The essay is a part of the academic career. Whether you are a class 2 or a Post-graduation student, you need to write an article for the assignment. An essay can get distinguished into four types— Exposition, Description, Narrative, Argument. All of it has its distinct way of writing format. But the most common thing in all four is the way of choosing the topics. Students should always choose essay topics wisely. Instead of discussing all the essay types topics, let’s focus on one by one. In this article, I will highlight some eye-catchy narrative essay topics besides guiding you with all the information regarding them. So, let’s scroll down.

Before giving examples and tips for choosing the personal narrative essay topics, let’s learn some facts before knowing how to write a narrative essay.

What Is A Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a sort of essay in which the whole story revolves around a single factor or primary topic. All of the events, situations, and characters in the story revolve around a single theme. In terms of format, a narrative essay is identical to standard five-paragraph academic papers. It is only distinguishable because it is a story with characters, situations, and dialogues. 

For example— Your first day at school will be a narrative article as here you will describe your first experience of attending the school. Here, in the write-up, you will discuss—

  • What were your thoughts before leaving for school?
  • How was the school premises?
  • Your first thought, when you see the teacher around you.
  • How were your classmates?

Besides it, you will discuss your emotion when your classmate does approach you for the first time and becomes friends.

Overall, you will pen down your overall memorable experience of attending the school for the first time. Students have been writing narrative essays like this since they were children. Many people are still unaware that these sorts of essays get referred to as narrative essays.

What Are Narrative Essay Topics?

When the teacher assigns students a topic to write a story, it considers the Narrative essay topics. The educators don’t always need to give essay subjects. Sometimes students create or pick the assignment essay subject themselves to complete their home task. 

Often, high school students ask if they need to write the article only on a subject matter they have experienced or choose any topic. Let’s clear here that whatever essay concept you choose, you need to include it as your life experience.

For example—

Your educators have given you the assignment to write about your memorable embarrassing moment. But, you don’t have any till now. In that case, you need to create a fictitious story about yourself experiencing such moments. 

But, it is a fact that teachers mostly ask college students to choose the narrative essay topics themselves to create a catchy write-up.

How To Write A Narrative Essay?

People should know that narrative essay writing is the simplest among all other academic essay types. Here, you need to follow the essay with the storytelling. It is similar to 5 paragraph essay writing which includes—

Introduction or the plot— 

Here, with the introduction to your write-up, you will brief the incidents you will share in the article.


In this part, you will open up about where and when the incident occurred. For example— you are writing a narrative essay on your first embarrassing moment. So, here you need to tell whether it happened in your house or somewhere else.


Every story has several characters, isn’t it! So make sure your narrative essay also has characters. Mention their name so that readers do not get confused.

Narrate the incident with detail—-

Whatever narrative essay topics you choose, it follows with the storytelling. So, narrate the story with details with a systematic pattern. Mention the character’s role in the incident for whom either you get benefited or faced issues.

Mention the purpose to share the story—- 

In general, we count this part as a conclusion. Here, it would help discuss why you chose that topic to share the specific incident with the readers. Your elaboration on the subject will let the readers relate your incident to their life.

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What Is A Good Narrative Essay Topic?

We all know that essays have a distinct writing format. When evaluators go through the write-up, they not only look at what college students have written. They also evaluate if the students followed the proper writing format. Students must adhere to the essay writing format, and here, a good topic will always support the creation of a well-structured piece.

It makes no difference whatever genre you cover for narrative essay writing; if you select a topic that allows you to include an introduction and conclusion in addition to the body paragraphs, it will undoubtedly be a great essay topic. Do you want to know how to pick the right personal narrative ideas? Then follow the passage below.

How To Choose Good Narrative Essay Topics For The Narrative Paper?

How To Choose Good Narrative Essay Topics For The Narrative Paper?

