An explanatory essay is a style of inscription in which the essayist presents some point of view on a particular topic, event, or circumstance. This view does not essentially have to be one that the author supports; nevertheless, it must have some investigation and logic to make it feasible. Explanatory essays express other people’s opinions or report a specific event or condition. These are common in history or journalism, where students discover facts and actual situations, giving unbiased explanations based on facts and proof.

A prevalent mistake that many authors make comes from the belief that they are defending one side of an altercation in a discussion or criticizing some perspective. Instead, explanatory writing is all about presenting a neutral point of view on the set topic by providing study from research and logically created self-theory. After finishing the essay, the reader should clearly understand the writer’s idea, even if they disagree.

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What is an Explanatory Essay?

An explanatory essay is an educational paper where the author presents some vision on a particular topic, subject, event, or situation. It’s worth noting that an explanatory essay is also known as an expository essay. 

When concluding this kind of assignment, you shouldn’t certainly agree with the point of view you are writing about. Your goal is to report a specific event or situation and offer an analysis of a given subject. Try to present information or pieces of advice to other people impartially. It’s also essential that you do not comprise any form of criticism in your explanatory research paper. Let the audience make their conclusions rather than persuade them to agree or disagree with the given point of view.

An explanatory essay format is all about presenting an impartial view on the set topic by providing analysis from research. Its primary goal is to offer a lucid explanation of why things happened the way they did. After reading such essays, the audience should clearly understand your opinion, even if they don’t pick your part.

Usually, the professional writers of the expository essays decide upon a set topic and then access the issue from a logical pattern. The writer describes their choice point of view that somewhat explains why an inevitable outcome was reached. Before you start writing an explanatory essay outline template, you must go through the major types of an explanatory essay.

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Six Types of Explanatory Essay

1. Explanatory Essay Definition 

In this type of explanatory essay example, you are required to explain, expand and define a complicated concept to your readers in a more straightforward and more easy-to-understand.

Additionally, you should explain the entire paper and share the summarized point through the introduction. Writing an introduction is the body paragraph in which you write a detailed and well-researched analysis of the assigned topic. These points are then finally summarized in conclusion.

Some examples of definition essay questions include:

What is contemporary music?

Explain the concept of sleep paralysis.

What is your definition of a superhero?

2. Cause and Effect

This type of essay revolves around a caused situation, which eventually had some effect. You have to cover the fundamental questions like “what was the reason behind this cause” and “what are the fallouts or backlash.” The two ways to access this type of academic writing:

Chain Pattern: which illustrates explaining each cause with its effect one after the other;

Block Pattern: The first paragraph is devoted to all the grounds, and the second paragraph talks about all the later effects.

3. Compare and Contrast

In such an essay, your purpose is to identify and lay out the similarities or differences between two ideas, phenomenon, situations, things, people, or even a period.

Majority of the time, the two subjects being compared or contrasted fall under a broad category. 

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4. How-to

This type of explanatory essay format is a pervasive one. In this, you must explain all the points and the correct steps of how to do an explanatory essay. This is the main reason why most of the topic sentence for this type of essay begin with a “how-to.”

The purpose of writing “how-to” expository essays is to provide the readers with the necessary steps to make it simpler for them to follow them correctly and systematically, without causing any mistakes. The amazing differences between Argumentative Vs. Persuasive Essays!

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5. Analysis

In writing this type of explanatory essay outline, you will be given a broad topic you have to research properly to accurately sort out points into different groups or sections. Using examples and references for each category will help bring quality to your writing process and authority to your entire essay writing.

6. Problem and Explanation

Here, there is a problem or an issue raised through the topic given by your professor, and your job is to gather evidence and figure out the best possible course to solve all the arguments. This can be accomplished by glaring at the problem from a particular point presented and conceptualizing to find the legitimate solution that suits all the descriptions.

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How to Write a Good Explanatory Essay?

How to Write a Good Explanatory Essay?

A typical writing assignment is an explanatory, or expository, essay. An explanatory essay outlines support ideas on something, the point of view of another person, a course to follow, or an event that has already taken place. In lieu of criticizing the information or debating its validity, you explain it and make it easier for your reader to understand.

