Are you looking for some excellent opinion essay examples? Do you need some great opinion essay topics for your college academic writing? Keep reading this article, for we will cover every detail required for your opinion writing. We will include an opinion essay example, opinion essay topics, all about opinion essay conclusion, opinion essay outline, and a complete opinion essay structure.

What Is An Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a critical type of academic essay in which the writer talks about his perspective on a particular topic. Relevant arguments and examples support this kind of persuasive essay. Contradictory viewpoints can also be added in the opinion paragraph to make it a successful essay.

An opinion article offers the following

  • ideas through opinion writing
  • Explanation from the writer’s viewpoint.
  • The causes and relationship of opinion essay topics according to the writer.

Opinion essay examples college also deal with logical reasoning and include facts and arguments on a particular subject.

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Is An Opinion Essay An Important Academic Writing?

Yes, it is. An opinion essay is important for academic writing. It helps students express their personal views and opinions on a particular topic, discuss some controversial issues in society, or even share deep thoughts about some significant events that can be either positive or negative.

How to start an opinion essay example

Start writing an opinion essay example with a friendly introduction. You also must share an opinion. If you are unaware of what it is yet, ask your teacher or professor for feedback.

You can also look at some writing prompts to get ideas on what topic to pick and research with facts and statistics (and not just opinion). It needs a specific thesis statement that shows the direction of the essay; however, do not include this in the introduction.

How to write an opinion essay introduction example

To write an opinion essay introduction example, you should always use a hook statement at the beginning. This statement is what grabs your reader’s attention and makes them want to read on further so that they can understand more about your topic of choice.

The thesis should be easy enough for everyone reading it to grasp without too much thinking involved; however, do not include this in the introduction.

How to end opinion essay example

To end an essay example, you should bring about all the major points of your essay. You should not add new points in this particular section; rather, you should summarize all that has been said and provide closure on it for readers easily. The thesis statement should be restated at the end with a powerful finish impression left on them after reading through everything you have written.

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Opinion Essay Structure

Like other pieces of writing, an opinion essay has to be put in a format in a specific way. Your essay is useless unless you use the proper format and structure. As a result, study the below-mentioned essay structure and create an excellent one.


Start your essay with a hook statement. Provide an overview of the topic in general. Include the thesis assertion, which should be easy to grasp. Use transition words for writing a great essay.

Body Paragraphs

  • Paragraph 1:
  • Paragraph 2:
  • Paragraph 3:

All the paragraphs should have the main ideas, supporting evidence, examples, facts, etc., written in the present tense.


Mention all of the essay’s major points. Do not bring anything new to light. A powerful finish impression is made by leaving the reader with something to think about.

How To Write An Opinion Essay With Example?

How To Write An Opinion Essay With Example?

There are some specific steps to writing an opinion essay. Firstly, do as much detailed research as possible on the topic and gather all of the data you can find about it. Observe your own position in relation to what is being discussed, and then give it a proper structure.

1. Steps to begin with

Before you begin writing the essay, gather evidence that supports your viewpoint. However, ensure that the information you gather is relevant and consistent with your position. You should also make it a note to check whether your opinion is relevant to the topic in the prewriting stage. If not, then it’s time to fix it and make it more appealing.

With the appropriate essay outline, you can quickly produce an essay without omitting any essential information. It’s like a road map that might show you the route you’ll take. However, use the required structure for your essay outline.

2. The opinion essay outline contains:

The opening paragraph of an essay is known as the introduction, and it should pique readers’ interest.

The primary goal of the introduction is nevertheless to get your readers ready to read. After giving the hook statement, explain the topic and provide some background information about it. However, it does not go into great detail about the essay’s subject.

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Make a short explanation with 1 or 2 sentences. Write a thesis statement that clearly depicts your stance. Your ideas must be specific and clear. Make sure it doesn’t sound like a question because this makes readers confused about what you will write next in the essay body.

Opinion Essay Body Paragraphs

To back up your thesis statement, you must provide evidence in the essay body. While expressing your concerns about the stated proposition, address the readers directly. Furthermore, only begin a new paragraph when it’s necessary.

Opinion essay Conclusion

The last but crucial portion of the essay is the conclusion. In this section, restate the essay’s major points and thesis statement. Make an effort to avoid including new ideas or information. However, be sure that your essay conclusion is more engaging and ends with a warning, a provocative question, or some consequence. Get more opinion essay conclusion examples from experts of the subject.

