Creating nursing research topics is challenging. That’s why students struggle to devise good topics. Here, we are presenting amazing nursing topics to impress professors. So, explore the interesting nursing research topics.

Young people undertaking a degree in healthcare and medicine are assigned research projects. It can be somewhat time-consuming and stressful. Nursing students mainly do not try to pick researchable topics in nursing papers on their own. However, they come to their professor and ask for a case to be assigned to them. 

Determining a good research paper topic for nursing is a real challenge. It is crucial to pick a theme that would be simple to research and up-to-date.

Why not just pick whatever comes first to your mind? If you want a high grade and an instructor’s appreciation. You must care about how to present pre-writing stages. Moreover, how to conduct research questions. These are the most critical steps.

Do not be lazy to spare some time exploring and brainstorming. You can either lookup for the prevalent nursing research topics on various platforms. Like social media networks or news or check with a professional writer online to take care of your assignment. Today, social media is also one of the places to get several Research Paper Topics.

You need to complete every task. It will get you the highest score by the end of a semester.

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What Is a Nursing Research Paper? 

What Is a Nursing Research Paper?

One of the most popular nursing research questions revolves around concept definition. However, a lot of modern college students in the United States forget key points. The popular research should be as innovative as possible.

Even if you are majoring in Cardiology or Dentistry. Where it is crucial to remain specific. One can always choose a topic that deals with history, ethics, and diversity, among other ideas. The fundamental rule with writing research papers is utilizing sources. At the same, keeping up to the research structure format.

The research paper layout, as a rule, should contain a few important things. Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion with Works Cited page. Of course, all these depend upon the format requirements. Unless already specific by a college professor. Students are often asked to write a personal reflection journal. That is necessary for nursing research topics ideas, just like case study projects. Also, find the top 170 engineering research paper topics in our next blog.

Why Is Nursing Paper Important For Nursing Students?

The global healthcare system has undergone significant innovation and development because of medical research. Additionally, a crucial component of medical advancements is nursing research. Nursing research, though frequently disregarded, enables the healthcare industry to improve patient care models. The outcome of the research can be used by nurses who desire to make an impact in the healthcare industry.

These medical research assist nursing students in identifying the goal of comprehending patients’ needs and providing the best possible treatment.

What are Some Examples of Nursing Research?

The Nursing Research Paper Topic

The same goes for the topic. It may be given, or students may be asked to search for suitable topic ideas. When not given definite requirements? It is essential to keep an academic writing style. Also, utilize it without colloquial language and first-person if it is not a personal reflection. While introducing facts that are not common. Provide the proper citation and medical journals. It will support your ideas and also avoid plagiarism risks.  

The interest in quantitative nursing research topics lies in the considerable impact it poses on the development of the current and future nursing areas. Its primary focus is on the educational strategies and improvement of the nursing practice in general. 

Conducting new research and creating medical research papers have intentions. It is to implement some specific studies. That will help with medical advancements and the progress of the healthcare systems provided by nurses. Additionally, when choosing some EBP nursing topics and conducting corresponding research. A nursing student may contribute to the overall medical sphere and improve medical care.

Notably, they will study the existing peer-reviewed research and understand specific issues in-depth. Moreover, it will help them develop a new methodology to improve patient outcomes.

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Some of the examples of nursing research papers are— 

  • Heart disease is made worse later in life by early exposure.
  • Upcoming difficulties for nursing education
  • Health implications of early air pollution exposure.
  • Effects of eating disorders on growth and health in children.
  • Preventing obesity and eating problems through infant feeding.
  • Aging’s impacts on the immune system.
  • Vaccination in elderly adults: advantages and difficulties.
  • Maternity and childbirth for women with disabilities.
  • Treating individuals with hip fractures who have pressure ulcers.
  • Pregnancy and diabetes: risk factors and treatment.

What Is The Importance Of a Good Topic For Nursing Students?

The Importance Of Good Topic For Nursing Students

Your entire research becomes more relevant if you select a good topic. Selecting a topic is the first step of the research project. A good topic serves many important things.

Firstly, it clears the exact theme of the research paper. Secondly, nursing topics attract readers to read the entire article. Thirdly, it acts as a thesis of the paper. And lastly and most importantly, it provides the true soul to the paper.  

You can create topics based on nursing research questions. However, nursing evidence-based practice topics hard to compose. At the same time, you can create interesting nursing research topics.

Creating a good topic is always important. It instantly catches readers’ attention. That means it motivates them to read a research paper. Devising a good topic means the half battle has already been won. But, how do you develop a good nursing topic?

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How To Choose A Good Topic For Nursing Research?

When students want help writing a college healthcare research paper. It all comes down to the worthy topic choice. The topic must be exclusive and strong enough to receive affirmative feedback from a strict college professor. 