Adopt a Topic That You Understand Well

Although explanatory essay topics might sound complicated, it’s fundamental. You can explain anything as long as it falls within the parameters of your assignment.

The following are a few examples:

Cite why the government should not mark religious holidays.

Explain the gluten-free diet fad and whether it’s necessary for most people. 

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Be Careful Not to Deviate Into the Enclave of Other Types of Explanatory Essay Examples

It’s best not to write a compelling essay or process essay, even though you might be able to argue that both are unbiased technical explanations. Try to stay authentic to the explanatory style, demonstrating that you fully understand the concept to your facilitator.

Compile Evidence to Support Your Essay

The valuable tips to a well-written explanatory essay introduction have good reasons to support your main ideas.  To write a solid essay, you must get your information from solid research and reliable sources. If you’re visiting a website you’re unfamiliar with, check the About Us page to learn more about the organization publishing the data.

Prepare an Explanatory Essay Outline Prior Writing Explanatory Essays

You won’t be submitting your outline; therefore, don’t worry about using Roman numerals and bashing perfectly. Just a little prep to make the basic writing skills more accessible. It’s just like an artist sketching before beginning a painting. Simple lists or text boxes will do. You could also try mind-mapping.

Write the Body Paragraphs of Your

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Explanatory Writing- A strong thesis statement should contain a minimum of five paragraphs: an introduction, three paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. However, this doesn’t mean all academic paper should only have five sections. It’s simple to begin writing. Your explanatory commentary will specify a word count or the number of paragraphs you need to comprise. Be sure to focus on one neutral point in each section, which you’ll elaborate on clearly in the first sentence.

Close with Your Conclusion and Introduction

It would benefit if you ended your essay on a solid note. Clinch your ideas together with a robust summarized point in a remarkable final paragraph with lucid explanation and hook statement. Yet you’re not done there. It’s mostly a good idea to leave your introduction for the last. With such tools, you’ll better draw the audience’s attention in with a potent presented point. The explanatory essays aren’t as technical as it sounds. This good thesis statement can cover a wide variety of topics. It’s up to you to choose a subject you feel passionate about so you can do it justice.

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How to Start an Explanation Essay?

 Before getting into the writing introduction process of the main body paragraphs of an explanatory paper, you must remember to do proper research and data compilation.

This essay relies massively on solid research and data. Make sure to note down all the rhetorical questions and vital information, and global perspective from your sources and apply it as a piece of evidence in your writing.

Remember, the presented point of view must be a combination of unique ideas and external information — only then are your thoughts adequately authorized. Therefore, research your topic and find multiple sources that defend your beliefs.

1. Prefer a neutral topic that you’d like to explain thoroughly, supporting your personal opinion or personal ideas.

2. Find your sources; refer to the outline journals like Google Scholar or JSTOR. Or look for relevant books in your school library as primary resources.

3. Prepare your explanatory essay outline, write down relevant data or quotes. Don’t forget to keep track of the origin, as you’d have to mark them later.

4. Organize your research work into a paper outline, with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and an overall concluding statement.

5. Review material and begin writing.

After collecting the required information, the next crucial step is creating a solid thesis statement. The main idea of this statement lays down a concise version of your overall point of view about the topic. In other words, you explain what you will be showing to your readers.

Remember, in an explanatory essay, the writer merely describes the facts, not arguing or criticizing. The thesis for explanatory essay shows that the discussion themes are not only the movie’s plot. There are themes of excellent and evil, courage and selflessness, and how one man can change the world. The lousy transition words hardly explain what crops up in the flick.

Once both steps have been taken care of, it is time to define an explanation essay structure by creating an outline.

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Steps to Write an Explanatory Essay

Steps to Write an Explanatory Essay

Beginning with what does explanatory writing mean, so in simple terms, an explanatory essays outline is a plan for your explanatory research assignment. Generally, it varies based on the length of the topic and the information the author is trying to present. The outline goal of the explanatory essay example is to organize the main points into body paragraphs — it offers a so-called scheme of how to write an explanatory essay. As was mentioned in the section above, most explanatory essay topics follow the primitive essay structure. It consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion/ Concluding statement

Utmost explanatory essays tend to be a page or two in length. That’s why the overall piece is usually around five paragraphs long. Ensure that your introduction should present the topic to the assemblage. Also, you must include the thesis statement in the final paragraph. As you are done with it, seek to develop the body paragraphs with the information detailed in the thesis statement. Finally, incorporate a conclusion that summarizes your essay’s primary points after the restatement of the paper. Creating an explanatory essay draft is not that challenging as it may seem at first glance. Now, let’s dig deeper into the explanatory essay definition.