It is not necessary to mention that the subject of the narrative essay varies as per the class standard. If teachers ask you to choose the topic by themselves, the easiest way to pick is an incident that you did experience in your life. The reason behind it is you will not have to create a fictitious story on the topic. , you can share your personal experience in the write-up.

The freedom of picking up the essay concept often confuses the students. The ultimate motto of article writing is to get a decent score. Thus, it is okay to feel concerned about picking up a topic. So, it would be wise to follow some factors while choosing interesting narrative essay topics.

  • Choose the subject in which you do have a lot to tell as a story. The narrative essay ideas must lead the readers in knowing your personal experience.
  • Whether you write a personal narrative essay or an article on someone else’s experience, make sure to pick the topic you can discuss several things. Don’t forget that readers need narration on the subject matter you choose.
  • Always follow the continuity in the narrative essay writing. The word length of the narrative essay topics often is too long. So, students must choose a topic to discuss the incident, maintaining the continuity until the end.
  • Your essay should make a point. Many students overlook the fact that narrative essays must persuade readers that your experience has the potential to impact others’ lives. Narrative essay writing frequently aids readers in altering their outlook on life. So come up with compelling personal narrative essay topics that support a point and give people a reason to read your story.
  • Always keep in mind that essays require structure to create a great narrative essay. An introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion should all get included in the write-up. Thus, select good narrative essay topics in which you can follow the proper essay structure.

So, I hope the mentioned factors will guide in choosing the best narrative essay topic ideas. Still, high school students often face issues in getting the essay ideas. Let’s get some narrative essay examples in the below passage. Here are the topics you can go to for a specific genre.

Narrative essay topics for 5th grade—

  • Your first day at school or college.
  • A story of making a first friend or losing a friend.
  • Your memorable kindness act to a stranger.
  • Your first school trip.

High school narrative essay topics—-

  • A car accident.
  • A trip I will never forget.
  • My first visit to a book fair.
  • A funny story from my school days.

Narrative essay topics for university students—-

  • A significant discovery to your life.
  • An incident changes your perspective towards life.
  • Your experience of being away from home for the first time.
  • An incident when someone close betrayed you.

The great cultural narrative essay topics ideas are just a few examples of how to pick a topic according to their class standard. You can say that it is a drop of water in an ocean.

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Should Middle School Students Choose Severe Topics For The Narrative Essay?

Whether students choose relationship narrative essay topics or the narrative argument essay topics, they often search in Google— ‘Should I pick a serious topic for a narrative essay?’ To get a clear concept, the student must understand that as per the narrative essay definition— You need to create an essay that tells a story and give a purpose to the readers to know your tale. So it doesn’t seem necessary to choose a severe topic for academic writing.

For example—

You chose ‘An experience of enjoying a family ritual’ as a cultural narrative essay topic to write for the assignment. Now, it is not a serious topic, but still, you choose to let people know how the rituals always bind family members together.

Students must understand those narrative argument essay topics has nothing to do with whether it is severe or not. What exactly matters is choosing a subject matter to tell the story in detail with the purpose. Even argumentative essay topics need not be serious. You can pick up any ideas for the best narrative essay topics for college students.

How To Think Of Good Narrative Essay Topics?

How To Think Of Good Narrative Essay Topics?

Still, several people are in confusion while choosing the topic for the essay. They even search for writing tips or essay writing service on Google. Yes, several agencies assist in assignment writing, such as Eduessay. But before discussing it, let’s give you an ultimate guide on picking narrative essay topics.

Here, the below paragraph will guide you to the top 35 narrative essay topics as per the genre.

Everyone can relate that the personal narrative topics always cover personal life experiences. When you talk about yourself, it can include memories of anything. Let’s discuss some of the subjects for the narrative paper with examples.