3. Ending of an opinion essay

Start the editing and proofreading process after you’ve completed writing your paper. At this time, get rid of grammar, jargon, and spelling errors. Make sure your essay follows all of your standards. You must also check your work for plagiarism using a plagiarism checker before submitting or publishing it.

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How Do I Choose The Best Topic For An Opinion Essay?

Make sure that the topic sentence is intriguing.

If a subject can cause a debate, it’ll be worth writing and reading about. There’s enough information about it you’ll need to obtain evidence from somewhere young people are interested in the issue — this indicates it’s worth writing and reading the balanced opinion essay examples.

Avoid subjects that have been addressed: Most people have made up their minds about it, and no one is interested in it anymore. Even with the best opposing viewpoint in your head, you’ll need some sources to back up your position and provide substantial academic study.

You are enthusiastic about – If you are strongly committed to a formal piece of a topic, the readers will sense your main points and be more likely to find your opinion paper interesting too.

Choosing an excellent subject for opinion essays is the first step toward writing an opinion essay. Consider half of your work completed if your topic is intriguing, contentious, and nonconventional! However, avoid writing an ambiguous statement.

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Opinion Essay Topics

It’s essential to pick opinion essay topics in the early stages of your research, and there are many options. Choosing an opinion essay subject is simple. It’s best to select opinion essay topics that you’re interested in or have a passion for if possible.

  • Is it OK for parents to prevent their children from having sleepovers?
  • Is it necessary to select a leader?
  • The Many Benefits and Drawbacks of Daylight Saving Time.
  • Do you believe that people should be allowed to live in the country they want?
  • What makes a person successful?
  • Is it wrong for companies to outsource their work or hire foreign workers instead of local ones, despite its benefits?
  • How does an individual feel about working from home versus going into an office every day?
  • Should students get paid?
  • Do sports have anything in common with regular board games?
  • Is it wrong to employ animals in circus acts?
  • Shouldn’t all workers be entitled to a four-day workweek?
  • Is it necessary for everyone on Earth to become vegetarian?

There are more relevant opinion essay topics you can find on the internet.

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An Example Of An Opinion Essay

Let’s write an opinion essay research paper example to clarify things: in case you find the opinion paper difficult, professional writers are there for you to help with any essay topic. Here is one of the relevant examples to write an opinion essay

Topic: What makes a person successful?


The world that we stay in is a place where everybody strives to be successful and make it big. However, what does ‘success’ mean? Is there anything as a universal definition of success? The answer lies within its different definitions for different people.

What makes a person successful, according to one, might not be the same for another individual..

Body Paragraphs

The first paragraph is about the essential traits of a successful person. For example, one might be persistent and diligent; another can persevere to reach goals, whereas yet another individual possesses an ability to make sound judgments under pressure…


When summarizing the important speech that has been discussed above, it’s clear that the idea of success is fluid and changes for different people. While there are some traits that one might possess, they can vary in number or strength, depending on the individual. Overall, nobody has the exact same definition of what makes a person successful; therefore, it’s impossible to state whether someone is ‘successful’ or not…

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How To Write An Opinion Essay 5th Grade Example Essay?

How To Write An Opinion Essay 5th Grade Example Essay?

4th grade opinion essay examples are different from 5th grade. Here we are giving an opinion essay example that could be written by a fifth-grader who wants to share his thoughts on homework. Remember that this type of paper needs to be based on the writer’s personal experience, knowledge, or feelings about a given topic:

Homework should not be made mandatory for elementary school students because it wastes their time and doesn’t allow them to spend it with their families. Children should not be given homework because they need to relax after a long day at school, and having extra tasks doesn’t let them do this.

Arguments for having homework

First, it helps students learn how to do their schoolwork at home. Second, kids need to complete tasks on time and not depend on their parents’ help all the time. Thirdly, children will better understand everything they’ve been taught in class if they’re given more work.

Arguments against having homework

First, children don’t have enough time to play and rest after a day at school. Second, making them do tasks every single night is stressful for both kids and parents. Thirdly, it can be difficult for some students who need more help than others while completing their work…

Finally, homework should not be mandatory because I think that children need to have more free time, play outside or watch TV after a long day at school instead of doing homework…

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How Do I State My Opinion In The Essay?

You can state your opinion by providing examples, facts, or details that support the topic of discussion. It is essential to have a logical sequence. It should be clear from the facts and examples provided that your opinion is well researched, thought out, and most importantly, based on facts.


Writing an opinion essay can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding because you get the chance to express your personal feelings and thoughts about a particular topic. It is important to remember that to write an opinion essay, you need to have adequate information and support for your claims.

So use this article as an opinion essay example and get your thoughts together!