The bulk of Healthcare students finds it challenging. They find it hard to narrow it down to something that can be written without repeating. Moreover, narrowing into something that is already done before—not getting into the plagiarism con. A good research topic should include investigating. Even the most popular medical issues with a good proposal for introducing changes.

Likewise, even when doing a literature review on Autism. It is possible to adopt not typical resources and stay at the peak of modernization.

If you want to select a suitable nursing research topic ideas? Look through a list of available ideas and focus on disputes. They can be approached individually by making personal contributions valuable. Use works by well-known nursing theorists and supports your own thoughts with accurate citations. It will help you make the final paper qualitative research elements prevail over quantitative. 

What are the Best Research Topics for a Nursing Student in 2022?

200+ Stunning Nursing Research Topics

If you do not know what quantitative nursing research topics for nursing students are the best? Check out the following nursing topics for research to present the ideas for learners described below. They are grouped into separate areas. So, be sure to choose the one you like best.

Child Nursing Research Topics

  • Is the leading cause of diabetes among the youths related to the genetic factor?
  • Are there positive effects of music and mirror therapy in catering to health care to children in the process of phlebotomy?
  • What new approaches prove effective while treating autism spectrum disorder in patients?
  • Does breastfeeding decrease the possibility of the development of child obesity and leukemia among young children?
  • What interventions can be made to maintain control of suboptimal diabetes?

Adult Healthcare Research Topics

Adult Healthcare Research Topics
  • Is the new drug testing few symptoms of prostate disorder aligned with the uncertainty of falls?
  • What new genes have been invented in studies about brain disorders?
  • Does abdominal massage diminish the risks of gastric residual volumes among seriously-ill patients?
  • What is the connection between clinical depression and fatigue resulting from a Cancer Diagnosis and cancer treatment?
  • The relevance of self-care management

Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

nursing topics for research

Focus on the issues of intimate dysfunction, inflammation, and sleep deprivation among women

  • HIV infection among lesbians
  • Hurdles towards timely breast cancer patients treatment screening in third-world countries
  • The infertility risks result from untreated celiac diseases
  • Recent findings on the increasing cases of lethargy

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics Giving birth in water: Is it the ideal way of giving birth?

  • What challenges may pregnant women encounter while giving birth, depending on their size?
  • Superstitions are connected with labor and the moon’s effect on the process of giving childbirth.
  • What interventions can be used to prevent HIV, STI, and unwanted pregnancy in adolescence?
  • Family planning in African Countries

Nursing Topics for Discussion

  • Bioscience and its relation to the nursing education
  • The impact of cultural factors on the nursing practices
  • Essential strategies and principles for the improvement of nurses’ emotional health
  • What must essential factors be taken into account when providing high-quality nursing care?
  • What role does a nurse play in developing the quality of health care provided in the clinical settings?

Pain Management Research Topics

  •  How has the role of a pain administration nurse developed over time?
  •  What innovations can help counter chronic diseases or manage them better?
  •  What can effective healthcare interventions be implemented as a part of end-life care?
  • Pain management for dental and oral health in children, how has it advanced over time?
  • What can alternative ways of treatment be used for treating long-term pain?

Care of the Older Person Research Topics

  • What critical problems do geriatric patients encounter?
  • How should the wellness program be adjusted to ensure quality health care in the senior sector?
  • Is it proper to perform clinical trials on geriatric patients?
  • Elaborate on the tendency of aging and the concept of global health.
  • What is the minimum essential level of training for nurses, and how can it be improved?
  • Does assistance during mealtime help the elderly monitor their protein and vitamin intake better?
  • What factors help a nursing practitioner identify an elderly patient who has been previously abused?
  • Do you agree that community-based social innovations have caused healthy aging?
  • Should the relatives of a geriatric patient be held liable for advancing specific treatment for the patients?

Mental Health Research Topics

quantitative nursing research topics

The connection between air pollution & Alzheimer’s diseases

  • Vitamin D deficiency and durable cognitive impairment among the old aged patients
  • Effects of introspection on patients with cognitive impairment
  • The relationship between social phobia and selective mutism
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: new prevention techniques
  • Social media impact on mental health among teenagers
  • Stimulant treatments of ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder: early detection and risk factors
  • Bipolar disorder in families: genetic factors
  • Effectiveness of deep brain stimulation in patients with depression

Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

  • The inclination that lies behind the financing strategies in the best quantitative nursing research topics
  • Assessment methods of health care
  • Duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist
  • ER and symptoms which cannot be medically explained
  • What are the main recommendations essential for successful primary health care?
  • The urgency of childcare services within the realm of primary health care
  • State & Private sectors in the mental health nursing research topics treatment system
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of vaccination programs
  • What is the difference between primary health care in distant and rural areas?
  • Honest data collection process in primary health care
  • An economic evaluation of primary health care
  • Gynecology education of teenage girls