Childhood memories—

No doubt, everyone has childhood memories regarding several things. Also, some of it is never to forget as a whole as it has impacted your life deeply. You can choose some of the incidents from your favorite childhood memory to write an essay. But, of course, choose one which will let people relate to their life. You can start writing on some given examples here—-

  • Your role model in your younger days and mention why.
  • Your first experience of making a best friend in school.
  • Your first school trip.
  • Your experience when you lost your grandparents.
  • Your memorable birthday.
  • Favorite childhood games.
  • Your special favorite vacation trip abroad with your family.
  • Your experience when you got your first pet as a gift.
  • Your most enjoyable Christmas days.
  • Your scariest moment in childhood.

Hobbies & Interests

We all have hobbies that we like to do in our leisure time. And it also follows with memories and experiences that gave your a life lesson or an exciting story to tell others. You can choose essay topics for college from here as well.

  • Your first person who did guide you to follow a hobby.
  • An incident when you skip school to pursue your interest is going to a cinema to watch your role model.
  • The moments when you get an appreciation for your hobby in public.
  • Your great accomplishment in following your pursuit.
  • The day you realize you have a particular skill in something that became your hobby.


Everyone has specific recollections of loved ones, including family, friends, and relatives. Your tale about them will always be personal, and therefore if you’re writing a narrative essay, your connections will provide you with a never-ending supply of fresh concepts. Here are some narrative essay topics for the academic papers to consider in middle school:—-

  • Write about a breakup you’ve had with your best friend.
  • Share your thoughts about the person you’re afraid of losing.
  • A time when you get confronted with rejection.
  • A prank or absurd miscommunication with your family members.
  • Describe the nastiest or the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had with your best friend.

Moreover, you can create a fictional story if you do not have personal stories to share on relationships.


Everyone knows that the laws keep the world in order. Do they, or do they not? Students from all across the world debate several complex moral issues that they face in their daily lives. When a person has to choose between doing the legal thing and doing the right thing, according to their set of ethical standards, a decision needs to take. You can find several narrative essay topics for college students on the same for the thesis statement. 

  • A scenario in which you had to make a difficult decision.
  • Describe a time when you did something rebellious in your life.
  • Write about moral issues that disturb you and why they bother you.
  • You made an ethical decision that you regret afterward.
  • Write about a recent moral dilemma you’ve had.
  • A weird encounter where you faced gender bias.
  • Your moral value regarding male and female roles in society.
  • How did you change your political beliefs?
  • What is your biggest lie that harmed another person?
  • Your moral theology for the unique family tradition.

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What if…

Narrative essay topics frequently begin with the lines “Imagine If…” and ask you to write a fictional story about what your life may be like in the future. It is one of the most popular subtopics among students since it allows us to make up whatever we want in real life. Your imagination is the only limit! These kinds of topics get often covered by graduate and professional degrees students. So here you can create an engaging fictional story on the issues such as—-

  • Suppose you have access to a time machine. When would you want to travel?
  • Assume you’re an animal. What animal would you prefer to be if you could be any animal, and why?
  • Pretend you were born in a different nation. What country would you like to get held in, and why?
  • Make the assumption you’re obscenely wealthy. What would you do with that if you had it?
  • Imagine you’re a character from a comic book. Which superpower would you most wish to possess, and why?

I hope the mentioned example will help you in choosing the narrative essay topics. But it is a fact that students often feel free to select the research papers topic. At that particular point, they wonder if they can get assistance from the native English professional writers.

What Benefits Can Students Enjoy With Hiring Experts?

It is a fact that students are unable to create a professional write-up for the assignment. When the evaluators assign the task to the students, they seek quality articles. Moreover, they expect the students will cover the essay with an interesting topic. The student will submit the assignment with the great narrative essay topics for high school by hiring an expert. Some factors that students will enjoy are as follows—

  • On-time delivery.
  • Prioritize your requirements.
  • Get the subject expertise.
  • Offer minimal charges.

Besides that, if you want to get the best 150+ argumentative essay topics ideas to impress readers, you can get help from the expert. So, no more worries about choosing the best narrative essay topics. Get guidance from the experts.