Encouraging students to discuss their viewpoints is a vital element of learning. It is equally crucial to effectively develop the required abilities to convey these thoughts in a reasoned and logical manner. Writing is one of the significant ways for students to express themselves and explore the power and validity of those beliefs. To do well in your language class, you must write an excellent opinion essay. Your essay writing should be vital to boosting your exam results. Being the most prevalent essay kind, the writer needs to take a firm stance on the opinion essay topics. No doubt, this blog will help you find the best topics for opinion essays.

Moreover, it will be an ultimate guide for those students who struggle to write this particular essay type. So, here is the content list you will find in this article. Follow it and clear all your queries.

Now, let’s look at the answer to the following questions in the below passage. Meanwhile, click here if you want to know what is a short essay format.

What are opinion essays?

An opinion essay is a piece of article writing that asks for your thoughts on a specific issue. Many competitive examinations ask you to prepare an opinion essay on one of the themes provided. The goal of this essay kind is to get your thoughts on specific subjects and situations. Most students’ academic careers will get assigned an opinion essay. In this assignment, you must present your opinions together with sound justifications and rationales. There are two categories of opinion essays in general:

One-sided opinion essay.
Two-sided opinion essay.

Let’s look at the definition with the opinion essay samples.

One-sided opinion essay—-

A one-sided opinion essay tries to persuade the readers to agree with the writer’s argument. It frequently contains counter-arguments (opponent perspectives) that the writer refutes to strengthen their arguments. For example—- Should gym class be held regularly? If you choose to go through the one-sided opinion essay type, you will only focus on proving your point right. In addition, you can read the blog to know more about the persuasive essay topics.

Two-Sided opinion Essay—-

A two-sided opinion essay presents a balanced and impartial consideration of both sides of an argument. It offers a pro-position statement while simultaneously considering the counter-argument. By questioning all sides of the scenario and analyzing each component of the message, the students who write these sorts can raise the audience’s confidence and trust. When writing two-sided opinion essays, the primary goal is to focus on the audience’s concerns and persuade them that the notion or view is valid. Let’s take an opinion essay sample, ‘Do violent video games have an impact on the minds of young people?’ With this issue, you must state your argument while taking into account the viewpoints of others. Facing any difficulty in writing a satire essay? Get the best tips here!

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Why are students get assigned with opinion essay writing?

In an opinion essay, the writer expresses a point of view and then backs it up with facts and well-reasoned arguments. The write up’s purpose is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s viewpoint. Students aren’t usually aware of how many intense feelings they have. An opinion is more than just what a person thinks; it may also be a judgment or a belief. All viewpoints get valued in a democratic society. One person’s opinion can sometimes influence another’s understanding. What a person believes or thinks can cause change. Many outstanding ideas and innovations, such as theories, formulae, and recipes, are born through people’s opinions and contributions. Youth are also the future of civilization, and they must learn to express themselves.

With the assignment, students will understand that another person’s point of view cannot support one person’s point of view. “I enjoy elementary school for my kids,” for example. Instead, an opinion must get backed up by facts and reasoning, such as “I prefer primary physical education for my children since it helps them learn fundamentals.” Opinion or argumentative essay “teach the conflicts” so that middle school students may learn to create and sustain rational arguments in writing.

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How to write opinion research papers?

How to write opinion research papers?

Throughout the essay, you will present several arguments/reasons/points of view on the issue, all of which will get backed by evidence and examples. So, how can you begin an essay to present your argument or point of view and ensure that the readers fully get it? Here are the factors you need to follow while writing.


Choose a title for your topic that will entice readers to read it. Consider if you agree or disagree with your subject while composing your title. Then use that sentence as your essay’s title. (For example, are men and women equally emotional?)


An introduction paragraph should get included in your paper. The introduction is the opening paragraph of an essay, and it must have a ‘hook,’ which is a language that draws the reader’s attention. Data or statistics can get used as a ‘hook.’ The introduction includes the thesis statement in academic writing. A thesis sentence is the main point of your essay, whether it’s a claim, an opinion, or an idea. 

Argument or Reason with the following of paragraphs—-

Argumentative essay topics will present various counter-arguments to your thesis statement. Let’s say that you got a case— Are violent video games bad? You must show proof for each argument or rationale. You might have a variety of opinions or justifications.

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Provide proof to back up your claim—-

Every argument/reason must get backed up by proof, which might include additional research, citations from academic/papers, statistics, and visuals. What matters is that the research and statistics are correct and genuinely support your argument. For example, Should parents limit screen time? Or should the parents allow their kids to get school lunch? There can be numerous pages of argument/reasoning. But, to persuade your viewers, always provide supporting paragraphs on the listed themes. In one of these paragraphs, you might also give an alternative opinion.

Provide a reasonable conclusion——

Any essay’s conclusion summarises the thoughts and ideas expressed throughout the paper. The thesis statement is generally recast in the writer’s own words at the end of an opinion-based essay to emphasize their agreement or disagreement with the issue. For example, to summarise the case of ‘all college majors equally important,’ you will emphasize your point of view and its influence.