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics
The main resuscitation rules for the newborn

  • The ethical side of carrying out miscarriages
  • Management of delivery
  • The reason and effects of the hypertensive disorder
  • Dangers of pre-term labor
  • Suggestions for antenatal care
  • Preparation for the Caesarean section
  • Behavior checklist for the delivery room
  • Challenges that lie in saving the life of a mother or child during the labor

Clinical Nursing Problems for Research Topics

  • The main question concerning remote intensive care unit
  • Proper medical treatment of the homeless
  • What does diversification in healthcare settings look like?
  • do you effectively manage stress while working night shifts?
  • The main works of nursing theorists
  • Nursing management in the critical care nursing
  • The prominent roles of clinical nurses
  • How not get stuck amidst professional and nursing career services?
  • The future of nursing services in the digital age
  • Nursing practitioners

Health Promotion Research Topics

  • Ethical issues that are behind sales promotion in the medical field
  • Initiatives aimed at controlling different types of infectious diseases and preventing them
  • The main dangers which relate to health care in the digital age
  • The role of social work, particularly for health promotion worker
  • Is education on safe-sex culture needed in the modern world?
  • The primary responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry
  • What roles do parents perform to maintain children’s healthy lifestyle and eating disorders treatment?
  • Pros and cons of telemedicine
  • The leading roles of nurses working in school

Healthcare Management Research Topics

Healthcare Management Research Topics
The fundamental rules of the nursing uniform code

  • Medical decisions concerning apology laws
  • Limitations that may occur in contracting in the health care system.
  • How to begin private medical practice?
  • Is there any prejudice based on gender regarding the nursing careers?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of wellness programs
  • What legal risks be endured by non-native patients?
  • The main rules behind marijuana management?
  • Medical service at home.

Research Paper Topics on Standard Treatments

  • How to prevent the occurrence of pneumonia caused by ventilators?
  • What phlebotomy skills may any nurse be aware of?
  • The primary healthcare plan that should be used for asthma patients
  • What specific health care plan is effective for diabetes patients?
  • Should nurses be entitled to the right to give antibiotics helping stroke patients regain without the allowance of doctors?
  • What is the importance of creating successful healthcare services for asthma patients?
  • Anaphylactic shock and the quick-thinking process needed to deal with it
  • The advantage of oxygen therapy in the method of treating cardiovascular diseases
  • What are the best ways to back the family of ICU patients?

Relationships between the Doctors and the Nurses Paper Topics

  • Do you admit that nurses should be provided equal freedom to prescribe medicine just as doctors do?
  • The fundamental difference between treatment methods of nurses and doctors
  • you think that the equality between a doctor and a nurse will become a reality, or will it always be a myth?
  • Is there a requirement to provide nurses’ residencies?
  • What are the specifics of an alliance between a doctor and a nurse?

Stereotypes and Prejudice in Nursing Paper Topics

  • The stereotypes about the nursing profession prevail in our society and how to develop strong nursing communities
  • Ethical issues that occur in the nursing practice
  • Do you agree that nurses are often perceived as sex objects?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of one year gap year for nursing students?
  • The role of the government in supporting nurses’ education

Nurse Services and Nurse Rights Thesis Topics

nursing research topics

Compare and contrast pediatric nursing research topics and regular nursing research questions

  • The legal rights of nurses when they encounter abusive patients
  • Nurses’ appearance: inequity addressed to overweight nurses
  • Functions and roles of a nurse in palliative care
  • Nurses` assistance when dealing with geriatric patients with mental disorders
  • The importance of giving diplomas to the nursing schools
  • Is it important for nurses to regularly attend conferences?
  • Relevance of nurses’ classifications

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Topics

  • The role registered nurses play in providing composure
  • Can Q10 coenzyme reduce low-density lipoproteins?
  • Can such typical treatment as cranberry supplements be used to prevent and treat urinary tract infections?
  • The relation between vitamin D & stones in kidneys
  • Is Cinnamon beneficial when treating diabetes?
  • Ways of analyzing pain range in critically ill patients
  • Where should the line be drawn amid patients’ self-ignoring behavior and nurses’ responsibility?
  • The most compelling treatment for Hepatitis C
  • How conducive are probiotics in dealing with Diarrhea?
  • Supervision of noise distractors when it comes to patients` sleeping routines

Popular Research Topics in Nursing For 2021

  • How to become a certified nursing assistant?
  • Nursing homes with Covid 19
  • Illinois nursing home Covid cases
  • Nursing homes affected by Covid 19
  • How has technology changed nursing?
  • Challenges nurses will face in 2021
  • Nursing education transitioning online
  • Facing systemic racism in healthcare

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How to Develop a Good Nursing Research Thesis Outline?