Thesis Statement of Expository Essay

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While talking about a thesis statement, most people mean all the sentences that compile the main idea of their entire essay and clearly express what they will say about the given topic. Overall, your thesis statement identifies what issue will be discussed and the purpose of your academic writing. As the explanatory essay is tailored to define or appraise your audience with something, the objective of the explanatory thesis is to familiarize the readers with what you are going to demonstrate and what aspects of the material will be considered.


Before you start writing your explanatory synthesis essay, there are some useful tips to pursue. The first guidance is to carry out proper analysis and data collection. Explanatory essay writers should ensure that the information in their writing is a blend of personal views and ideas acquired from external sources.

Explanatory essay outline template relies heavily on solid research, focusing on finding external sources that will supplement your subjective opinion. Note down all the critical data from those sources and use them as testimony in your essay. Hence, the first thing you must do is find various trusted sources that contend your thoughts.

Later gathering all the required information, the next step is to develop a clear explanatory thesis. A concise idea will make it easier for readers to understand the topic’s essence from a compact point of view, i.e., explain what you will be showing to your audience in all the paragraphs. Keep in mind; you are not supposed to take anyone’s side as that causes a loss from an informative explanatory essay perspective.

One more recommendation is to choose a neutral topic you’d like to illustrate. In case your teacher or professor didn’t assign you a specific topic, pick the one that will be understandable for you. Just cast such a topic that is in line with your essay. As you’ve chosen a suitable topic, it’s time to design an outline of your explanatory essay.

 The best option is to stick to the five paragraphs mentioned above: write an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The outline gives an idea to students to ensure that they follow a logical pattern to design all their trains of thought. After compiling all of the above steps – review your material and start writing your explanatory essay assignment.

Each explanatory paper should start with a detailed introduction. Try and capture your audience’s attention. No matter how you choose to do that – it could be a quote, rhetorical question, catchy motto about the American civil war or World War II, or an anecdote. Feel free to use your imagination. Picking a hook thesis statement is also essential after presenting a thesis statement, including any vital information that gives a background of the article. The final sentence of your introduction should integrate a thesis statement to preview the data in the body paragraphs.

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Body Paragraphs

Irrespective of how many paragraphs you decide to include in your explanatory essay, they all should follow a similar style. They all should be in line with each other and maintain a specific flow in the paragraphs. Within each section, you are to incorporate a claim linked to the thesis for the explanatory essay. This way, it will be simpler to connect all the points.

Try to back your claims with evidence from external sources. Make your readers feel convinced about the info you present to them. Don’t forget to integrate a concluding paragraph summarizing the claim’s significance. The concluding message should go along with the thesis statement. Straightforwardly, all body paragraphs in your explanatory papers should follow this format.

Conclusion of Explanatory Essay

The explanatory essay conclusion must have a proper decision. Just as finishing your explanatory paper, follow these suggestions:

  1. Restate your thesis. This will help you bring your readers’ attention back to the main point and strengthen your presented viewpoint.
  2. Encapsulate your supporting points presented in each body paragraph accordingly. Restate the importance of each one again. In this way, you will reasonably defend your explanatory essay thesis.
  3. Provide a comprehensive concluding statement. In other words, elaborate the value of the particular point of view chosen from a global perspective. Your goal here is to captivate your audience to study the subject further.


To sum up, we hope we explained how to write an excellent explanatory essay. Now you know how this type of explanatory essay example differs from other reports and what explanatory style and topic to choose when adapting such an explanatory paper. We genuinely hope that the tips outlined in our guide will help you enhance your writing and get better grades. However, if you have difficulties completing an excellent explanatory essay, the team of professional authors is always ready to assist you in drafting a top-notch online journals from scratch. All you have to do is order an explanatory essay you need. In addition to helping you create an outstanding expository essay or thesis statement, we can also help you with other types of explanatory essay formats, such as coursework, dissertation writing, or research paper.

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