Essay writing is the most common academic activity for school and college students. The essay writing world involves presenting an issue and providing a responsive conclusion that improves critical thinking. There is a misconception among students that argumentative essays and persuasive essays are the same. Even many scholars end up writing an argumentative essay that was meant to be persuasive.

These two types of essays are quite similar in nature, with some key differences. In this article, we will discuss the interesting differences between argumentative vs. persuasive essays. But before moving ahead, let us understand what is persuasive and argumentative writing? You can also explore the How to Write a Satire Essay & The Best Satire Essay Topics.  

What Is Argumentative Writing And Its Purpose?

It is the most usual form of academic writing. In argumentative writing, the writer takes the position on an issue or the subject and explains the stand with research from reliable sources. Argumentative writing is based on several reasons or support points of discussion. The writer usually places the argument clearly in the thesis part of the essay. The prime objective of argumentative writing is to select the topic and offer practical solutions based on reliable research and other sources. Explore the Best 150+ Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas To Impress Readers!

What Is Persuasive Writing And Its Purpose?

Persuasive writing focuses more on the logic and reason that one opinion is more legitimate than another. This form of writing attempts to persuade readers to adopt a specific point of view or to take a particular action. Careful word choice, logical arguments, and cohesive summary are essential aspects of persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is also used in academic papers; however, it is mainly based on the writer’s emotions and the power of words.  Learn How to Write a Descriptive Persuasive Essay Outline in just a click. Learn How to Write a Descriptive Essay For Free.

Difference Between Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Writing

Argumentative writing vs. persuasive writing seems almost similar, but there are subtle and yet critical differences between the two. We have presented some of the differences below:

Features Argumentative Writing Persuasive Writing
Goal His or her argument is to make the reader acknowledge that their stand is valid and deserves consideration. To persuade the readers to agree on a particular topic with you.
General Technique Offers relevant facts, solid reasons, and enough evidence to support writers’ points of view. Mix facts with emotions to powerfully convince the reader that the writer is correct.
Starting Point It starts with researching a topic and then aligning with one side.  It starts with identifying the topic and putting the writer’s side.
Viewpoint Multiple viewpoints are presented and also acknowledge the opposing views. May include one opposing viewpoint, but then easily dismissed and refuted.
Audience The writer is content with the writing, no need audience to convince. Need an audience to convince them what the writer thinks is correct.
Attitude The writer just shares their conviction without thinking about audience ends up agreeing on it or not. It is more personal, more emotional, and more passionate and intended to gain positive votes from audiences.

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What Is The Objective Of An Argumentative Essay

What Is The Objective Of An Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay writing attempts are used to convince readers that the authors’ point of view is true. This genre of writing is used to defend or prove a specific point. To create an argumentative essay, the writer conducts thorough research, collects accurate facts and figures from reliable sources. The complete essay is like a debate presented on the paper. The writer considers both the pros and cons of the argument and discredits the opposing viewpoint by presenting more credible evidence. Learn everything about What is a Short Essay Format, and How to Write it Efficiently?

What is the Purpose of the Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay type attempts to convince audiences to agree with the author’s idea. In these essays, the writer usually uses their own ideas and opinions and evokes emotions in readers to support their ideas. The writer needs to gather evidence and do research, but the smart writer can develop successful persuasive articles without much knowledge. The reason is apparent persuasive writing appeals to readers’ emotions and brains. The writer should have certain awareness about the reader’s emotions to write a persuasive essay. For example, more appealing to teenagers may not similarly impact adults. The first-person narration and second-person narration are the overall writing emotion of the essay.   

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Amazing Difference Between Argumentative Vs. Persuasive Essay

Argument paper vs. persuasive paper seems similar at first, but there are interesting differences between the two. We have presented that below so that you can have a proper understanding of persuasive vs. argumentative essay types:

Sr. No. Argumentative Essay Persuasive Essay
1. Attempts to convince readers about the specific writer’s idea by providing facts, figures, statistics, etc. Attempts to convince readers about the specific idea through emotions, personal ideas, etc. 
2. It is based on logic and reason. It is based on emotions and personal opinions.
3. It acknowledges the opposing point of view. It may not acknowledge another point of view.
4. Appeals to the minds of the audiences. Appeals to the hearts of the audiences.
5. The writer needs to perform thorough research before starting writing an essay. The writer can develop the essay without doing much research work.
6. The writer does not need to know the audience. The writer must have a certain knowledge about the audience.

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Last Few Words

Argumentative vs. persuasive writings are the most common form of academic writing. Because of their common nature, many students get confused between an argumentative essay vs. a persuasive essay. EduEssay is the best website that staffs professional writers to help students with academic essays. You will also explore the argumentative essay vs. persuasive essay pdf and argumentative vs. persuasive essay examples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which feature distinguishes an argumentative text from a persuasive text?

The two main features that make the big difference between the argumentative text vs. persuasive text are the style of language and tone. It is all about convincing readers you are right in your arguments. The persuasive style of writing uses an emotional tone to convince readers. The style of writing used in persuasive texts is first person and second person when comparing the two essays.

2. How to make a persuasive argument?

You need to identify argument writing vs. persuasive writing. The persuasive arguments are more based on emotions and the writer’s point of view than logic to convince the readers. The writer directly refutes the opposing arguments to put their perspective more strongly. The overall attempt is to appeal to readers’ hearts rather than minds. However, persuasive arguments can’t be used in scientific studies.  

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3. How to make your writing more persuasive?

Persuasive writing is based on knowing your audiences to hook their attention efficiently. The writer’s argument usually asks rhetorical questions and tries to convince readers emotionally. The persuasive argument is more repetitive and diminishes the opposing viewpoint emotionally. EduEssay is the leading web-based platform to offer customized essays.