Developing a Good Nursing Research Thesis Outline

Now that you are aware of good nursing research topic ideas. The next step is the nursing essay outline. This will be your draft for crafting great nursing research articles.

When developing a nursing essay outline. The first step is selecting the preferred topic. Here, the aim is to pick an exciting issue with ample resources. The best resources must be no older than four to five years after publication.

When you work on your research paper outline. Consider it as a table of content that tells you where an exact item is discussed in a journal. Here is a complete strategy that you should consider for your paper.

1.   The nursing research paper caption

You can start your paper with an exciting caption. For this, you can use famous quotes. Additionally, you can even try to devise your own caption for the article. This will provide an exciting start to your writing.

2.   Intro

Here, you begin by broadly defining the topic. It would help tell the reader about the central concept you are working on. Remember to make the opening statement enjoyable. So that, the reader can anticipate reading the paper.

Still, in the intro, provide the research queries and give some background. You can opt to capture some of the statistics about the topic or use a quote. At the end of the introduction, cater a thesis statement. This is your argument that will appear in every part of the article.

3.   The Central Body

As you are through with the introduction. It is time to craft your nursing research paper. Make sure that you break the body of the essay into separate paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about a specific item. If the nursing research papers long? Consider dividing the body into different sections.

If you want to make your nursing essay more specialized? Go ahead, and capture counterarguments. And, if the paper is very long? Summarize it using a sort of conclusion for each section. This will work as a great connector between varied arguments highlighted in the article.

4.   To Sum Up

This is the final part of your nursing term paper. Your main goal should be to summarize the paper in a few paragraphs. So how do you do it? First, you must restate the thesis statement. Confirm to use different words when restating the thesis to avoid seeming repetitive. Thus, summarizing the main points demonstrates what you have learned.


We hope you gain some insight from the Nursing research topics given above. Now, developing a topic for an essay or thesis should not be challenging. Just make sure that you offer a twist to every topic.  Segment or expand the topic, perhaps and develop a unique topic for your paper.

Throughout the initial stages of finalizing quantitative nursing research topics. You can grapple with many choices or overwhelming information. We hope these interesting nursing research topics mentioned above will help you find that unique thesis statement or idea you’re looking for.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the popular research topics in nursing for 2022?

Whether you’re looking for quantitative or qualitative nursing research ideas, you should be aware that your chosen topic has a significant impact on the ultimate score you receive on your essay. Some of the popular topics are—

  • The causes of depression.
  • The treatment procedure for breast cancer.
  • Malnutrition among children.

Often, nursing students find it easier to hire a professional to help them submit a quality nursing assignment to their professor. With considerable research, the professionals can handle any tricky nursing topics.

2. What is quantitative research in nursing?

The nursing field has made extensive use of quantitative research, one of the key approaches. In essence, the method enables the testing of objective ideas by gathering, evaluating, and looking at quantitative data on variables and their relationships. It is not easy to overstate the need for quantitative research since this technique enables the reduction or restructuring of complicated issues into a manageable set of variables, resulting in factual, trustworthy, objective, and generalizable data.

3. What are the suitable research topics for nursing students?

You should be aware that the topic you choose will significantly affect the final grade you earn for your essay whether you are seeking quantitative or qualitative nursing research topics. Some of the suitable and excellent research topics include—

  • The causes of depression.
  • The treatment procedure for breast cancer.
  • Malnutrition among children.
  • Methods for increasing diversity in nursing.
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration ethics.
  • Adaptation of nursing for the digital age.
4. How do you write a nursing research question?

Writing exceptional papers as a nursing student starts with questioning the sources of the literature. As a result, nursing articles need to be insightful, persuasive, and critical. You should reiterate the ideas you made in the main body and make specific reference to the question’s key terms. the verb should come first in the sentence. If you are drafting the sentence, finish it with a question mark. Above all, it should only reiterate your views; it shouldn’t add anything new.

5. What are the most innovation research topics in nursing administration?

Due to their inadequate leadership knowledge and weak leadership abilities, most students have considerable difficulties selecting nurse management topics. Some of the fascinating top-notch nurse administration issues might help lower this barrier.

  • Stumbling blocks to safe nursing practices.
  • Implementation of the zero-tolerance policy.
  • Health Care Technology and Management.

·   Current communication regulations in healthcare.

6. What nursing-related research topics can I seek online writing help?

The choice of a topic is one of the most crucial aspects of a research project for students. Your topic ought to be unique and compelling to the audience. Choosing a topic might be really difficult sometimes. As a result, you might want assistance in your search. You may get assistance from specialists in selecting a great subject and writing a quality essay. Some excellent essay themes include the following:

  • Lack of males working in nursing.
  • Modern tracking applications in medicine.
  • Case managers’ primary responsibilities.
  • New models of private nursing business.
  • The growing specialization in nursing.

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