
  • Body paragraph 2
  • Body paragraph 3
  • Body paragraph 4
  • Conclusion

Give the introduction

A good introduction sets the right tone for a comparison contrast essay. The idea is to hook up the readers with your words right in the beginning. Consider the introductory paragraph as the face of your essay and the perfect way to generate interest among the readers. Use a great dialogue, a rhetorical question, a popular quote, or a gripping statement to give an idea to the readers about the easy and also try to establish the fact that somehow the readers will be benefited from reading the paper. After a successful introductory line, present your subject. Finally, the introductory paragraphs would demand a bold thesis statement to get complete.

Write the body paragraph

Body paragraphs are the heart of a comparison contrast essay. Be organized while separating your body paragraphs and include the following elements in each of the body paragraph:

  1. The topic sentence- which concerns the main subject and the idea.
  2. The body- which supports the topic sentence evidently with lots of comparison arguments and evidence.
  3. The conclusion- which focuses on the wrapping up of the idea. A conclusion may also construct a foundation or give a link so that the readers get a hint of the next topic.

It is better, to begin with, one area of comparison between the different subjects. For example, if your subject is two different states and your paragraph topic is the demographic structure, begin with the description of the demographic picture of a single country. Allocate two-sentence to tell about the similarities in the demographical structure and devote two sentences to give an idea of their major differences. You can choose to give various images, a relevant example for each sentence, and relevant information to support your narration. Divide the whole narration into many paragraphs and cover one point in one paragraph, respectively. Follow the same pattern for the next paragraphs.

Acknowledgment of arguments

This part of the essay is dedicated to acknowledging the existing arguments. A paragraph with acknowledgment does the work of appreciating the existing argument and simultaneously contradicting the counter-arguments so as to establish your points positively. Hence this paragraph does the job of expressing how inaccurate and inapplicable the counter-arguments are. 

Make sure to give a conclusion

A good compare and contrast essay demands a great conclusion. The conclusion offers you the last chance to present your insightful thought and connect to the readers. When you begin the conclusion in a compare and contrast essay, you have already proved your thesis statement and elaborated your narration. You have already elucidated the main points to show the many differences and similarities of the subjects.

Well, this is not the time to introduce any new idea concerning the topic. Here you just need to summarize the entire essay and end with an impactful note to make your final impression on the minds of the readers.


Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing

It is not a great idea to deliver unfurnished work. Hence undergo a proofreading process. 

  1. Make sure that you have successfully covered each of the points and provided proper pieces of information about each subject.
  2. Proofread the whole work accurately.
  3. Reread the phrases and sentences carefully.
  4. Check whether you need to restructure your sentence or ideas anywhere.
  5. Edit the sentences wherever required.
  6. Check for punctuations, spellings, and other grammatical errors.
  7. Finally, make sure that you as a reader actually like what you have written.

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Some off the track smart hacks to write a compare and contrast paper effectively:

  • Always give an early start to meet the deadlines. The quality of writing may fall if you rush at the last moment.
  • While you establish your organizational structure, do not fail to include the explanation ‘Why.’
  • Look for ways to get relaxed whenever necessary. Remember that you are not a machine that can work tirelessly for a long period without spending quality time with your favorite people or book. This is a common mistake done by first-time writers. Relaxation is compulsory to come back with more energy. 
  • Use diversification to cut down the boredom that might develop in your essay. Keep changing the tone and sentences to bring about a variety in your writing.
  • Keep your practice on to reduce the flaws in your writing.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle to think positively and remain focused on your endeavor.

To sum up, it can be said that writing an essay is exciting. It makes us more organized , focussed and finally builds up our confidence to express our thoughts.

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