Thus, from now on, you can follow this format while creating the online college opinion essay. Whether you write on major historical events or current social issues, you can follow the mentioned formats to make a brilliant write-up. Follow the article here to learn how to write a descriptive essay.

What factors to consider while choosing the opinion paper topics?

The high school students or middle schoolers must first comprehend the precise criteria of the question they respond to convey their thoughts in writing adequately. Of course, there are various questions and prompts aimed at eliciting personal viewpoints from students, and each will necessitate a unique customized response. Let’s look at the things that need to keep in mind while selecting topics.

Determine the target audience——

Writing is a kind of communication that involves the use of words. Writers do not write in a vacuum, and students should know this. The goal of each essay, letter, or other writing piece is to get read at some point. It implies that while picking topics, it’s crucial to keep the nature of the desired audience in mind.

Hold a Stance to your points—-

The student should explain their stance clear from the start. More significantly, they must maintain their point of view throughout the essay. It is not the goal of opinion writing to provide a list of benefits and drawbacks or to detail the many advantages and downsides. Let’s say that if you write about whether a patient can request medically assisted suicide or not, the article should lead with a solid and well-stated statement of opinion.

Always choose Concrete evidence—-

Subjectivity is a crucial feature of opinion writing in general. That isn’t to say that views don’t need to be supported by evidence. Students must understand that every belief declaration must get backed up with relevant evidence. It will also aid pupils in creative reading abilities, as they will be able to discern when other authors make baseless assertions.

A Few Ideas on Words——

Writing is a means of expression. It is essential to look at the minor details. Students should be encouraged to move their emphasis from the next level down to the word and sentence levels because it is vital to look at the significant picture elements like structure. Students should change the length and grammatical structure of their sentences.

What are the top and good opinion essay topic that you may choose?

What are the top and good opinion essay topic that you may choose?

Choosing an opinion essay topic related to an event or subject and ideal for providing solid argumentation might be difficult if the student does not examine relevant opinion essay themes. But, how does one find a good topic for an opinion essay to get an A? Personal talents, experience, credible sources, analysis, and intense research showing reasons for certain viewpoints should all get considered when choosing a decent opinion essay topic. The top ideas in the most popular fields are listed below for you to select. A good assignment concept poses a question and is argumentative, which leads to expressing a viewpoint.

Education Opinion Essay Ideas—-

  • Should kids have the same teacher every year or switch teachers each year?
  • Do we need more religion in our education?
  • Do middle schoolers have too much homework?
  • High school dress codes biased against female students
  • Should schools get required to offer art courses?
  • Are distance learning more adjustable to real life?

Opinion Essay Topics on Politics

  • Which political parties is the most ideologically sound?
  • What should be done, in your opinion, to minimize gender discrimination and income inequality?
  • Political party and leaders should use technology.
  • Is it appropriate for the government to regulate religious practices?
  • What recent governmental choice has resulted in the most significant amount of change?
  • Do you believe that political leaders have the right to possess firearms?

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Opinion Essay Topics About Society & Culture—-

  • Is healthcare considered a fundamental human right?
  • Social internet both brings us together and separates us.
  • Equality is a legal concept, but do you feel it get implemented in practice?
  • Do you believe smoking should be prohibited?
  • Do we need better sex education?
  • When will LGTBQ individuals experience equality?

Opinion essay Topics for Children——

  • Is it OK for kids to bring their pets to school?
  • Is it necessary for us to raise our fruits and vegetables?
  • Allowing children to access social media is a good idea.
  • Children should be allowed to watch television alone.
  • Homework should be prohibited.
  • Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?
  • Should kids be able to vote in national elections?

History Opinion Essay Topics

  • How did the American Civil War benefit or harm the country?
  • What elements contributed to Nazism’s growth in Germany and the Holocaust?
  • In Ancient Rome, there was gender prejudice in the rule.
  • Cause-and-Effect Diagram for the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Monarchy’s Benefits in Modern Society.
  • How did the treatment of Native Americans leave a moral stain on the United States?

Opinion essay interesting topics for depression

  • Divorce hurts a child’s mental health.
  • Can irregular sleeping habits lead to depression?
  • Is social media the only cause of adolescent depression?
  • Is it possible for children to be depressed?
  • Is it possible for poor health routines to lead to depression?
  • Does parents treat youngest differently can lead to depression?

Opinion Essay Topics on Environment 

  • The government withholds information concerning environmental impact.
  • Electric vehicles provide several advantages.
  • There are faults in the tsunami prevention system.
  • Greenpeace activists aren’t always trustworthy.
  • Nuclear power should be illegal due to climate change.
  •  Are all people entitled to free health care? 

Students should see how to choose excellent themes for their opinion essays based on the ideas presented in this article. If a student still has trouble choosing the right topic for their project, they might seek professional assistance from a reputed business. The professional writers will assist you with any project kind, degree, or field, whether an argumentative or persuasive essay. Click here to learn more about the best 150+ argumentative essay topics ideas to impress readers.